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Hoyleton Orphan's Home
Hoyleton, Illinois

A church committee of the Zion Evangelical Church in Hoyleton, Illinois and an Orphan's Home Association established the Hoyleton Orphan's Home in 1895, using propetry of a former seminary.

Photo of original Hoyleton Orphans Home
Photograph courtesy of Frank Absher

Hoyleton Seminary 1
      In 1859, through the influence of the Central Railroad Comapny, the Hoyleton Seminary, situated in the town of Hoyleton, was erected by Bent & Miner. The building is now being used for public school purposes.
Hoyleton Evangelical Orphan Home 2
      Hoyleton's present Evangelical Orphan Home was established in the old seminary building, being dedicated on June 3, 1895. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Beckemeyer were the first orphan parents. The Indiana District joined the Orphans' Home District in 1903, making necessary the addition of two wings across the end of the building. The renovated and redecorated home was rededicated on Sept. 27, 1903. The Evangelical Orphans Association was organized to take care (legally) of the many children seeking admittance to the institution. The Iowa District joined in 1911.
      On June 15, 1915 the home was totally destroyed by fire, and the children were cared for by various townspeople until the present structure was built. The name later changed to Child Welfare Association.
Hoyleton Orphans Home, 1968
      Beginning as an orphanage, the Hoyleton Children's Home today is a specialized care home for neglected and dependent children. C. H. Struckmeyer served as superintendent from 1939 to 1952, followed by R. W. Bickham, (1952 to 1959); Gary W Dersch, from 1959 until 1961. Rev. Kurt W. Simon started as superintendent on September 13, 1961.


Hoyleton Orphan's Home
Photograph courtesy of Don Gross ©


Hoyleton Orphan's photo
Evangelical Orphan Home
Hoyleton, Ill.
Photograph courtesy of Don Gross ©


Agnes Weers and her siblings, Matilda (Tilie), Angeline (Angie), Alfred (Al), and Josephine (Jo), were at this orphanage during the 1920 cenus.

The building in 2008
2008 photo of building originally Hoyleton Orphans Home
Photograph courtesy of Marsha L. Ensminger © 2008
From the back (east) side.
The home seems to be quite the local industry.
They've added a new office-looking building (to the right).

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