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Newman Land Acquisitions

Furnished by : Roscoe E. Peithman


11/18/1835. David Newman. FD, 45.91 acres, $57.38. SWNE S2 2S 2W 3.

11/18/1835. David Newman. FD, 45.90 acres, $57.38. SENE S2 2S 2W 3.

David and Elizabeth Phillips Newman are my great-great grandparents. This was the first property acquired in Illinois by the Newman family. The dwelling and other farm buildings would have been here. David died in 1840 so he would only have lived here for five years. This farm was owned by Elmer Haun, a great grandson of David Newman, during my boyhood. Some of the barns existing at the time may have been built during the life of David Newman. The farm was only a mile from our home so I often visited there. Both Joseph Newman and Martin Newman acquired farm acreage nearby.

07/26/1838. Thirzan Newman. FD, 40.00 acres, $50.00. SWSE S1 2S 2W 3.

09/15/1838. Aaron Neuman. FD, 40.00 acres, $ 50.00. SWSE S11 2S 2W 3.

01/28/1839. Aaron Neuman. FD, 40 acres, $50.00. NENE S26 2S 2W 3.

10/08/1839. David Neuman. FD, 40 acres, $50.00. SWNW S12 2S 2W 3.

10/08/1839. David Neuman. FD, 80 acres, $100.00. W2NE S12 2S 2W 3.

03/25/1840. Aaron Neuman. FD, 40 acres, $50.00. NWSE S11 2S 2W 3.

03/11/1847 Henry Newman. FD, 80 acres, $50.00. W2NE S19 2S 1W 3.

Aaron Newman bought the 80 acres from Henry in 1847. This became the home-place for Aaron and family and later the home-place for the Thomas and Martha Newman Smith family. Aaron and Elizabeth Teel Newman are my great-grandparents and Thomas and Martha Newman Smith my grandparents.

11/19/1847. Aaron Neuman. FD, 44.74 acres, $55.92. SENW S19 2S 1W 3.

08/29/1848. John Newman. FD, 160 acres, Warrant. SE S6 2S 1W 3.

10/16/1848. David C. Neuman. FD, 157.49 acres, Warrant. NE S6 2S 1W 3.

07/23/1852 Rosannah Logan, FD, 78.02 acres, Warrant. N2NW S1 2S 2W 3.
These 80 acres became the home-place of the Adam Haun family when they arrived from Tennessee in 1857. The buildings were located on the southwest corner of the acreage.

07/23/1852. Joseph Neuman. FD, 40.20 acres, Warrant. NESE S1 2S 2W 3.

07/23/1852. Joseph Neuman. FD 40.21 acres, Warrant. SENE S1 2S 2W 3.

05/16/1853. Martin Neuman. FD 40.00 acres, Warrant. NWNE S1 2S 2W 3.

09/23/1854. Martin Newman. RR 80.00 acres, 000.00. S2SW S36 1S 2W 3.

01/31/1855. Martin Newman. RR 45.90 acres, 000.00. NENE S2 2S 2W 3.

02/14/1854. Joseph Neuman. FD 39.83 acres $99.57. SENW S1 2S 2W 3.

02/14/1854. Joseph Neuman. FD 39.83 acres, $99.58. SWNE S1 2S 2W 3.

02/15/1854. Henry Neuman. FD 42.27 acres, $105.68. NWNW S7 2S 1W 3.

11/27/1865. Martin Newman. RR 80 acres $800.00. N2NW S36 1S 2W 3.
He already owned the 80 acres adjoining on the south. Martin's house and barn were built on the northwest corner of these 160 acres about 1865. John Haun bought the property from his father-in-law December 2, 1869.


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Note: I have used the spelling of the surname as it appears on the legal documents. Some times it is Newman and sometimes Neuman.

Written by Roscoe E. Peithman (born 1913, Washington County, Illinois)
May 19, 2006



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