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Article Furnished by Jo & Larry House

The Building of the C & C Track in Close Proximity Precipitates a Fight
Special to The Republic
Nashville, Ill., March 7. - This has been one of the most eventful days in the history of this city. Several days ago the Louisville and Nashville Railway Company objected to the Centralia and Chester Railway building their track in close proximity to theirs. Their protests were so severe that they had their employes come here and make an effort to remove it, but the vigorous efforts of the citizens repelled them.

      To-day, between forty and fifty men came here under the impression that they were to lay a switch. It is apparent it was done for a blind, for in a few minutes they started to demolish the Centralia and Chester track. The news was quickly communicated to the citizens, it being election day. Fully 500 ran to the scene of destruction and repelled them again. Several severe knock-downs occurred, but fortunately only one of the Louisville and Nashville employes was badly injured. The people are a unit for the Centralia and Chester. Three of the officials - B. F. Dickerson, J. T. Robinson and J.C. Dew - were arrested, waived examination and gave bond for their appearance before the Circuit Court. They are held on four city and three State charges.

      LATER. - C. & C. people have twenty-five men here completing their switch. Watchmen are guarding the track. Should any trouble occur ample assistance will be readily secured and any disturbance quelled.

--St. Louis Republican, March 1892

1935 Merchants
Article Furnished by Jo House

Nashville News
Nashville, Illinois
Novenber 24, 2010
"It Happened Here"
Seventy-Five Years Ago (1935)

      . . . Nashville merchants were celebrating Community Day with special sales. Participating members included: Meinert's Grocery, Harold L. Rixmann Chrysler-Plymouth, Buckeye Auto Parts Company, Scheuer Brothers Heating, H.E. Brink, Paul Hardware Company, Harre's Hatchery and Feed Store, Krughoff's Shoe Store, Henry J. Mueller's Black Diamond Barber and Beauty Shop, Muenter Brothers, Maschhoff's Shoe Store, W.G. Kalbfleisch Drugs, Edna Fae Beauty Shop, Lane and Martin Superservice Station, Windler's Bakery, Back's Department Store, J.Back's Department Store, J. H. Hahne, Beatty Drug Store, Beckmeyer's, Kirchhoefer Motor Company, Schneider's Variety Store, Hohman and Son, John's Tavern, and Mrs. Coursey's Hat Shop. . . .


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