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Washington County, Illinois
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Washington County, Illinois
Southern Townships

The information on this page was compiled from several
different sources. The variances from one source to another
cause this information not to be considered accurate; rather,
it is intended as an aid to genealogy research only.

Lively Grove Township map
Lively Grove Township
      Supposedly it got its name when the two survivors of the Lively massacre stopped there overnight on their flight to Jordan's Fort. Their first settler was Henry East in 1828. Following him, Jesse Lively, Wm. Cole and Absolom Tidwell came in 1829. In 1831 Samuel Gibson came and in the next year Robert Stewart, John Wiley, James Gillispie and Archie Coulter, Samuel Morton taught the first school.
      In the northeast corner of the township is the village of Lively Grove. Once there was a Baptist Church, now long gone. St. Anthony's Catholic Church was begun in 1869 and a school a little later. The Church is located in Johannisburg Township.
      Farther west was the crossroads village Caspars, and farther west is the village of Biddleborn, which grew up around the Trinity United Church of Christ.
      Just inside the township and east of Marissa, there once was a church building used by two different Presbyterian congregations. There is also the Salem Cemetery. These date from the 1830's.
      In the very southwest corner of the township is the village of Clarmin, which almost adjoins the town of Tilden, Ill. Clarmin was laid out by Judges Green and Bernreuter of Nashville about the time of WW1 and was named for their wives Clara and Minnie.
      There is a Baptist Church in Clarmin.

Oakdale Township map
Pilot Knob Township map
Bolo Township map
DuBois Township map

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