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Gary's Notes About Tornados

By : Gary Ramthun
    My grandmother also had a great fear of Tornados from her childhood.
    Learning of the severity of the storms she had experienced helped me understand the origination of those fears. We too headed for the storm cellar whenever the clouds started rolling.
    The storm of May 27, 1896 destroyed about 50 homes in New Minden (most of the town). This storm was one of many during the month of May. It first hit St. Louis killing 137 there and 118 in East St. Louis and progressed eastward along present I-64. Eleven people in the New Minden area were killed. Richview and Hoyleton also received damage.
    On June 8, 1907 another tornado struck the area of New Minden killing 5 people and damage, mostly north of the town. Covington also received damage from this storm, but no deaths.
    The storms are and the destruction are described in the history book of the St. John's Lutheran Church of New Minden.

    It is also documented in the Quarterlies that were published by the Washington Co. Historical Society back in 1976-77.
                               Gary Ramthun

This is not a total list,
only what is listed in the history of
St. Johns, Lutheran Church.

May 27, 1896 Tornado

Three children killed:
Fred Arthur Koch
   (infant son of Fred Koch)
Otilie Rinne
   9 yr old daughter of Fred Rinne
Paulina Minna Heinrichsmeyer
   infant daughter of Mr E. Heinrichsmeyer
Also killed:
Karolina (Rueter) Heinrichsmeyer
   wife of Mr. E. Heinrichsmeyer
Ren Smith,
   a farm machinery salesman from
   Nashville who was at New Minden when the storm hit.
Ernest Brink
   age 53 of Hoyleton
Fred Weihe
Seriously injured members :
Mrs. Fred Koch
William Vogt
William Weihe
William Rinne
Louis Vulbrock, Sr.
Henry Vulbrock
Simon Wiese
William Brinman and his wife
Willie Backs
Houses destroyed belonged to :
H. Heidenreich
Ernst Weihe
Wm. Woker
John Schuette
Fred Oexeman
L. Rueter
P. Fassbender
Fred Heseman
Fred Ellerbusch
Ed Schrieber
Mrs. Justine Reinhardt
Chas. Winte, Sr.
Chas. Winte, Jr.
F. W. Nollman
D. Holzhauer
Lena Woker
Geo. Jones
F. Meier
Mrs. Gerfen
Mrs. Kracht
Louis Lindner
Wm. Lueking
Louis Koelling
Herman Luecke, Sr.
Louis Klenke
Fred Ellerbusch
L. Brinkman
S. Weiss
Fred Backs
F. Hoffman
Wm. Weihe
Louis Vulbrock
Chas. Volle
Mrs Marks
E. Heinrichsmeyer
John Weihe
Wm Heseman
Ernst Weihe
H. Meier
G. Friedrichsmeyer
Mrs. Rinne
- - - - - - -
     The Centralia Daily Sentinel reported that only four houses are left out of about seventy-five.
June 7, 1907 Tornado
Killed :
Henry Weihe, age 33
Mrs Anna Wwihe, age 32
Theodore Weihe, age 7
Edwin Weihe, age 2
Eida Stuehmeier, age 2
Injured :
Herman Weihe, age 5
Fred Heseman,
Lydia Heseman, age 10
Clara Heseman, age 8
Prof. Herman Wente
Gottlieb Friedrichsmeyer
Mrs. Gottlieb Friedrichsmeyer
Miss Sophie Nottmeyer
Mrs Henry Stuehmeier
Dwellings destroyed :
Mrs. August Grefe
Teaher Wente
Gottlieb Friedrichsmeyer
Fritz Heseman
Henry Weihe
     In Covington the home of George Cook was completely wrecked.
     The Hogshead school house was completely destroyed and at the residence on the Hogshead place occupied by Carl Muening had the roof torn off.
     Property of Mrs. Finke, recently sold to Fred Boester lost its roof.


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