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Nashville Grade School
Newsletter - December 1950

December 1950 NGS Newsletter cover

  My Dear Children and Friends :
      There are two hundred sixty two children enrolled in the Nashville Community Consolidated School at the present time. We are trying to make all these children wiser, healthier, better and happier. We wish to make all of them more punctual and regular at school, and more industrious and studious at all times. We wish to teach them to love their playmates, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, their teachers and all people more, for this would make them much happier. There are many things you were not made to do. You were not made to lie, or to steal, or to use profane or obscene language, or to be intemperate, or to quarrel with your classmates, or to be unkind to brothers and sisters, or disobedient to parents and teachers, or to scoff or to mock at what is holy and good.
      Having told you some of the things you were not made to do, let me now tell you some of which you were made to do, just as much as the sun was made to radiate light and not darkness.
      You were made to be industrious. You should work. All your bones and muscles were made to do work, just as much as the wheels of w clock or a watch were made to go round. Industry gives health. Habits of industry will make you punctual at school so that you can study and recite with the rest of the class. You were made to be temperate. The pupil who is always temperate enjoys a great deal more than one who gives way to excesses. You must be temperate in regard to all pleasures. It is right that you should enjoy your food, your candy, and your drink as well as sports. but when you have had enough, stop. Learn the meaning of that important word, enough.
        You were made to be clean and neat in your person and in your dress, and gentlemanly and ladylike in your manners. Don't be afraid of fresh water. There is enough water in the world to keep everybody clean, but there is a great deal of it that never finds its right place. There is no danger of being selfish in the use of water. Take as much of it as you need.
      You were made to be kind, and generous. Be kind and considerate to the handicapped and to the pupil that is slow to learn. Be forgiving and courteous to all. It is better to have a great soul than a great fist.
      You were made to learn. Be sure you learn something every day. If you were to stop eating your bodies would pine and famish. If you stop learning, your minds will pine and famish, too. All creation is a museum crowded with wonders. One door only is open by which you can enter this temple. It is the door of knowledge. The learned laborer, peasant, or slave, is ever made welcome at this door, while the ignorant, though kings, are shut out.
      You were made to be moral and religious. We should be honest. If all men were honest, we would need no jails nor prisons, no bolts nor locks. Be honest from head to foot, and be able to stand up straight and look any man in the face.
      You must be grateful to God, obey his laws, love and imitate his infinite goodness. The works of God are full of wonders and beauties. He who does not know him, though he may know everything else, is ignorant of the greatest and best part of all knowledge. May we follow the principles taught by the once humble child who worked as a carpenter in an obscure village nearly 2,000 years ago.
      Best wishes for a happy Christmas season.
                                                Chester F. Moss, Supt.

Paper Staff

Editor - Hazel Wilson
Assitant Editor - Jeannine Kastrup
Sports - Herbert Wilkey
Organizations - Gail Turner
Calendar - Patsy Reuter
Patrol News - Chuckie Swain
Reporter - Kindergarten, Grades
1 and 2       Carole Lathrop
Reporter - Grades 3 and 4
                  Marion Marquard
Reporter - Grades 5 and 6
                  Mary Meyer
Reporter - Grades 7 and 8
                  Mary Kay Berry
Sponsor - Miss Morris

basketball graphic
Basketball News

      After getting a rather slow start, our basketball team has not only passed the 500 mark but has a record thus far of 5 games woin 3 lost.
      Games were lost o Pinckneyville, Coulterville, and Tilden. Games were won from Oakdale, Breese, Tilden, Ashley, and Sparta.
      The last three games were the games that the team wanted to win more than some of the others. First of all, Tilden had given us a bad licking in our first game with them, and then we beat them by 12 points the second time. Ashley, our old
  rival, beat us their last game last year, and then we evened scores with them, winning 37 to 13. Sparta has always given us trouble and after a hard fought game, in which we blew several leads, we finally out lasted them 36 to 30.
      Our second team has a record of 6 wins and 2 lost - losing only to Pinckneyville and Tilden. George Reinhardt, Vernon Moeller, Joe Evilsizer have the highest free throw percentage and will go to the Centralia Holiday Tourney as a reward. George's winning percentage was 68%.
      Our schedule after Christmas is very heavy with at least 2 games every week including the Greenville Invitational Tourney in January and the District Tournament.
      Here is the schedule for the first and second week of January.
January 4 - Carlyle
January 5 - Sparta
January 10 - Carlyle
January 12 - Breese
January 16 - Pinckneyville

Girls Sports

      This year under the leadership of our P. E. teacher, Miss Morris, we have started our volley ball tournament. The following teams were chosen : Bonnie Shoemaker, Capt., Judy Teel, Myrtle Spencer, Linda Kiel, Alice Frieman; Patsy Reuter, Capt., Mary Meyer, Darlene Schmidt, Lois Lillenkamp, Hazel Wilson; Mary Kay Berry, Capt., Gail Turner, Morma Lowe, Hazel Haun, Sue Wilkey; Karen Witt, Capt., Jennine Kastrup, Gloria Nolte, Carole Lathrop, Marion Marquard.

        A consulatation game for the two losing teams placed Patsy Reuter's team in third place and Bonnie Shoemaker's team in fourth place. The final game which was played Monday, December 18, placed Karen Witt's team in first place and Mary Kay Berry's team in second place by a score of 9 to 10.
band graphic

      A new member has been added to the band, David Hines, who plays the flute.
      We are all practicing for the Christmas program where we will play Jingle Bells, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Silver Skates, and Polar Bera March.
      The band will also accompany the chorus as they sing Hark! The Hearld Angels Sing.
Glee Club

      The Glee Club will perform in the robes at the Christmas Program, Friday, December 22. They will be accompanied by Miss Shannon on the piano. Their selections will be White Christmas, Cheribin Song, Kyrle Elison, and While Shepards Watched Their Flocks by night.
      Miss Shannon also has the chosen an octette and a trio from the chorus. The girls in the trio are : Jennine Kastrup, first soprano; Mary Kay Berry, second
  soparano; and Gail Turner, alto. The girls will sing Winter Wonderland.
      The octette is composed of Judy Teel, Carole Lathrop, Karen Witt, Hazel Haun, Myrtle Spencer, Mary Meyer, Sue Wilkey, Darlene Schmidt. The girls will sing Away In The Manger.
Pep Club

      At the November meeting, it was decided upon that we have a party for the basketball boys on Friday night, December 1 at the grade school.
      We played bunco and there were prizes for the highest score of the boys and of the girls, Barbara Pate and Ross Jones had the highest score and Hazel Haun and Johnny Gorman each received a booby prize.
      Afterwards, we had refreshments of hot dogs, apples, peanuts, and chocolate milk. A very enjoyable time was had by all.
New Chairs Arrive

      At long last new chairs for the music room have arrived. These chairs are of monosteel construction. Built to withstand long years of service in the classroom. These chairs are of the latest model, beautiful and comfortable. The deep-curved back with its self-adjusting lower rail makes the chairs comfortable and well fitted to all occupants. Each chair is provided with a sanitary, roomy book cabinet. We are quite proud to have this new addition to our music room and to our school furniture. We trust that these will give encouragement to each

  one to do better work and to enjoy their music more. May we treat them with care as we would a new piece of furniture in our own home and they will be our friends and remain beautiful and useful for long years to come.
Christmas Vacation

      School will be dismissed for the holidays at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, December 22. A Christmas Program will be given in the school gym beginning at 12:45 p.m. on Friday December 22. Children will come back to their rooms after the program for their exchange of gifts. Buses are scheduled to leave at 2:30 p.m.
Parents and friends of the school are invited to attend the Friday afternoon program.
Children will report back to school after the holidays at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday January 3, 1951.
Community Christmas Party

      All children enrolled in the elementary schools of Washington County ar invited to attend the community Christmas party to be held in the court house at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening December 19. A program of interest to all children is being arranged.
Santa is expected to arrive some time during the evening and will present each elementary school child and those of pre-school age with a sack of Christmas "goodies"
      Remember the date, time and place.
      Be present, be quiet, be happy.
Christmas Activity

      A Christmas program is being planned for all the children and their parents and friends. It is to be held in the high school gymnasium on Friday afternoon, December 22 at 12:45.
      Following is the program which s to be presented :
Band   "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Polar Bear", and "Jingle Bells".
  "Silent Night", Jingle Bells", "Santas Helpers", and "Greeting Song".
Second Grade
  "Christmas in Mother Goose Land".
Horn trio :
   Charles Brink,
   Johnny Gorman,
   Judy Teel
  "O Little Town of Bethlehem".
First Grade,
  "Away in a Manger", "Jolly Old St. Nicholas", and "Here Comes Santa Claus".
Brass Quartet :
   Larry Kessler,
   Mary Kay Berry,
   Phillip Cunningham,
   Clarence Evilsizer
  "Silent Night" by Gruber.
Rainbow Drill   Fifth Grade
Third Grade
   Choral Reading
"Our Snow Man"
"Frosty The Snow Man".
Vocal Octette,
Seventh Grade Girls:
   Drlene Schmidt
   Hazel Haun
   Myrtle Spencer
   Judy Teel
   Mary Meyer
   Karen Witt
   Sue Ellen Wilkey
   Carole Lathrop
"Away in a Manger" by Luther.
Clarinet Sextette
   Patsy Reuter
   Mary Meyer
   Judy Poirot
   Fern Klingenberg
   Alice Frieman
   Karen Witt
  "Deck the Halls" Old Welsh Air

Fourth Grade
Choral Reading
  "The Christmas Toys".
Vocal Trio :
   Jeannine Kastrup
   Mary Kay Berry
   Gail Turner
"Winter Wonderland" by Bernard.
Girl's Chorus   "Cherrubin" by Bortniansky; "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night" by Roger; "Kyrie Eleison" by Yugoslav Carol; "White Christmas" by Berlin.
Band and
  "Hark: The Herald Angels Sing" by Mendelssohn.

Paper Staff Has Christmas Party

      A Christmas party for the paper staff was given Friday night, December 8 at 7:30 in the music room of the grade school. A total of 24 were present, each member of the paper staff bringing a guest.
      The room was appropriately decorated with tinsel streamers lined with icicles and with a small Christmas tree.
      Games were played and refreshments of chili and pop were served.
Kindergarten News

      We have all learned to print our names. We have taken down our Thanksgiving decorations and are now ready to put up our bells, Santa Claus and reindeer pictures. Miss Groennert brought a tree and we helped decorate it. We have learned eight new Christmas songs. We will sing four of these for the Christmas program.
First Grade News

      Our room was thrilled to make a recording of Mother Goose Rhymes for November P. T. A. meeting.
      We have three new pupils in our room namely Floyd Davis from Clarkdale, Miss.; Alan Buzzard from Adams County, Ill.; and Peggy Gorman from Indiana. Thsi makes 34 pupils in our room, 17 boys and 17 girls.
      Charles Dean brought suckers on his birthday. Richard Finke had birthday cake. Diana Ragland had cookies and suckers. We all enjoyed the parties.
      Sarah Small was the only one to have a 5 month certificate.
Second Grade News

      We have four new people in our room, Catherine and Ann gorman came from Crown Point, Indiana. The girls are ccousins. Toma Ragland came from Mt. Vernon.
      Nancy Smith has moved to Breese, Illinois.
      Wanda Wilson, Sharon Beek, Ruth Ann May, Bonnie Shorfheide, LeRoy Decker, Laverne Rabenort, and Fern Engleman received 5 month's perfect attendance awards.
      Fern Engleman has earned a 15 month perfect attandence award.
      The following received reading circle diplomas this six weeks: Billy Hoffman, Cathy Meyer, Jack Lane, Wanda Wilson, Sharon Beek, Mary Nehrt, Mary Lois Briener, Larry Voss, Jimmy Berry, and Clara Mae Haun.
      The following have earned seals: Joe Lynn Racine, Arthur Buhrman, Bonnie Schorfheide, Barbara Smith, Betty Reuter, and Ruth Ann May.

        We are decorating our own Christmas trees by perfect papers. We will know by Friday who wins.
      Our new reading circle books are as follows:
The Big Snow
Great-Grandfather in the Honey Tree
The Lazy Beaver
Little Wild Horse
Nappy is a Cowboy
900 Buckets of Paint
Serena and the Cookie Lady
Snowshoe Paws

Third Grade News

      The following have earned reading circle seals during the month of November: Morris Finke, Carolyn Schorfheide, Sandra Driskill, Sharon Fox, Kathryn Frederking, Maureen Gorman, Robert Miller, Jo Dee Reuss, Susan Small, nancy Dean, Billy Joiner, Sharon Zapp, Glenn Stonecipher, Emma Lou Gummersheimer, Betty June Pair, and Arnold Marquard.
      Reading circle diplomas were earned by Marilyn Meinert, Susan Small, Marcella Kaufman, Sharon Fox, and Jo Dee Reuss.
      Sharon Zapp received a 15 months attendance cerificate.
      5 months attendance certificatres were earned by Carolyn Hoelscher, Betty June Pair, Avis Jaworchik, Arnold Marquard, Sharon Zapp, Jo Dee Reuss, and Lynn James.
      We are glad to have another pupil enrolled this 6 weeks. Her name is Ann Buzzard who moved here from Marblehead, Illinois. We now have 32 pupils.
      The following have celebrated their birthdays this month: Sandy Driskill, Avis Jaworchik, and Harold Francis.
      Billy Kemper visited our room all day December4. We were all so glad to see him He told
  us       illegible
      We have been busy working on our Christmas gifts for our mothers.
      Sandra driskill is leading our class with 31 book reports. Jo dee Reuss is second with 27 books, Susan Small 25 books, and Sharon Fox 23 books.
      In our 6 weeks spelling review which included 68 words, 19 of us had perfect scores. Four missed only one word.
      Bernice Diegel had good news for us on the 29th of November. She had a new baby sister.
      The honor roll for the 2nd 6 weeks is as follows :
Susan Small
Carolyn Schorfheide
Sharon Fox
Sandra Driskill
Betty June Pair
Emma Lou Gummersheiner
Sharon Zapp
Billy Joiner
Carolyn Hoelscher
Nancy Dean
Peggy Jo Spencer
      Our class has received the following reading circle books :
Billy and the Bear
The Drugstore Cat
Fireman Casey
Herman, the Brave Pig
Little Appaloosa
teh Stubborn donkey
World Round

Fourth Grade News

      The second 6 weeks honor roll is as follows:
Jean Toedte
John Wilson
Bobbie Harre
Judy Jackson

        The following pupils received 5 months perfect attendance certificates: Rodney Rountree, Bill Meyer, Buddy Smith, David Kastrup, Jerry Lee Zapp, Mary Ann Randoll, and John Wilson.
      The following received reading Circle diplomas : Carol Dunai, Janet Fay Boreup, Bill Meyer, and Lee Meier.
      These pupils earned reading Circle seals : Evelyn Jernigan, Bobbie Harre, Carol Dunai, Jean Toedte, Rodney Rountree, Connie Gholson, John Wilson, and Judy Jackson.
      We have received the following reading circle books :
Eddie and the Fire engine
Harriet Beecher Stowe - Connecticut Girl
John Marshall - Boy of Young America
The Secret Valley
Too Many Cherries
Bixxy and the Secret Message

Fifth Grade News

      At this writing of course the main subject is Christmas. We have however, been carrying on other activities. Storytelling has been taking up the time in Language recently. the various members of the class have also been dramatizing plays, chiefly Christmas plays. In addition, the class has completed its first major project, which is a miniature village with a Christmas theme. A large number received Reading Circle diplomas and seals this last month.
      The number enrolled was reduced to thirty-one when Carole Smith moved away, but raised again by the addition of a new pupil, Dean Langin from Mt. Vernon.
        The following were on the honor roll this last six weeks: Dottie Grewe, Esther Grote, Judy Poirot, Kay Moss, Larry House, Dennis Cook, and David Hines.
      All seem to be looking forward to the Christmas program and to the holidays that follows. Merry Christmas.
Sixth Grade News

      The attendance pins this month were given to Billy Dintelman, Roger Lee Hake, and Vernice Diegel.
      We have a scene on the black board of the shepherds and of the stable where the Christ child was born. We also have made other Christmas pictures that we have used to decorate the bulletin boards and the windows.
      New reading circle books which have been added to our book shelves are:
Canvas Castle
Cotton in My Sack
The Flamingo Feather
George Washington
I'll Take Cappy
Lou Gehrig - Boy of the Sand Lots
Melindy's Happy Summer
Stretch Smith Makes a Basket
Seventh Grade News

      Linda Keil received perfect attendance pin for 30 months perfect attendance.
      Carole Lathrop, Hazel haun, and Linda Keil received fifteen months perfect attendance certificates.
      Our room received a letter from Bobby Johns of Avon, Florida telling all about Avon and wanting in turn to know about Nashville. Committees were appointed for our room decorations for Christmas.

        We exchanged names for our Christmas gift exchange.
      We are very proud of the following people who made the honor roll this 6 weeks: Judy Teel, Sue Ellen Wilkey, Carole Lathrop, Darlene Schmidt, and Karen Witt. This is three more than last six weeks.
      Twenty people in our room contributed to the Tuberculosis Fund.
      Our new reading circle books for this year are :
America's Ethan Allen
Ben Hur
Eric's Girls
The Fire Patrol
Green Ginger Jar
Phanton Roan
Robin Hood's Arrow
Eighth Grade News

      The honor roll this six weeks consisted of : Gail Turner, Marion Marquard, Jeannine Kastrup, and Patsy Reuter.
      We are now making Christmas decorations in art for our room. For the windows, we have madebells and holly wreaths; and for the border around the bulletin board, we have made candles.
For a border around the top of the black board we have made a poinsetta design.
      In English for the biggest project of the six weeks, we are writing Tuberculosis themes. They will be judged on neatness, English, and true facts about Tuberculosis.
      On Friday, December 15, we drew names for Christmas gifts. We will exchange them Friday December 22 after the Christmas program.
      Our new reading circle books for this year are as follows :
Eagle of the Sea
Escape on Skies
Jeff White : Young Woodsman
Merry Makes a Choice
My American Heritage
North Winds Blow Free
Sea Boots
Song of the Pines
Orchids To

      High School boys for refereeing basketball games for us.
      Lynn James for representing the grade school at the trampoline program.
      Miss Groenert and Mr. Moss for having the Pep Club Party.
      Miss Morris for having Paper Staff Party.
      Grade School teachers for selling tickets at basketball games.
      Ed Hake for taking bus to out of town ball games.
      Board of Education for new desks in music room.
      High school for asking 8th grade pupils to participate in summer music school.

      John Joiner - Johnny "Squirt" is 13 years old, weighs 85 pounds, is 5 feet7½ inches tall, has brown hair, blue eyes, and his favorite food is chicken. His favorite sport is basketball, his favorite song "Love Sick Blues". favorite actor - Randolph Scott, favorite actress - Betty Grable, and his favorite subject is spelling. His weakness - keeping away from the girls.
      Louis Harland - Louis "Louy" is 14 years old, weighs 95 pounds, is 5 feet tall, and has blond hair. His favorites are strawberry short cake, basketball, Good Night Irene and spelling. His favorite actor is Van Johnson and his fabvorite actress is Betty Grable. His hobby is collecting stamps. His weakness - making good grades.

        Clyde James - Clyde "Herman, the German" is 14 years old, weighs 71 pounds, is 4 feet 8 inches tall, has reddish blond hair, and blue eyes. His favorites are: food - turkey; sport - baskeball; actor - Jimmy Durante and Gene Kelly; actress - Betty Grable and Judy Garland; song - Good Night Irene; subject - spelling and English. His weakness - getting eligable for basketball.
      Wildon Jernigan - Wildon "Squeaks" is 12 years old, weighs 85 pounds, is 4 feet 7 inches tall. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Favorites are food - strawberry short cake and banana splits; spot - basketball; song - "Walking the Floor Over You" and "Give Me some Old Fashion Love"; actor - "Me"; actress - Carmen Miranda; subject - General Science and spelling. His weakness - keeping on his giant basketball trunks and jacket.

      Several people have asked if we know where M. K. B. and L. H. were after the Pep Club Party. sorry, we can not tell you but maybe G. R. and C. B. could tell you.
      Really G. T., you should try to get ready earlier on Saturday nights. You know its cold outside.
      Say, J. E., could there by another reason other than bad eyesight that you had on J. K.'s glasses
      Maybe it would help if H. W. and J. K. made up their minds who Junior really is. Its very confusing to several people.
      Careful Mr. Hake you know that ice is slick. You might fall.
Nov. 1 Pinckneyville - there
Nov. 2 P. T. A.
Nov. 6 Miss Morris absent
Nov. 7 Breeze - there
Nov. 8 Miss Morris absent
Nov. 9 Oakdale - here
Nov. 10 Yippe! School let out
Nov. 13 "Blue Monday"
Nov. 14 Tilden - there
Nov. 16 Coulterville - here
Nov. 20 David Hines joined band.
Nov. 22 New band piece - Trombone Toboggan
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Holidays
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving Holidays
Nov. 27 Pep Club meeting
Nov. 28 Tilden - here
Nov. 29 Paper Staff meeting
Nov. 30 Ashley - there
Dec. 1 Pep club party
Dec. 6 Tumblers were here
Dec. 7 Carlyle game postponed due to ice
Dec. 8 Paper staff party
Dec. 8 Mr. Moss's birthday
Dec. 11 Basketball practice
Dec. 13 Nancy Dean lost her lunch
Dec. 14 Sparta - here
Dec. 14 Clyde leads cheers
Dec. 15 Drew names
Dec. 18 Paper staff meeting
Dec. 19 Community Christmas program
Dec. 20 Sewing test for 8th grade girls
Dec. 21 Pep Club meeting
Dec. 22 Christmas program
Dec. 22 School dismisses for Christmas holidays

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