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St. Salvador Lutheran Church
Venedy, VenedyTownship, Washington County, Illinois


Photo by : Lynn Snyder

Photo by : Lynn Snyder

"St Salvator Lutheran Church in Venedy shown with
Rev. Wm Steinmann and his congregation around 1901.
The church was founded in 1842, and the present church
was built in 1863 and 1865 at a cost of $5000."

Photo furnished by : Lynn Snyder


            St. Salvador Lutheran, Venedy, IL [1842]:

            German Lutherans settled in the vicinity of Venedy, then called Elkhorn Prairie, in 1838-39.
            They were interested in obtaining a Lutheran pastor.
            Occasional trips were made to St. Louis to sell their produce and buy supplies.
            On one of these trips they met members of a group of Saxon Lutherans who had come to St. Louis in 1839.
            Through these people they got in contact with Dr. F. C. Walther, who was intrumental in
            providing a pastor for them in the person of Rev. Ottomar Fuebringer.

            Pastor Fuerbinger organized these Germans into a Lutheran congregation in 1840.
            The worship services were held in the village of Johannisburg, in a building that doubled for church and school.

            Dissension rose among the members on matters of Christian doctrine and practice;
            part of the congregation remained faithful to the Lutheran Confessions and seceded from this
            congregation in 1842, and organized the San Salvador Lutheran congregation in the village of Venedy.

Photos & Data were furnished by : Lynn Snyder

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