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by m krieger on Aug-28th-04
"Jolliff - Caldwell marriage"
I would like to order a copy of a marriage record from Washington Co
from Aug 6, 1854 for Elijah Jolliff and Mary Ann Caldwell.
What address do I write to? Is there a form to fill out? How much is the fee for this?
If anyone can answer these questions,
I'd be delighted to hear from you. I am pretty new to this and appreciate any help.

by pioneer on Aug-11th-04
"Schuette, Schumacher, Siegmann families"
I am looking for any information on either a Chris or Henry Schuette who lived in or around New Minden or Hoyleton Illinois.
He was married to Louise nee Sander, Horntrup, Schuette, Lohoff.
They had 5 sons together, Henry, Christian, August, William, and John.
Would like to have family information about them as I am a direct descendant of Louise Sander.
I am also looking for information on Friedrich Christian Schumacher married to
Friedericke Brammeier and their children.
They settled in Nashville prairie. He had 9 brothers and sisters.
I am also looking for any information on the Siegmann family that made their home around the Plum Hill area.
Fred and Henrietta Siegmann, or Henry and Caroline nee Thorman Siegman.
I am interested in family stories, and pictures of all of these families if any still exist.
I am a direct descendant through my Grandmother Caroline Siegmann.
Her mother was a child of Fred Schumacher.

by Patrick Logan on Aug-4th-02
1. "James R GUY and Charity A MAXWELL"
I research the James R. GUY and Charity Ann MAXWELL family.
They are my 3rd Great Grandparents.
Patrick Logan

by jack on Aug-4th-02
2. "Re: James R GUY and Charity A MAXWELL"
In response to message #1
Pat -- I am aware of your research.
I have a few updates on the family of Nicholas GUY, Mae (GUY) WESTERVELT, and Harry GUY, from the 1920 Census.
A recent rehab of the small cemetery where Charity's husband was buried turned up no stone for her. --

by daubuchonon Aug-17th-03
looking for info on the following surnames from Wash Cty

by Frances on Mar-26th-04
"THOMAS J FOX 1870s Ashley PO"
I am seeking inf on descendants of Thomas J Fox who lived in this area from abt 1861-1878.
Married children who stayed in the area when he left were James/Mary Green Fox and Nancy Fox/William Green.
Children of James and Mary were Dora Fox Gaddis, Henry, Maggie, Alva, Walter, Willie, and Mattie.
The only child I have for Nancy and William is Martha.
I am working on a book to honor the memory of my husband's mother, Connie Fox Chancellor.

by ira mcclure on Jan-6th-04
looking for information on JOHN A. MCCLURE and MARIAN C.(GRAHAM) MCCLURE
they were married in washington county JANUARY,1,1889.
JOHN MCCLURE died in 1934,

by Gale F. Red on Jan-17th-03
"Looking for Confederate Veterans in Washington County"
My name is Gale Red, and I am the Commander of the Illinois Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
We are trying to find all the graves of known Confederate veterans who are buried in Illinois.
So far, over 12,000 men have been found, most (about 11,500) are buried in the five national cemeteries at
Alton, Camp Butler, Rock Island, Oakwoods (Chicago), and Mound City.
However, we have found more than 500 so far scatterd in almost all counties of IL.

So far, we have found only a few of our veterans in Washington County,
but think it is possible someone will know of some others.
They are:

Greenwood Cemetery, Nashville, IL:
MITCHEL, Samuel, Pvt., Army, Conf. under Gen. Johnson, d. 22 Feb 1917, L 279, B 7, -

Masonic Cemetery, Nashville, IL:
BENNETT, George, , Army, Conf., d. 1887, -
GABBERT, James, , Army, Conf., , L 5, B 16, - (prob. KY or AL)
RICKMAN, Joshua N., Pvt., Co. A, 9th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, d. 22 Nov 1907, L 22, B 23, -

We are hoping to find the graves, indentify the indivuals, collect biographical and service information on them,
and eventually be able to place military markers on all the graves of those who don't have them.
We would also like to perform memorial ceremonies for them if we can find living descendants who are interested.
As you can imahgine, this is a very large task.
If you know of any Confederate veterans buried anywhere in the state,
please contact me with whatever information you can provide.
We will be very grateful for any assistance in trying to find and honor these soldiers.

Gale F. Red
galered@yahoo.com or gf3smred@peaknet.net

by buckngeri on Nov-9th-03
2. "Re: Looking for Confederate Veterans in Washington County"
In response to message #1
My great grandfather William J. Rogers, a Civil War Veteran is burried in Washington County
and two of my cousins live nearby. I will email them a copy of your message.
They have the name of the cemetary and know where ther gravesite is located.

by damcallister on Nov-17th-03
"Re: Looking for Confederate Veterans in Washington County"
In response to message #1
My great grandfather Elkanah T. Mitchell was born in June 1845 Tennessee and served in the Confederate army.
He and his wife Eliza lived in southern Illinois at least from 1874 when they were married in St Clair county.
I believe they are buried in Washington, St Clair or Randolph county.
I am trying to find them! He was great friends with my other ggfather Alexander McAlister who fought for the North
and is buried in the same area.
sorry I couldn't help more. Thank you for undertaking this project. It is a great idea!

by damcallister on Nov-17th-03
I am looking for information on Alexander McAlister or his father of the same name.
Alexander (junior) married Nancy Agnes Boyd from Pilot Knob in 1870.
Nancy previously ran a stop on the Underground RR and Alexander served in the Union army.
I have a picture of a crowd of relatives from Oakdale taken in 1918.


by watsongenealogy on Nov-15th-03
Looking for information on the Ayres and Watson families living in Washington county in the mid 1800's.
Dennis Watson and wife Judea Ayres. His parents John Watson and Rebecca Russel.
Her parents James W. Ayres and Elizabeth Carr. They lived in Elkton township.

by tdavis66 on Oct-5th-03
"Montgomery/Predom Marriage ca 1880"
Looking for information relating to a ca 1875 Washington County marriage between
John Wm Montgomery and Mary Ann (Myra) Predom.
The couple had the following children before divorcing ca 1895:
Matilda Avis, Elmer Ellsworth, Elizabeth Olivia, William Theodore, and Susan Evelyn.
Mary Ann subsequently was married to fnu Hildreth and resided in St. Louis, Mo.

by ty young on Sep-28th-03
"Young, Hampton, Bilderback,McBride,McCormick,Gray,Black"
I'm currently searching for information on my grandfather William Meyer Young b. 1868/9 d.1936
Lived in Oakdale,Elkton,Lively grove, Plum Wash Co. areas (not sure which town.)
After Marrying Flora Viola Hampton, who was b.1880 d.1936 Daughter of Andrew C Hampton & Mary Jane Franklin.
They moved to St Clair Co. Marrisa and had the following children who livied,
Stella Young - Married a Williams in Randolph Co.
Wilford(aka Jack)Young Married a Kereven, June, Hays & Lane & Vesta ?
Carsel Young
Leonard Young
Hartley Young

William was raised by a family named Black in the same area
In his obit. He was visiting William Black
at his old home near Oakdale/Elkton/Plum area when he had a heart attack and passed away 12 days after his wife did.
He was buried in Marissa Cemetery beside his wife and cousins John R McBride & Alpha R (McBride)White.
The story told - left as a orphan by indians to be raised by the Black Family,
but I have been stumped on who his parents might of been?
Please reply if you know any of the names mentioned in this post.
Thank You
Ty Young

by Donnell on Mar-13th-03
"Gerhard STOLTE"
Hello folks! I have volunteered in St. Clair County for a few years and will gladly help anyone with files
and info in the Belleville library.
I know that the area around Venedy is also sometimes found in St. Clair and sometimes in Clinton counties.

Now to the question --
My best friend has asked me to help find her family and I found a small article about the murder of her g g grandfather,
Gerhard Heinrich STOLTE in the Belleville Democrat - weekly -- in 26 May 1886.
It briefly stated that he was hosting a "ball" at his home in Venedy and was killed by a neighbor ("a cooper").
My friend has heard through the years that Gerhard's wife, Gesina Bruns (from parish marriage records in St. Libory),
died before him and that after his death his several children were scattered and raised in different homes with no contact
between them. We only have records on Gerhard's son, Heinrich Gerhard Stolte.
I would appreciate any help with this man and would particularly like to hear from anyone who can tell me about a
newspaper of that time (for an obit or more on the murder) or another descendant of this family.
I will gladly share and will also help with St. Clair County, if you wish.
Thank you.
--- maestrowz@aol.com -- Donnell

by madmiss on May-3rd-03
Looking for additional information on James Eden showing on the 1820 Census.
Trying to connect Wiley Eden b 1820 as one of his children.

by B J Reynolds on Jan-19th-03
"Daniel and Thomas MAXWELL families"
I am a descendant of Daniel and Solomon Maxwell. We have most of the children of Daniel, etc.
My sister lives just south of the Maxwell cememtery.
I'm not sure how much we can send via e-mail, but if you have some questions, maybe I can fill in some.
I noticed another note on Charity Guy. Did you check out the web site for the Old Bethel Cemetery by Swanwick
It opened up about 1865 and a number of my grandmothers are buried there without their husbands.
I have the list, & I will try to check to see if she is there. But I remember seeing her name somewhere.
Her father was my grandfather also. Her older, half sister Elizabeth married John McAnulty.
Elizabeth is also in the Bethel Cemetery.

by jack on Apr-22nd-03
2. "Re: Daniel and Thomas MAXWELL families"
In response to message #1
I am a descendant of Solomon MAXWELL via his son, Malcom G MAXWELL, Sr.
Together with several other "cousins" I have been amassing data on all known descendants of
Thomas MAXWELL, the elder, late of TN, via his seven known heirs -- vis,
Solomon, John, Daniel, Thomas, Elizabeth (md Meshack HAILE), Keziah (md Evan RUSHING, Rbt TAYLOR, Abner STEED),
and Jemima (md Jno KING).
Of these seven, John and Keziah remained in TN, while the others settled in Southern IL
Counties of Jackson, Perry, Randolph, and Washington.
I would be delighted to exchange information on this clan,
but would prefer doing so by e-mail, or snail mail, rather than this forum.
Anyone having information that links to these MAXWELL family members is invited to share same.

by maestro on Mar-13th-03
"Papers - 1886 - Stolte, Bruns"
Sorry, but I would like to get a larger response and forgot to add both surnames and my specific request
for the name and possible access to a paper for the county of that time.
Please see my message under STOLTE for complete details.
Thank you.


2003-2007 Wayne Hinton

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