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Washington County, Illinois
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Lodges, Fraternal Organizations and Societies
Washington County, Illinois

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  Ashley, Dubois
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Ashley -   - Dubois
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Clay Lodge No. 153, A. F. & A. M.
data from J. W. Hudson, W. M.
      At a Meeting of Master Masons of Richview and vicinity, on the 31st day of July, 1854, Dr. J. M. Lucas presented a dispensation empowering them to work as a Lodge of Master Masons, under teh anme of Clay Lodge, No. 153. J. W. Lucas was W. M. ; George T. Hoke, S. W. ; Dr. H. B. Lucas, J. W.
      Soon after a charter was granted to the folowing chartered members : Dr. J. M. Lucas, Judge Geo. T. Hoke, Dr. H. B. Lucas, Ed. C. Dew, James P. Haynes, Judge W. M. Phillips and Dr. G. W. Hotchkiss.
      The following persond became members during the first year of the Lodge's existence : John L. Post, Philip Dorr, Dr. Hiram Barber, R. C. Hagerman, R. S. House, H. G. W. Whittenberg, M. B. Thurman, J. A. Cox, Dr. J. W. Cameron and Judge W. J. Stephenson.
      In the fall of 1857 the lodge was removed to Ashley, and its meetings have been held there since. Dr. J. M. Lucas, the first W. M., served continuously in that capacity until 1860. Those that have been elected since that are here given in the order of their election : A. M. Cundiff, James P. Haynes, Ed C. Pace, James W. Hudson, Gen. C. Houghtaling, J. P. M. Harrison, W. M. Walker, Jonas Thon and Dr. David Berry.
      Grant Lodge, at Richview, and Dubois Lodge, at Dubois, have been organized, and are composed largely of a membership taken from Clay Lodge and of territory formerly belonging thereto.
      Clay Lodge has in the past few years been called tp plant the "sprig of Acacia" over the resting place pf some of her prominent members ; among them, Judge W. J. Stephenson, Dr. E. T. Ridgeway, John L. Post, John L. McBride and William Goodaker.
      The Lodge communications are held in Coffey's Hall, on Moday nights, on or before the full moon in each month.
      The present (1879) officers are :
      James W. Hudson, W. M. ; John R. Kelley, S. W. ; N. R. Wheat, J. W. ; M. Kernstine, Treas. ; C. E. Hammond, Sec. ; J. P. M. Harrison, S. D. ; John Spear, J. D. ; W. R. Tabb, S. S. ; J. S. Foulks, J. S. ; D. T. Hill, Tyler ; C. L. Sergeant, Chaplain.
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Ashley Chapter 141 Royal Arch Mason
      Ashley Chapter was instituted April 20, 1870, under dispensation from Grand Chapter of Illinois, granted to Companions M. D. Brown, C. E. Hammond, E. C. Pace, J. P. Watson, Charles Houghtaling, Hiram Campbell, W. J. Stephenson, S. E. Catterlin, E. T. Ridgeway, A. H. Brown, W. W. Coffey, William M. Walker, N. R. Wheat, Joel D. Carter, J. D. DeWitt J. J. Chase ; also authorized Comp. E. C. Pace to act as M. E. H. P., Comp. M. D. Brown as King and Comp. J. P. Watson as Scribe. J. J. Chae, C. H. ; W. W. Coffey, P. S. ; W. M. Walker, R. M. C. ; E. T. Ridgeway, Treas. ; C. E. Hammond, Sec. Comp. J. D. DeWitt appointed M. 3 V. ; Comp. H. Campbell, M. 2 V. ; Comp. N. R. Wheat, M. 1 V.
      On the 7th day of October, 1870, charter granted to Companions E. C. Pace, A. H. Brown, H. Campbell, John J. Chase, J. P. Watson, J. P. M. Harrison, R. L. Caldwell, J. d. Carter, W. B. Westcott, John Coulter, Wm. M. Walker, N. R. Wheat, W. W. Coffey, Charles Houghtaling, C. E. Hammond, S. E. Catterlin. Dated at Chicago and St. Louis ; signed Jno. M. Pearswon, G. H. Priest, and others ; attested by Jas. H. Miles, G. Sec., and the officers were regularly installed and Ashley Chapter No. 141 proclaimed duly installed. No change being made in officers, they stood same as under dispensation.
      The Chapter has a pleasant hall ; they occupy the same hall as the Blue Lodge, and are now in a flourishing condition. Being out of debt and with little expenses, there is no reason why Ashley Chapter should not become the leading chapter in this part of the State.
      The present officers are : E. C. Pace, H. P. ; N. R. Wheat, K. ;G. E. Anglen, S. ; Comp. J. P. Harrison, C. H. ; Comp. E. A. Wesler, P. S. ; Comp. S. A. Watson, R. A. ; Comp. S. E. Catterlin, Treas. ; Comp. C. E. Hammond, Sec. ; Comp. H. Campbell, M. 3 V. ; Comp. J. H. Offill, M. 2 V. ; Comp. H. Smith, M. 1 V. ;Comp. Samuel Johnson, Tyler.
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Ashley Lodge No. 302 I. O. O. F.
      Ashley Lodge No. 302 I. O. O. F. was instituted on the 25th of March, 1862. Charter members are : G. M. Alden, W. D. Mitchell, W. L. Alden, L. J. Martin, J. Thon, W. D. Frost and R. Wheelis, all of whom are living.
      The first officers were : W. D. Mitchell, N. G. ; E. C. Clark, V. G. ; G. M. Alden, R. Sec. ; W. Alden, Treas.
      The present officers are : E. C. Clark, N. G. ; H. Peck, V. G. ; J. Skillman, R. Sec. ; J. Thon, Treas.
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Ashley Encampment No. 107 I. O. O. F.
      Ashley Encampment No. 107 I. O. O. F. was organized October 18th, 1870. The charter members were : W. L. Alden, E. C. Clark, J. Thon, E. Welch, H. Rhudoff, J. M. Dawson, G. W. Shreeve.
      The first officers were : W. L. Alden, C. P. ; G. W. Shreeve, S. W. ; E. C. Clark, Treas. ; E. Welch, Scribe.
      The present officers are : J. Thon, C. P. ; W. R. Key, S. W. ; G. W. Shreeve, Treas. ; J. Skillman, Scribe.

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Elkton Lodge, No. 453, I. O. O. F.
      Elkton Lodge, No. 453, I. O. O. F. was organized on the 10th day of October, 1871. The charter members were :
M. Fox, R. B. Klane, H. F. Dancke, Henry Bollmeier, E. Hülsemann, and H. Hahne.
      The hall was built in 1873 and is owned by the lodge.
      The present officers are :
      David Luke, N. G. ; Jno. Müller, V. G. ; Geo. Hendricks, R. Sec. ; Aug. Fisher, F. Sec. Trustees : Dr. S. F. Wehr, L. Hausotte, A. S. Miller, J. T. Laney, and Wm. Laney.

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Irvington Lodge No. 381 I. O. O. F.
from data furnished by E. O. Mitchell
      Irvington Lodge No. 381 I. O. O. F was organized on the 11th of March, 1869, by D. A. White, Special Deputy.
      The following were Charter Members : John F. Mitchell, John C. Wilson, Wilson D. Frost, Henry M. Johnson, David Fouts.
      The first officers were : Wilson D. Frost, N. G. ; John C. Wilson, V. G. ; John F. Mitchell, R. S. ; Henry M. Johnson, P. S. ; David Fouts, Treas.
      The Trustees were : John F. Mitchell, H. M. Johnson, D. H. Reeves, J. C. Wilson. The first Deputy was W. D. Frost.
      The present officers, elected January 1st, 1879, are : J. G. Munselle, N. G. ; R. D. Baldwin, V. G. ; B. O. Mitchell, Sec. ; David Fouts, Treas. ; B. O. Mitchell, Deputy.
      The lodge is in a properous and healthy condition.
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Irvington Lodge A. F. & A. M. No. 650
      Irvington Lodge A. F. and A. M. No. 650 was organized November 4th, 1870.
      The Charter Members were : George B. Renfro, J. T. Mitchell, J. L. Cox, Samuel Davis, G. H. French, W. C. McDowell, Enoch Armstrong, L. L. Palmer, Frank Baldwin, C. C. Bleven, W. H. Brown, J. M. Pirtle, G. W. Clay, Ed. S. Dewey, J. M. Grismore, William Fisher, L. S. Gillot, T. L. Ratts, Samuel C. Davis, J. G. Clay, N. M. Tabb, Charles C. Bleven.
      The first officers were : Thomas Quick, W. M. ; N. E. Day, S. W. ; E. Melton, J. W. ; G. H. French, Treas. ; E. S. Dewey, Sec. ; Geo. B. Renfro, S. D. ; J. L. Cox, J. D. ; J. F. Mitchell, Tyler ; W. C. McDowell, S. Steward ; J. M. Pirtle, J. Steward.
      Present officers elected for the year 1879 by R. W. Bro. E. C. Pace, D. G. M. ; F. B. Anson, W. M. ; T. Reatts, S. W. ; William Brown, J. W. ; J. M. Pirtle, Treas. ; J. M. Scott, Sec. ; S. Davis, S. D. ; William Fisher, J. D. ; R. R. Faulkner, Tyler ; E. Armstrong, Chaplain ; H. Bruse, S. Steward ; G. Armstrong, Jr. Steward.

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Washington Lodge Number 55, A. F. and A. M.
from data furnished by George Akin, Esq.
      On the 21st day of July, 1847, a dispensation was granted by Right and Worshipful Grand Master Nelson D. Morse, of the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois, to William W. Bennett, W. M.; Thomas S. Roe, S. W.; Gabriel S. Jones, J. W., and the requisite number of brethern, all of whom had been previously demitted from Mt. Vernon Lodge, Number 31, to form and open a lodge of of the free and accepted masons, in the town of Nashville, to be known as "Hardin Lodge," number ---.
      The Lodge was continued under dispensation until October 4th, 1848, when a charter was granted by by the Grand Lodge of the State, when the name was changed to "Washington Lodge" number 55.
      The first officers under the charter were: Johyn G. Baker, W. M., Thomas S. Roe, S. W., Gabriel S. Jones, J. W., Alexander D. Hay, Treasurer and Darius Greenup, Secretary. He was elected to the office of secretary this year, and held the position continuously to 1870.
      During the first year of its existence under the charter, Washington Lodge raised seventeen members, viz. : George T. Hoke, John Weightman, Thomas S. Callaway, Darius Greenup, John D. Wood, John C. Baker, Harvey Nevill, S. M. Carter, Elzy G. Coffey, Nathan W. Allen
      Of the early members of the Lodge nearly all have long since been "called from the Labor to refreshment." A few of the old land marks still remain. Their names are as follows: George T. Hoke, S. M. Carter, Lewis N. Farmer and J. J. Swanwick.
Lodge Program
November 12, 1981
courtesy of Kathyrn Todd
Washington Lodge # 55, A. F. & A. M.
Past Masters Night
Honoring Brother Herman Frieman's 50th year a Master Mason
Thursday, November 12, 1981
Living Past Masters of Washington Lodge
Oren L. Meyer    '32
Homer Hasemeier    '36
Elmo Hassebrock    '37
Gerald Spencer    '45 & '66
Charles R. Dean    '47
Paul H. Rixmann    '48
Paul Broyles    '50
Harry Homberg    '51
Lester Lietz    '53
George Yehling    '54 & '72
William Wilkie    '55
Alfred Rixmann    '56
Ralph Habbe, Jr.    '57
Eugene Crane    '58
Dean Haege    '60
Karl Matzenbacher    '61 & '73
Chester Moss    '62
Floyd Tubbs    '63
Robert Ford    '64
Edward Meinert    '65
Eugene F. Gewe    '67
Oliver Buescher    '68
 Joe Berry    '69
Edward Kemper    '70
Lloyd Setzekorn    '71
Elza J. Smith    '75
Vernon Nagel    '76
Ralph Boeschen    '77
Paul Voelkel    '78
Roy Schlecte    '79
Andrew Parks    '80
Clay Lodge
Chas. E. Spear    '31 & '32
J. H. Johnson    '46
F. A. Loyd    '51
Vernon Aussieker    '69 & '70
Lyle Kirgan    '70
James Tiberend    '72
Orville Wacker    '73 & '78
Living Fifty Year Members
Elmer G. Ahlf
Alfred F. Becker
Roy T. Burns
Louis D. Cameron
Joseph B. Campbell
Roy B. Coultas
Walter Fairchild
Homer F. Hasemeier
Elmo W. Hassebrock
Harry W. Homberg
James R. Johnson
Charles M. Logan
Edward M. Lorenz
 Edwin G. Martin
William O. Martin
Marion Newell
Authuer W. Rixmann
Harry G. Rixmann
Paul H. Rixmann
Lowell E. Roberts
Fred W. Schroeder
Charles E. Spear
Robert M. Steinhauser
Edwrd H. Stulken
Herman Frieman
Officers of Washington Lodge - 1981
Worshipful Master- Robert G. Spencer
Senior Warden- Ernest Roberson
Junior Warden- Larry Pruett
Treasurer- Floyd Tubbs
Secretary- Chester Moss
Chaplain- Harry Homberg
Senior Deacon- Roger Stricker
Senior Steward- Lindsey Lietz
Junior Steward- Glen Stewart
Marshal- Ralph Habbe, Jr.
Tyler- Andrew Parks
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Nashville Chapter, Number 89, Royal Arch Masons
      A dispensation was granted by the Grand Chapter of the State, to companions who had previously been demitted from the other chapters, to organize a chapter in Nashville, to be known as Nashville chapter, number 89 R. A. Masons, on the 7th day of August, 1865.
      T. D. Seawell, H. P. ; W. H. Clayton, King ; H. P. Walker, Scribe.
      Charter was granted on the fifth day of October , 1865.
      Soon after its organization chapters were found at Ashley, and other neighboring towns, which materially dimished the membership and interest of this chapter. The convocations have been unfrequent and irregular, and the chapter is in anything but a prosperous condition.
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Nashville Lodge, Number 37. I. O. O. F
from data furnished by George Akin, Esq.
      In April, 1845, a dispensation for the organization of this lodge was granted by Wm. M. Parker, Most Worthy Grand Master of I. O. O. F. of the Stae of Illinois. On the 8th day of May following he came to Nashville and duly instituted said lodge. The Grand Lodge of the State granted a charter to the lodge on the 27th day of July, 1848.
      The charter members were : T. J. Lecompte, W. B. Fulwiler, Jackson Dennis, Amos Watts, and John N. Vernor.
      Of the charter members, Hon. Amos Watts is the only one now living.
      The first officers of the lodge were :
      E. B. Marshall, N. G. ; P. E. Hosmer, V. G. ; T. J. Lecompte, Sec'y. ; John N. Vernor, Treas. ; Wm. B. Fulwiler, W. ; Jackson Dennis, O. G. ; Amos Watts, C. ; T. J. Sell, R. S. N. G. ; H. D. Gosney, L. S. N. G. ; W. Walker, R. S. S. ; Jacob Stocker, L. S. S.
      This lodge has iniated 278 members, and admitted by card 63, -- has now a member ship of 65.
      The Lodges -- Okawville, Elkton, Richview, Dubois, Ashley, Irvington, and Arbiter, have all received the nucleous for their formation from Nashville Lodge, No. 37. This lodge has furnished one Grand Master for the State. T. B. Needles, present State Auditor, and one Deputy Grand Master, Hon. Amos Watts. Many of her members have at various times filled important positions in the Grand Lodge of the State.
      The meetings of the lodge were first held in a room in the building occupied by James H. Sawyer as a residence. They afterwards built a frame building on the south side of Main street, west of the court-house, which they occupied until 1865, when tehy erected and removed to the large brick building on St. Louis street, which they now occupy. The third story is used by them as a hall, and the remainder of the building is rented for places of business, offices, etc.
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K. of H.
      "Enterprise" Lodge, No. 748, K. of H., of Nashville, Illinois, was organized, Sept. 21, 1877, by Deputy Supreme Dictator, J. W. Bradburn, and consisted of the following charter members: C. D. Wassell, J. G. Bieser, Henry Strauss, Carl Seifert, S. W. Bbcock, James Adams, Valentine Rice, Henry H. Kuhe, E. L. West, F. O. Sawyer, George B. Bennett, W. S. Hisey, Robert Guthrie, H. C. Adams, S. W. Jones and E, H. Henry.
      The following officers were elected :
      E. L. West, Dictator ; C. Sefert, Vice-Dictator ; J. G. Bieser, Assitant Dictator ; S. W. Jones, Past Dictator ; H. Strauss, Reporter ; C. D. Wassell, Financial Reporter ; James Adams, Treasurer ; H. E. Kuhl, Chaplain ; Geo. S. Bennett, Guide ; V. Rice, Guardian ; W. S. Hisey, Sentinel ; S. W. Jones, Representative to Grand Lodge ; E. W. Henry, W. S. Hisey, J. G. Bieser, Trustees.
      The term expiring December 28th, another election was jeld and the following officers were elected for the ensuing term :
      C. Seifert, Dictator ; J. G. Bieser, Vice-Dictator ; V. Rice, Assistant-Dictator ; E. L. West, Past Dictator ; H. Strauss, Reporter ; C. D. Wassell, Financial Reporter ; James Adams, Treasurer ; W. S. Hisey, Chaplain ; S. W. Jones, Guide ; H. E. Kuhl , Guardian ; H. C. Adams, Sentinel ; E. L. West, Representative to Grand Lodge ; E. H. Henry, W. S. Hisey, J. G. Bieser, Trustees.
      And at the election of June 28th, 1878, the following were elected :
      J. G. Bieser, Dictator ; V. Rice, Vice-Dictator ; Paul Leresche, Assistant Dictator ; C. Seifert, Past Dictator ; George B. Bennett, Reporter ; Simon Steiner, Financial Reporter ; James Adams, Treasurer ; W. S. Hisey, Chaplain ; H. E. Kuhl, Guide ; C. D. Wassell, Guardian ; E. L. West, Sentinel ; E. H. Henry, W. S. Hisey, J. G. Bieser, Trustees.
      The term expiring December 31st, 1878, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term:
      George B. Bennett, Dictator ; H. Strauss, Vice-Dictator ; W. Lane, Assistant Dictator ; John G. Bieser, Past Dictator ; C. D. Wassell, Reporter ; Simon Steiner, Financial Reporter ; James Adams, Treasurer ; W. S. Hisey, Chaplain ; H. E. Kuhl, Guide ; F. O. Sawyer, Guardian ; W. H. Pitcher, Sentinel ; C. Seifert to the Grand Lodge ; E. H. Henry, W. S. Hisey, J. G. Bieser, Trustees.
      The lodge is in a flourishing condition and numbers twenty-nine in members
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Nashville Turnverein
      This society was organized on the 28th day of March, 1871. The first officers were : F. W. Bimmerman, Speaker ; Henry Strauss, Secretary ; J. G. Bieser, Treasuruer ; Fred Volz, Turnwart. It was incorporated on the 3d day of April, 1876, with P. Liegel, Fred Volz, J. D. Nickel, H. D. Schmidt and J. g. Bieser as charter members. They wer also the first trustees of the society. Soon afterward Jacob Nickel and H. D. Scmidt were elected trustees to succeed J. Buch and F. W. Bimmerman. The present officers are : L. Marx, First Speaker ; H. D. Scmidt, Second Speaker ; J. W. Scmitt, Secretary ; P. Siegel, Treasurer ; E. Scmidt, Assistant Treasurer ; Christ Keyler, First Turnwart ; George Reitter, Second Turnwart ; Fred Pirman, First Zengwart ; Pet. Bieser, Second Zengwart ; J. G. Bieser, Librarian. Trustees : P. Liegel, Fred Volz, J. D. Nickel, H. D. Schmidtt and J. G. Bieser.

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I. O. O. F No. 282
      A charter was granted October 11th, 1860, to organize a lodge of I. O. O. F., in Okawville. The charter members were Simon Spire, James Gurvin, Henry Grier, William Adams, and Robert Stoude. The first member initiated was Judge H. P. H. Morgan, since which time one hundred and ten members have passed through the portals and learned of its mysteries. The lodge is in a flourishing condition, both as to membeship and financially. The present officers are : August SchulzeN. G. ; A. J. Morgan, V. G. ; Green P. Harbin, Secretary ; S. C. Krebs, P. S. ; and H. Schulze, Treasurer.
      In addition to the above there is a Lodge of the I. O. O. F., Daughters of Rebecca, which was chartered in 1875. Herman Schulze, Susan Schulze, August Schulze, Caroline Schulze, Green P. Harbin, Kate E. Harbin, Philip Gibbs, Mary A. Gibbs, James McElwain, Eudora McElwain, John Donahs, Fanny Donahs, Thomas Cantrell, Litha Cantrell, Richard Tierney, Mary Tierney, S. C. Krebs and Lucinda Krebs, were the charter members. It is called Excelsior Lodge No. 82, D. of R. Its present officers are, Fanny Donahs, N. G. ; Kate E. Harbin, V. G. ; Green P; Harbin, Secretary ; Mary A. Gibbs, F. S. ; and H. Schulze, Treasurer. No. 282 meets every Saturday night, and No. 82, D. of R., meets the second and fourth Thursday nights in each month.
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      The Okawville Turnverein was organized June 5th, 1867, with a charter membership of twenty-two members. The first officers were William Schenmetzler, First Speaker ; Gotfried Usbeck, Schriftwart ; Fred Schultze, Kassenwart ; Michle Voegele, First Turnwart ; S. C. Krebs, Second Turnwart ;
      The present membership consista of thirty-two members. The present officers are, Phil Schumacher, First Speaker ; Hy. Wlecke, Second Speaker ; S. C. Krebs, Shriftwart ; Christ Aultsmanberger, Kassenwart ; Gustave Eppel, First Turnwart ; Emil Schumacher, Second Turnwart ; George Aultsmanberger, Zengwart. The meetings of the society are held on the third Monday in each month.

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Grant Lodge No. 452, A. F. & A. M. of Richview, Illinois
data from John H. Adkins
      The Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois granted a charter to this lodge on the 23d day of October, 1865. The following were the officers : H. P. Walker, W. M. ; W. M. Phillips, S. W. ; R. G. Williams, J. W. ; G. T. Hoke, Treas. ; C. E. Chapman, Sec. ; H. B. Lucas and S. J. Chapman were stewards.
      The charter members comprised the following names ; J. B. Waxham, H. G. Whittenberg, H. P. Walker, W. M. Phillips, R. G. Williams, George T. Hoke, R. B. Keyes, William H. Walker, J. B. Logan, H. B. Lucas, S. J. Chapman, C. E. Chapman and J. H. McGuire.
      Officers elected December 27th, 1878 (being the present officers), are - -
John L. Cox, W. M. ; C. W. Openlander, S. W. ; John W. Wall, J. W. W. D. Frost, Treas. ; John H. Adkins, Sec'y.
      Prosperity has marked the course of this lodge since the date of its organization. It is at present one of the most flourishing lodges in the country. Many of the original members of Grant Lodge have journeyed "to that bourne, whence no traveler e'er returns."

Source :
      1879 History of Washington County, Illinois
      Brink, McDonough & Co.; Philadelphia;   Corresponding Office, Edwardsville, ILL.; 1879

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