Washington County, Illinois

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Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Pilot Knob Township
Washington County, Illinois

Information provided by Irene Pursell Dixon;
transcribed by Mike Jones

Register of Communicants
Name in Full   Date of Admission   Dismissed:
When and Whither
Hugh Adams   May 31, 1872   Dismissed to Nashville    
Mary Adams,
wife of Hugh
Barbara Adams   "      to Nashville    
Jane Adams   "        
Bettie Adams   "   to Nashville Church    
Lettie Adams   "   "    
James Duncan   "   to Flora Clay county, Ill   1885 Oct 25
Mary A. Duncan,
wife of James
  "   to do [ditto]    
Eliza Duncan   "   to Clay co.    
Mary D. Duncan   "   to Clay co.    
William B. Duncan   "   P. Church    
Fannie D.. Duncan   "   to Clay co.    
John Adams   "   to Seward, Nebraska    
Mary J. Adams,
wife of John
  "   "       "    
George Henderson   "        
Sarah Henderson,
wife of George
  "       1884 Nov 21st
Eliza Henderson   "       "
Lettie Henderson   "        
Robert Henderson   "       "
Margaret Anderson   "       1891 Feb 242th
Dorathea Anderson   "   Dismissed to Nashville   1892 July 5
Crawford J. Anderson   "       "
Rosanna Beggs,
wife Of R. B.
  "   Dismissed to Nashville   1892 July 5th
Henry Wilson   "       "
Rebecca Wilson,
wife of Henry
  "   Dismissed to Nashville   1892 July 5
Mary Reed,
wife of George Reed
  Nov. 16th, 1872   Dis to Nashville 1884    
Alexander McAlister   Nov. 17th, " "        
James Wilson   May 5th, 1873        
David Smith   "        
Margaret Maxwell   [Note: There is a date added of Oct. 31, 1880-Don't know if it's date of admission or date of death.]

[All of the above were received "by Cer.", with the exception of
Mary Reed, Alexander McAlister, James Wilson, David Smith, and perhaps Margaret Maxwell.
The copy is too dark to read, but it appears to read "By letter."]

Name in Full   Date of Admission   Dismissed:
When and Whither
John Boyle   May 4th, 1873       "
Elizabeth Boyle,
wife of John
  "   to   "
David Boyle   "   to U.P. Church, Oakdale    
Alphonso Williamson   "       "
Mary C. Williamson,
wife of Alphonso
  "   to Nashville    
16 John Henry Wines   "       "
17 Sarah E. Wines,
wife of John H.
  "   to Nashville    
18 Jane Franklin
wife of Gillis F.
  "   to Nashville Church    
Phebe Wilson,
wife of Zelotes Wilson
  Aug. 27th, 1873        
Margaret E. Templeton   Nov. 30th, 1873   to Golumb Church    
19 Margaret Franklin   April 10th, 1874   to Nashville Church    
[?] Boyle Duncan   "        
20 George W. Reed   "   to unite with some Sis church    
21 William L. Francis   "   to unite Nashville Church    
Margaret Wallace Adams   "   to Nashville    
]ac?ritch] F. Means   "   to do. [ditto]    
[Ida or Ada] Williamson   "   to do.    
Miriam Adaline Williamson   "   to do.    
22 Margaret Guthrie   Aug. 22nd, 1874        
Samuel Adams   "   Dismised to Join som sister ch    
James Boyd   Sept. 23, 1877   Dismissed for Unchristian conduct    
23 Mary A. Maxwell   Oct. 30, 1880        
24 Robrt Williamson   Ćugust 7, 1881   Gone    
25 Rebcca Williamson   "   to Nashville Church    
Mamie[?] Williamson   ov 2?, 1890   to Nashville   "    

  • Alphonso Williamson was received "by Ex."
  • Mary C. Williamson was received "by Cer."
  • John Henry Wines was received "on ex." as were Sarah E. Wines, Jane Franklin, Phebe Wilson, Zelotes Wines
  • Margaret E. Templeton was received "by cer."
  • Margaret Franklin was received "by ex."
  • ? Boyle Duncan was received "by Cer."
  • George W. Reed was received "by ex." as were William L. Francis, Margaret Wallace Adams,
         ? F. Means, Ida or Ada Williamson, and Miriam Adaline Williamson.
  • Margaret Guthrie was received by "restored."
  • Samuel Adams was received "by ex."
  • James Boyd was received "by ex."
  • Mary A. Maxwell was received "by ex."
  • Robrt Williamson was received "by Cer."
  • Rebcca Williamson was received "by Cer."
  • Mamie Williamson was received "by Ex."
  • Name in Full   Date of Admission   Dismissed:
    When and Whither
    Rebecca Wilson   May 7, 1896   Aug 18th 1907 to Lebanon
    Pres. Ch.
    Rebecca Williamson   "   to Nashvile First Pres. Ch    
    William F. Williamson   "   Oct 16th 1915 to Nashville
    First Pres. Ch.
    Alexander McAllister   "   Oct 6th 1916 to Sparta First
    Pres Ch
    Crawford Anderson   "   to Nashville "   "  "    
    Lettie Elwell   "   Oct 5th 1906 Lettie Elwell
    to Nashville Presbyterian
    Mary A. Maxwell           Jan 12th 1911
    Fannie Ann McKinstry   "        
    Maggie Guthrie Logan   "   Oct 16th 1915 to Nashville
    First Pres. Ch.
    Ama Oscar Jones   "   "  "  "  "    
    Maggie Jones,
    Wife of Ama
      "   "  "  "  "    
    Nannie J. Buhrmann   "       Dec. 27th 1901
    David D. Williamson   "   to Nashville First Pres. Ch.    
    Anna Jane Williamson   "   Jan 7th 1906 to Pinckneyville
    U. P. Ch.
    Rebie Dee Williamson   "   March 12th 1917 to Centralia
    First M E Ch
    George Kerr   "   May 19th 1911 to the M. E. Ch.
    of Golconda
    John Kerr   "       dead
    Sarah Isabel Kerr   "       dead
    Cassa B. Burke   Sept ?, 1896   May 1st 1898 to Bethel M.E.    
    Mrs. Ann McKinstry   Nov 21st, 1897   May 14th 1911 to Swanwick U. P. Ch.    
    Theodor Buhrmann   March 19th, 1899   Oct 16th 1915 to Nashville First Pres Ch    
    Malissie McElroy   "   to Nashville "  "  "    
    Iverson Jones   "        
    Sarah B. Burke   Dec 19th, 1899   Oct 16th 1915 to Nashville First Pres. Ch.    
    Chas. McElroy   March 19th 1899   Jan 29th 1917 to Nashville "  "  "    
    Allen Jones   "   June 16 1918 to Morning Sun Iowa    

  • Rebecca Wilson was received "by cer."
  • Rebecca Williamson was received "by cer."
  • William F. Williamson was received "by cer."
  • Alexander McAllister was received "by cer."
  • Crawford Anderson-no notation.
  • Lettie Elwell was received "by cer."
  • Mary A. Maxwell-no notation.
  • Fannie Ann McKinstry through Sarah Isabel Kerr were all received "by ex."
  • Cassa B. Burke was received "by cer."
  • Mrs. Ann McKinstry was received "by ex."
  • Theodor Buhrmann-no notation.
  • Malissie McElroy was received "by cer."
  • Iverson Jones was received "by cer."
  • Sarah B. Burke was received "by cer."
  • Chas. McElroy was received "by ex."
  • Allen Jones was received "by ex."
  • Name in Full   Date of Admission   Dismissed:
    When and Whither
    Thomas John McKinstry   March 25th, 1900   Oct. 16th 1917 to Nashville
    First Pres. Ch
    Mrs. Anna Wallace   "   To Beulah Christ Church
         St. Louis Mo Feb. 12th, 1905
    Mrs. Elvira Berteloth   April 15th 1900   To Nashville M. Ech 1-28-1903    
    Mrs. Etta McQuade       To Tamaroa    

  • Thomas John McKinstry was received "by ex."
  • Mrs. Anna Wallace was received "by cer."
  • Mrs. Elvira Berteloth was received "by cer."
  • Mrs. Etta McQuade-no notation.
  • Research note:
    I am related to several of the people named above.
    I would like to exchange information with other researchers.

  • Nannie J. (Kerr) Buhrmann
  • Theodor[e] Buhrmann
  • Lettie Elwell
  • Margaret Guthrie
  • Eliza Henderson
  • George Henderson
  • Robert Henderson
  • Sarah Henderson
  • George Kerr
  • John Kerr
  • Sarah Isabel Kerr
  • Maggie Guthrie Logan
  • Mike Jones
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