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Newspaper Extracts

Names are as they were spelled in the Newspapers.

1 8 7 0
Prairie Farmer, Chicago, Illinois, May 14, 1870, Page 8
      A girl of 16 or 18 years of age, in Richview, Ill., in making a fire on the 24th ult prepatory to getting supper, and in order to make the fire burn speedily, took the coal-oil can and carelessly poured oil on the fire, which ignited and burst the can, throwing the oil over her clothes. She lived about four hours in great agony, being almost roasted alive.

1 8 7 4
Prairie Farmer, Chicago, Illinois, October 17, 1874, Page 332
      Castor Bean Grower is informed that the principal manufactories of castor oil in this country are at St. Louis and Jersey City. We hear that a new manufactory has been started at Richview, in this state. Richview is on the Illinois Central railroad, about ten miles south of Centralia.

1 8 7 9
The Cairo Bulletin, Cairo, Illinois, August 24, 1879, Page 4
      Sixteen years ago John H. Gunn, an officer of the Union army, returned to his home in the neighboring town of Richview, to learn that a mere boy, scarcely fifteen years of age, "had been there while he'd been gone." Instead of placing the responsibility upon his wife, where it justly belonged, Gunn searched out the boy and shot him dead in his tracks. The murderer then fled the country and became a wandering, dissipated vagabond. Quite recently he made his appearance in Kinmundy, Marion county. A capias was issued, for his body, and on Tuesday last he was arrested and thrown in jail. It was a most damnable murder; but as most of the witnesses are dead and scattered, and as the boy's relations are poor, it is scarcely possible that poor Jim's death will be avenged.

1 8 8 0
The Cairo Bulletin, Cairo, Illinois, April 15, 1880, Page 1
      John H. Gunn, of Richview, Washington county, has been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to one year in the state prison, for the killing of a boy named Maxey, at Richview, seventeen years ago.

1 8 9 2
True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, January 30, 1892, Page 3
      Thomas Davis and Buck Dickerson were arrested at Nashville upon suspicion of having murdered Dietsch, the Jewish peddler, a few days ago. Two negroes named Davis and Jackson were under arrest charged with robbing and murdering Mike Fitch, a saddler, at Richview.
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, April 22, 1892, Page 4
Two negroes who have been found guilty of the murder of a Jewish peddler at Richview have been sentenced to be hanged at Nashville May 1.
True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, April 30, 1892, Page 2
      Buck Dickerson and Tom Davis, the negroes on trial at Nashville for the murder of Marcus Deitsch, a Russian Jew peddler at Richview, were found guilty of murder in the first degree.
True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, September 3, 1892, Page 3
Lizzie Strubor Found.
      Lizzie Struber, who disappeared very mysteriously from Farmington, has been found alive at Richview, in Washington county, about 80 miles from where she disappeared. She was in a demented condition and had wandered the entire distance barefooted and alone.

1 8 9 6
Farmers' Review, Chicago, Illinois, April 22, 1896, Page 3
Logan Carson, a Washington county farmer, is dead of heart disease at Richview. He was 60 years old.

1 8 9 8
True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, June 29, 1898, Page 2
A cloudburst at Richview turned the streets into small rivers. Bridges and culverts were washed away and the damage done was great.

1 8 9 9
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, Illinois, July 17, 1899, Page 1
That Lynch Did Not Harder an Innocent Man in the Case.
      Richview, Ills., July 17. There was more excitement in Irvington, a little hamlet of 200 population, five miles north of this place, than had ever existed there before. For several hours It looked as if Charles Moore, a negro, would be lynched in spite of all that could be done by cool-headed citizens. He was saved from such a fate, however, later developments proved that if harm had befallen him it would have been regretted, for he was innocent of the crime of which he was accused. Last Thursday evening a barn on the farm of Mrs. Catherine Mier, residing five miles northwest of Irvington, was burned to the ground. Friday morning her charred remains were found in the debris of the building. Foul play was suspected and every available theory as to the identity of the guilty person was run down. Finally suspicion fell upon Charles Moore, a colored man, who had been working for Mrs. Mier, and when given a chance he proved a perfect alibi.

1 9 0 2
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, Illinois, November 21, 1902, Page 1
Dance Helps an Illinois Gilrl.
      Richview, Ills., Nov. 21. Mignon Douglas Nicholis, aged 10, has become a member of the Signora Duse company. Mignon has appeared on the stage in the character of Little Lord Fauntleroy, and has shown exceptional talent. Her mother is Mrs. Della Douglas Nicholis, an actress, and a daughter of the late Editor J. D. Mondy, of Richvlew. Duse will take the child to Italy if her mother will permit, and may adopt her.

1 9 0 4
The Urbana Daily Courier, Urbana, Illinois, March 11, 1904
J. W. Stanton ot Richview Returns From an Extensive Tour.
      Nashville, 1Ill., March 10. -- Col. J. W. Stanton of Richview, this county, superintendent of the Illinois horticultural exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase exposition at St. Louis, has arrived in this city from an extended tour of southern Illinois. Col. Stanton traversed sixteen counties and secured 300 barrels of specimens of apples for the Illinois exhibit at the world's fair. Most of the lot were secured in Randolph, Williamson, Johnson and Franklin counties, the leading apple-producing counties of the state. The new apple crop will begin to mature about he middle of July, and the original exhibit will be replaced by the 1904 crop, taking the crop from each county as it matures.
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, Illinois, June 4, 1904, Page 1
Three of a Kind Arrive.
      Richview, Ill., June 4. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stonecipher are the happy parents of triplets, all boys. The three balance the scales at twenty pounds, and are in good health. Stonecipher is employed by the Illinois Central, and is the father of five other children.
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, Illinois, August 15, 1904, Page 1
Party Take Refuge From Rain Under Wagon, Which is Then Struck.

      Richview, Ill., Aug. 15. -- Two men were killed by lightning during an electrical storm which visited this section of Illinois late last evening, doing great property damage. The dead are C. L. Coulter, a farmer near Ashley, Ill., and R. H. Stephens, of Judson, Okla., who was visiting south of the city.

1 9 0 5
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, Illinois, August 11, 1905, Page 1
Defends Daughter; Is Killed.
      Richview, Ill., Aug. 11. While defending his daughter, whom her cousin, Alva Morgan, had struck in a quarrel, Robert Moore of Woodlawn was shot and killed by Morgan.

1 9 0 9
The Chicago Eagle, Chicago, Illinois, January 30, 1909, Page 9
When flames enveloped his toddling brother, the 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson of Richview dashed water on the burning lad, then carried him almost a half mile to a neighbor's house. The youth's coolness and display of bravery probably saved the youngster's life. The mother was absent when the child obtained matches from a cupboard shelf. He was dangerously burned about the head and body.
The Urbana Daily Courier, Urbana, Illinois, June 15, 1909, Page 8
Killed by Fall from Freight Train
      Centralia, June 14. -- James Sproul of Richview, attended the Egyptian Hustlers meet here Friday. While riding home on a freight train, he fell off in some way and both legs were cut off. He died in a few hours. He was one of the leading business men in Richview.
True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, November 13, 1909, Page 7
Richview. -- John Henderson and Jack Reed were shot while, it is alleged, they were trying, to rob the post office, by a posse of residents headed by Postmaster Cooper. The postmaster, has an electric burglar alarm in the post office and it is connected with his house. When the alarm sounded Cooper, quietly notified a number of neighbors over the telephone, and they went to the post office, where two men were seen trying to open the safe.
The Urbana Daily Courier, Urbana, Illinois, July 7, 1909, Page 11
Woman Killed by Lightning.
      Richview, July 5. -- A bolt of lightning struck and instantly killed Mrs. Charles Newman at her home three miles southeast of Richview. Mrs. Newman was in the act of going to the smoke house to close the doors in a rainstorm when struck only a few feet from the kitchen door of her home.

1 9 1 1
Rock Island Daily Argus, Rock Island, July 7, 1911, Page 1
Expires at Age of 117 Years.
      Centralia, Ill., July 7. Ben Brown, an ex-slave, died at his home In Richview yesterday at the age of 117 years. He was the oldest resident of southern Illinois.

1 9 1 3
The Urbana Daily Courier - Herald, Urbana, Illinois, July 25, 1913, Page 1
Boy Dies of Convulsions Caused by Brain Disorder -- Remains Will Be Taken to Richview for Burial.
      Neal V. Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs, John L. Walker, died at the home of his parents, 1108 West Main street, Thursday afternoon, July 24, at 6:00 o'clock. His demise wan duo to convulsions beginning on Tuesday caused by a blood-clot on the brain. The young man was born October 17, 1895, and had lived in this state all of his life. Besides his parents, one sister survives. The remains will be taken to Richview, Ill., for interment on Sunday, July 27.
The Urbana Courier - Herald, Urbana, Illinois, July 26, 1913, Page 1
Rites For Neal Walker.
      The funeral of Neal V. Walker, was held at the home of his parents at 1108 West Main street at . 11 o'clock this morning. The sermon was preached by the minister of the First Baptist Church of Sadorus, and the body was shipped for interment to Richview, Ill., over tho Illinois Central at 12:11. This is the fifth child of that family lo have been buried, and one sister survives.

1 9 1 4
The Urbana Courier - Herald, Urbana, Illinois, August 20, 1914, Page 5
Eighty-Eight Years in One Town, Dies.
      Richview, Aug. 20.-- A . White, better while better known as "Uncle Andy," one of the oldest citizens of this place, died. He had lived here all his eighty-eight years.

1 9 1 7
The Urbana Daily Courier, Urbana, Illinois, April 9, 1917, Page 5
      Pesotum, Ill., April 9. -- Mrs. Woolley, wife of the Illinois Central agent here, was at Richview, near Effingham, today to attend tho funeral of her sister, Miss Mary RusseII. The latter died suddenly of apoplexy Saturday at her home In Savoy. She lived with her brother Lawrence, who is agent for the Illinois Central at Savoy.

1 9 1 8
The Nashville Journal, Nashville, Illinois, August 1, 1918
      Jake Stonecipher and Miss Nannie Kane were united in marriage last Friday at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Wm. Kane, near Richview. Rev. Thomas Edward Harper was the officiating minister.

1 9 2 8
The Nashville Journal, Nashville, Illinois, April, 1928, [(45 Years Ago) = 1884]
      Mrs. Sarah Lively died at Richview; Burial at Grand Point Church.

1 9 2 9
The Daily Illini, (Student Newspaper of the University of Illinois), Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, January 20, 1929, Page 1
      Word has been received of the death Friday of J. W. Stanton of Richview, a former member of the horticulture advisory board of the University. Prof. J. C. Blair, head of the department of horticulture, will attend the funeral services, which are to be held tomorrow from the home in Richview. Mr. Stanton, next to State Senator Dunlap of Savoy, had the longest term of service as an official of the state Horticultural society. He was actively interested in everything pertaining to Illinois horticulture and for more than 30 years was treasurer of the state body. He was elected to the University Advisory committee in 1906 and served in this capacity for 10 years. Mr . Stanton was a great supporter of the University in all its undertakings, Prof. Blair said.
The Daily Illini, (Student Newspaper of the University of Illinois), Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, April 17, 1929, Page 1
Simon T. Gore '76 Dies In Washington; Four Left In Class
      Simeon T. Gore '76, who was one of five living graduate members of his class, died last month in his home at Walla Walla, Wash., according to word, received yesterday by Carl Stephens, secretary of the Alumni association.
      Death came rather suddenly to Mr. Gore, who was more than 80 years old. In the latter years of his life he was actively engaged as an architect and builder in Walla Walla; but from 1894 to 1903 he was a farmer.
      The deceased was born on March 8, 1849, in Richview. He married Phoebe Farmer of Ashley in 1880. When in school here he was a member of Philbmathean literary society.

1 9 3 5
The Daily Illini, (Student Newspaper of the University of Illinois), Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, May 15, 1935, Page 1
Line Pole Gives Out; Centralia Suffers in Utility Strike
      CENTRALIA, May 14. -- (AP) -- The southern Illinois electricity famine -- a result of a six-week-old utility strike -- was extended to 24 additional communities tonight by destruction of an Illinois Power and Light company line pole near here. Centralia was without both light and gas service, and it was expected about 2,000 workers would be idle here tomorrow from expected industrial shutdowns. Several thousand other workers have already been affected throughout southern Illinois as a result of plants closing. Frank Egan, district manager of the power and light company, said the light pole caught fire apparently because of faulty insulation. Its destruction brought disruption of service in 30 communities, but service was restored to six of them within 10 minutes by throwing at switch at Mt. Vernon.
      The communities affected besides Centralia were Richview, Irvington, Wamac, Sandoval, Odin, Central City, Shattuc, Ferren, Huey, Hoffman, Beckemeyer, Bartelso, Germantown, Albers, Ariston, Trenton, New Baden, New Memphis, Summerfield, Lebanon, Scott Field, Shiloh and O'Fallon.
      Wires leading into homes and industrial plants and factories of 16 other communities remained without voltage while nine mayors laid plans to call on Governor Horner tomorrow at Springfield.
The Urbana Daily Courier, Urbana, Illinois,May 21, 1935, Page 1
Funeral Sunday for Mrs. Julie McCoy
      GIFFORD -- Funeral services Were held Sunday in the Community church for Mrs. Julie McCoy. Mrs. McCoy, 78, died Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dora Steiner, near Paxton.
      Mrs. McCoy was born in Richview. After her marriage to Lafayette McCoy she lived in the Gifford community for 20 years. About eight years ago the family moved to Pontiac, but since her husband's death she had made her home with her daughter. She had been ill three weeks. She leaves nine children, Mrs. Alice Darter and Mrs. Dora Steiner of Paxton, Mrs . Mabel Robertson of St. Louis, Mrs . Clara Lyon and Clint, Gene, Holly and Maxine of Pontiac and Mrs. Gladys Hough, Muncie, Ind . Burial was in Wells cemetery.

1 9 4 6
True Republican, Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, July 19, 1946, Page 5
Marriage Licenses Issued :
      Wesley A. Brink, 23, Hoyleton and Ellen Muriel Peithman, 22, Richview.
The Daily Illini, (Student Newspaper of the University of Illinois), Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, August 2, 1946, Page 3
      A wildcat oil test near Richview yesterday was regarded as Washington county's first new pool opener in more than a year after operators at National Consumers Oil company reported the well was testing at the rate of 30 barrels of oil a day.


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