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Pensioners on the Roll
January 1, 1883, Volume III,
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883

Contributed by Mike Jones

Name of pensioner Post-office address Cause for which
Monthly rate
Pohler, Jno Addieville wd. r. thigh 4.00  
Gaebe, Wm do wd. l. shoul. & back 6.00  
Jones, Thomas Ashley ch. diarr. & injury to abd. 6.00  
Brasiel, Robt do ch. diarr. & partl. paralysis 12.00  
Bledsoe, Wm J do inj. to abdomen 4.00  
Brooks, Wm H do wd. r. wrist 4.00  
Meffert, Valentine do diarr. & scurvy 8.00  
Grimshaw, Owen do g. s. w. neck 6.00  
Smith, Jno L Ashley injury of back 4.00  
Fox, Joseph do chr. laryngitis 8.00  
Dickerman, Oliver A do wd. r. hip 16.00  
Wm M Bishop do asthma 24.00  
Flanans, George do pistol shot l. leg 4.00  
Dillingham, Jas T do dis. lungs 8.00  
Page, Wesley do chr. diarr 14.00  
White, Willis do wd. l. thigh 4.00  
Howe, Hiram H do lance wd. l. arm 16.00  
Woodrome, Elizabeth do dep. mother 8.00  
Conner, Eliza C do widow 8.00  
Cox, Mary do do 8.00  
Coffell, Mary J do do 8.00  
Dickerman, Mary Ann do dep. mother 8.00  
Alexander, Nancy do do 8.00  
Harris, Ellen do do 8.00  
Goodaker, Lucinda N do widow 10.00  
Norton, James H do chr. diarr 4.00  
Clark, Luthera do widow 8.00  
Shelton, Alvey do frac. r. hand 3.00  
Erbe, Philip Beaucoup wd. r. thi. & neck 10.00  
Jettons, Jno. J Dubois g. s. wd. r. leg 2.00  
Blakely, Leonidas L do g. s. wd. l. hand 2.00  
Page, Jerome B do wd. r. shoulder 4.00  
Ramminger, Chas. H do frost bite of feet & legs 2.00  
Payton, Wm do wd. l. foot 4.00  
Zettler, Geo do w. r. thi., injury to abdomen 12.00  
Cowan, Masback do minor of 10.00  
Reuter, Phillip Elkhorn rheumatism 8.00  
Koelling, Henry Hoyleton wd. forehead 8.00  
Armstrong, Jane Irvington widow 8.00  
Anson, Lucinda do dep. mother 8.00  
Boyd, Thomas H do wd. l. thigh 6.00  
Henry, Elihu H Nashville wd. r. knee 20.00  
Given, Wm do wd. l. should 10.00  
North, Rob't do wd. r. leg 6.00  
Smith, Wm H do wd. r. hip 14.00  
Carrick, Rob't M do wd. shoul., resec. humerus 18.00  
Lane, Wm do wd. rt. leg 6.00  
Locher, Joseph do artic. rheu., ch. diarr. 18.00  
Belster, Fred'k do wd. l. hand 6.00  
Dennis, John W do wd. l side & hip 6.00  
Krughoff, Louis do wd. head 10.00  
Elwood, Solomon M do loss r. leg 24.00  
Stewart, Josiah do dis. of heart 12.00  
Wetzel, Denis do ch. diarr 4.00  
Bayer, Jno do wd. both arms rt. side 4.00  
Rountree, Hiram N do loss l. index finger 3.00  
Burnet, Amos do wd. head & l. ear 4.00  
Hay, Daniel do rheumatism 10.00  
Gerskemper, Chas do wd. l. thi., result vari. veins 8.00  
Pool, Martin do dis. brain from sunstroke 4.00  
Carter, Wm. D do rheu., heart dis 17.00  
Reynolds, Isaac do lung dis. from measles, heart dis 10.00  
Ellis, Geo. W do minor of 10.00  
Pearson, Sarah M do widow 12.00  
Redden, May E do do 24.00  
Sherwood, Anna M do do 8.00  
Slade, Catherine do do 8.00  
Adams, Thomas do g. s. w. rt. shoulder 31.25  
Wagaman, George do do 12.00  
Furby, Jeremiah G. do widow 8.00  
Gerfen, Fred'k New Minden wd. rt. arm 4.00  
Sparks, Wm. T do chr. diarr 4.00  
McAllister, Alex., jr. Oakdale wd. lower jaw 4.00  
Alexander, Wm E do chr. diarr., dis. lungs 8.00  
Boyd, Jno do wd. l. thigh 4.00  
Miller, Herman A do wd. l. foot 6.00  
Kennedy, Andrew T do g. s. w. left foot 12.00  
Luney, Jno do g. s. w. left thigh 6.00  
Torrens, Jas. M do g. s. w. r. arm 6.00  
Piper, Jno do g. s. w. r. foot 6.00  
Afner, Joe Okawville g. s. w. r. thi., lung dis. 8.00  
McKown, Chas do wd. r. thigh 4.00  
Kerksieck, Henry do wd. back 4.00  
Aliff Thos. J do wd. r. finger, tender cicatrix 4.00  
Tierney, Rich do wd. l. thi., r. hip 8.00  
Wilson, Levi Okawville dis. eye & lung from measles 6.00  
Baumgaertner, Fred'k do wd. r. foot 4.00  
Lehr, Jacob do injury to abdomen 8.00  
Witzemann, Jno do wd. head & back 8.00  
Singleton, Willis D do loss r. arm 18.00  
Nadler, Andrew do wd. l side neck, inj. spine 4.00  
Harvyman, Mary J do widow 10.00  
Mode, Catharine do do 8.00  
Middleton, Christina E do do 8.00  
Reed, Willis do wd. left hip 6.00  
Merrill, Andrew J do wd. left arm 14.00  
Holtzgang, Joseph do do 4.00  
Schrider, Catharine Richview dep. mother 8.00  
Shanks, Susan do do 8.00  
Jackson, Elizabeth do do 8.00  
Lindsey, Sarah B do widow 18.00  
Pate, Jno do inj. l. leg 8.00  
Houston, Jno do wd. lt. leg 8.00  
Martin, Thos. J do wd. l. ankle & hand 12.00  
Smith, Jno do total blindness 72.00  
Brejot, Jean J do lung dis 24.00  
House, Stephen J do inj. l. breast, dis. lungs 24.00  
House, Peyton S do inj. legs from scald. 2.00  
Walker, Wm. P do chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis. 6.00  
Willoughby, Thos do incised wd. l. hip 4.00  
Moore, Wm. T do wd. r. leg. inj. to back, partl.
paral. low. extrem.
McDonald, Jas. S do dis. heart & dis. of abd. vis. 8.00  
Idoux, Nicholas C do wd. face 18.00  
Reed, Lydia do widow 8.00  
Wright, Susan A do widow 1812 8.00  
Dinsmore, Sarah do dep. mother 8.00  
Ingram, Henry P do chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis. 15.00  
Blume, Fred'k A Venedy wd. l. leg, l. side head .......  
Rudolph, Charles do wd. lower jaw & r. thigh 12.00  



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