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Du Bois School article
Page Photo Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy

Upper left photo :
MSGR J. Czeranski and 1950 Eight Grade Graduation Class
Upper Right Photo :
Hopewell School, Early 1900's
Center Right Photo :
Chapel Hill School, 1928
Bottom Right Photo :
Bottom Left Photo :
Public School possibly circa 1950
Transciption of Article
Du Bois Public Schools
      The first public school was located in Section 32 in 1839. Mr. Johnson was the teacher. Before this school was started, children were taught in Perry County.
      The second school was built around 1900. Mr. Brown was the teacher. This building was located north of the old K. of C. hall, which is about one block north of St. Charles Church.
      The third and last public school was located where our new village hall is now located. It was a brick building consisting of three rooms. Two rooms were classrooms and the third was a library. Some of the teachers that taught there were : Lane, Neudecker, Spencer, and Clark.
- - - submitted by Susan, Greg, Sarah, and Gary Zmudzinski

Du Bois School Students
Du Bois School Students
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy


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