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Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois

Presbyterian Church
By Rev. John Wagaman
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
      The members comprising this organization were taken entirely from the roll of the Nashville Presbyterian Church. They were mainly the families of Mr. Hugh Adams, Mr. J. Duncan, Mr. J. Wilson, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. John Boyle, and Mr. George Henderson, in all twenty-five persons. Preaching by Presbyterian ministers had been kept up at the residence Mr. Hugh Adams for over thirty years. On the 31st of May, 1872, the committee appointed by the Presbytery of Cairo, consisting of Rev. I. Stebbins, Rev. J. C. Wagaman, the pastor, and elder J. J. Sawyer, met at the new church, near the residence of Hugh Adams. They dismissed the parties desirous of going into the new congregation from the Nashville Church.
      Hugh Adams and J. Duncan were elected elders. A neat and comfortable church building had been erected for the organization. The house was dedicated in the fall of 1872, by Rev. C. Foote, of St. Louis. Mr. Wagaman resigned the charge and moved north, When Rev. W. Templeton was called and continued preaching until 1877, when the pulpit became vacant. At the present writing Mr. Wagaman is supplying the pulpit.
1879 History of Washington County, Illinois
      Brink, McDonough & Co.; Philadelphia;
      Corresponding Office, Edwardsville, ILL.; 1879

[Church news]
The Oak Grove Presbyterian congregation has dwindled down to but
very few members -- not enough to keep up regular preaching. Those
who can do so, will come to the Nashville church for worship, while others
will go to the U.P. church at Oakdale.
Source: Nashville Journal, Nashville, Illinois; 24 November 1882
Furnished by : Mike Jones ©

Meeting at Oak Grove
Those having relatives and friends buried at Oak Grove Presbyterian
church, six miles south of Nashville, are requested to meet at this
church next Saturday, May 27, at 10 o'clock, for the purpose of
clearing up the grounds, and putting the cemetery in good condition.
It is proposed also, on this occasion to organize a cemetery
association so as to secure the property for cemetery purposes, protect
the sacred spot and pathetic dust, there sleeping, for long time to
The friends are requested to bring their dinners along. And when the
work is all done, dinner is over and a good social is enjoyed there
will be a sermon preached at 3 p.m. by Rev. Wm. Duncan of Nashville.
His subject will be: "The Resurrection Body." Let all interested come
and by honoring the memory and adorning the mounds of our dead we will
honor ourselves.                    W.D.
Source: Nashville Journal, Nashville, Illinois; 25 May 1911
Furnished by : Mike Jones ©

Great Meeting at Old Oak Grove Church
As announced last week a meeting was held at Oak Grove Presbyterian
church last Saturday for the purpose of clearing up the cemetery
grounds, and putting the graves in suitable and tasteful condition. By
10 o'clock that day some were on the grounds at work, and soon a large
force of earnest, competent men and women were busily engaged in the
good work. At 12 o'clock a recess was taken, and a splendid picnic
dinner enjoyed by all present. After dinner work was resumed and
energetically pushed, notwithstanding the excessive heat, until 2:30
o'clock, when all repaired to the church. Rev. Wm. Duncan was elected
chairman of the assemblage and David Williamson secretary. A
constitution [unreadable] effected to be known as the Oak Grove
Cemetery Association" with the following officers, called directors:
James Wilson, president; David Williamson, secretary; Charlie McElroy
and Ollie Francis.
We can scarcely see how a better selection could have been made. These
officers are all young, energetic, efficient men. All have near
relatives buried here, and they reside in different sections of the
territory especially interested. After this business was finished a
sermon was preached by Mr. Duncan on "The Body of the Resurrection." A
fine congregation was present, and the singing was efficiently led by
Mrs. Carrie McClurkin of Oakdale, who is always so generous with her
splendid talent, on such occasions. After the sermon a congregational
meeting was held and the congregation voted unanimously authorizing and
directing the trustees of the congregation to legally convey the entire
property, as originally bequeathed to the congregation, to the newly
elected board of directors, as a permanent burying ground.
Source: Nashville Journal, Nashville, Illinois; 1 June 1911
Furnished by : Mike Jones ©

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