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Amos Wesley Downes
Civil War Documents
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Amos Wesley Downes
The son of Charles F. & Margaret (nee Lively) Downes
Born on May 21, 1844 in Washington County, Illinois
Military Service : Civil War
      Company F, 49th Illinois Infantry Volunteers
Married Sarah Ann Wright on March 7, 1866 in Jefferson County, Illinois
Occupation : Farmer
Died on August 9, 1921 in Illinois
Buried in Richview Township Cemetery, Richview, Richview Township, Washington County, Illinois
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Amos & Sarah Downes Photo Amos Wesley Downes
Sarah Ann ( nee Wright ) Downes
Downes tombstone
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To All Whom It May Concern
      Know ye, That       Amos W. Downes       a       Sergeant       of Captain       John A. Logans      
Company ("F",)       49th       Regiment of       Ills Infantry Veteran       Volunteers who was
enrolled ^ as a Veteran on the       Fifteenth       day of       January       one thousand eight hundred and
      Sixty-Four       to serve       Three       years or during the war, is hereby DISCHARGED from the service of the United States, this       Ninth       day of      September       , 186 5 at       Paducah Kentucky       by reason of       being mustered our under Morisons G. O. No. 94 A G O May 15 1865      
( No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist. *)
      Said       Amos W. Downes       was born in       Washington Co.       in the State of       Illinois      , is
      Twenty       years of age,       Five       feet       Seven       inches high,       Fair       complexion,
      Blue       eyes,       Light       hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a       Farmer      
      Given at       Paducah Ky       , this       Ninth       day of       September       , 186 5
* This sentence will be erased should there be anything
      in the conduct or physical condition of the soldier
      rendering him unfit for the Army
SEP 21 1865
Battalion U. S. Army
      J. B. Shaw      
      Captain, A C U      
Commanding the Reg't
D. W. / Y      
John A. Logan
      Capt. Co. "F" 49 Ills. Vet Vols,

Marriage License
Mr.       Amos W. Downes      
M       Sarah A. Wright           
Issued       Feb. 24       1866      
Married       March 1st       1866      
Filed                   19 
      C. H. Patton      
Registered       March 12       1866      
On Page                   of Marriage Register
State Board of Health Register

Amos & Sarah Downes Marriage License
Department of the Interior           
Pension Office                
      Feb. 27       , 186 8
Sir :
      In the case of       Amos W. Downes       , late       Sergt       Co.       F       ,       49       Regiment
      Ills Vols -       it is respectfully requested that you furnish this Office whatever evidence the rolls of said Regiment may afford as to the applicant's service, disability, and discharge. He alleges that he was wounded at the battle of       Fort Donelson       on the       13       day of       Feby 1862       , and was discharged on the       9       day of       Sept 1865.      
Respectfully yours,
Joseph D. Barnett                 
      Adjutant General, U. S. A., Washington, D. C.

Adjutant General's Office
      Washington, D. C.
                              July 29       , 186 8 .
Sir :
      I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No.
      131,240       , and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.
      It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that       Amos Downs       was enrolled on the       27"       day of       Nov       , 186 1 , at       Richview       in Co.       "F"       ,       49"       Regiment of       Illinois       Volunteers, to serve       3       years, or during the war, and mustered into service as a       Private       on the       31"       day of      Dec.       186 1 , at       Camp Butler, Ills       in Co.       "F"       ,       49"       Regiment of       Illinois       Volunteers, to serve       3       years, or during the war. On the Muster Roll of Co.   "F"    of that Regiment, for the months of       Jany + Feby       186 2 , he is reported       His name appears without any remark. Muster Roll for March + April 62 report him "Absent sick in Hosp'l at Pittsburg Landing." M. O. roll dated Sep 9 / 65 reports him Amos W. Downes, Vet. 1" Sergt "Present & mustered out with the Co."
           I am Sir very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
      Sam Preck           
Assistant Adjutant General
The Commissioner of Pensions,
                 Washington, D. C.

( Stamped )
Return To
J. Merriam,
U. S. Pension Agent
Chicago, Ill.
Certificate No.       97038      
Name       Amos W. Downes      
  Department of the Interior,
Bureau Of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.       January 15       189 8
Sir :
      In forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly payment please favor me by returning this circular to him with replies to the questions enumerated below.
 Very respectfully, 
H. Clay Evans                        
Commissioner of Pensions
First. Are you married?   If so, please state your wife's full name and her maiden name.
Answer.   yes,   Sarah A. Downes., pre Wright  
Second. When, where and by whom were you married?
Answer.   S. S. Walker   Jefferson Co Ills  
Third. What record of marriage exists?
Fourth. Were you previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.
Answer.   no  
Fifth. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and dates of their births.
Answer.     Charles W.    Sarah S.    Amos A.    Martha J.    John W.    Rufus N.  
Date of reply,       July 4       , 189 8
      Amos W. Downes      

Act of May 11, 1912

Cert. No.       970 38     
Name,       Amos W. Downes     
Service,       Company F 49      
                      Illinois Infantry      

Department Of The Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington D. C., January 2, 1915
      Sir : Please answer, at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below. The information
is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your widow or children. Use the inclosed
envelope, which requires no stamp.
Very respectfully,
G. M. Saezgabere      
                RICHVIEW, ILL.
U. S. Pension Office
Apr 2, 1915
No. 1. Date and Place of birth?  Answer.   Richview   Washington Co Ills
The name of organization which you served?  Answer.   Co. F. 49 Ills Infty N. V.  
No. 2. What was your post office at enlistment?  Answer.   Richview   Washington Co Ills  
No. 3. State your wife's full name and her maiden name.  Answer.   we were married by Rev. S. S. Walker  
No. 4. When and by whom were you married?  Answer.   Sarah A. Downes formerly Wright  
No. 5. Is there any official or church record of your marriage?       no      
If so, where?  Answer.           
No. 6. Were you previously married? if so, state the name of your former wife, the date
of the marriage, and the date and place of her death or divorce.  Answer.   no  
No. 7. If your present wife was married before her marriage to you, state the name of her
former husband, the date of such marriage, and the date and place of his death or divorce, and state
whether he ever rendered any military or naval service, and, if so, give name of the organization in
which he served. If she was married more than once before her marriage to you, let your answer
include all former husbands.  Answer.          
No. 8. Are you now living with your wife, or has there been a separation?
 Answer.   We have lived together continuously Since March 1, 1866. Sarah S. Charles W.  
No. 9. State the names and dates of birth of all your children, living or dead.  Answer.           
        Sarah S. Apr. 6, 1867               Amos A. Feb. 25, 1869      
        Charles W. Sept. 19, 1868               Mary M. Sept, 1871      
        Victoria J. Feb. 8, 1874               Martha J. Apr. 6, 1876      
        John W. July 4, 1878               Ella M. Dec. 29, 1879      
        Ora A. Apr. 23, 1882               Enoch A. Sep. 17, 1884      
        Rufus N. Nov. 27, 1886               Flosie M. Sept. 25, 1888      
Date   March 30, 1915   Signature   Amos W. Downes  

Act of May 1, 1920,
Declaration For Widow's Pension
L. C.
Number       970 38      
Soldier       Amos W. Downes      
Service,       F 49 Ill Iny     
Law Division
Oct 5, 1921

Declaration For Widow's Pension
Act of May 1, 1920

State of       Illinois      , County of       Washington       ss :
      On this      Third      day of      October     , 192 1 , personally appeared before me,      Notary Public      within and for the County and State aforesaid,      Sarah A. Downes      , who being duly sworn by me according to law, declares that she is    71    years of age and that she was born      October 11th      , 1 849
at      Richview Washington County Illinois     .
      That she is the widow of      Amos W. Downes      , who enlisted      November 29th, 1861     
at      Richview Ill      , under the name of      Amos W. Downes      as a      Private      in
     Company F 49th Inf't Illinois and re-enlisted as a veteran      and was honorably discharged        , 1 865 , have served ninety days or more, or was discharged for or died in service of a disability incurred in the service and in the line of duty, during the CIVIL WAR.
      That he also served      in said Company as First Lieutenant from Dec. 11th 1864 to Dec. 31 - 1864     .
      That she was married to said soldier (or sailor)      March 1st , 1866      under the name
     Sarah A. Wright      , at      near Richview Ill      by      Levi S. Walker      ; that she had      not      been previously married; that he had      not      been previously married, and that neither she nor said soldier (or sailor) was ever married otherwise than as stated above.
      That said soldier (or sailor) died      August 9th, 1921      , at      Richview Washington Co. Ill.      and that she was      not      divorced from him; and that she has      not      remarried since his death.
      That the following are the ONLY children of the soldier (or sailor) under sixteen years of age, who are now living, namely :
     No children under sixteen years of age     
      That she has      not      heretofore applied for pension, the number of her former claim being          ; that said soldier (or sailor) was a          pensioner, the number of his pension certificate being      97038     
      That she makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the ACT OF MAY 1, 1920.
      { Two attending and identifying witnesses }
(1)      John Tayler     
           Irvington, Illinois     
(2)      E. H. Martin     
           Richview, Ill.     
     Sarah A. Downes              
     Richview, Illinois              
     Washington County         
     Subscribed and sworn to before me this     3rd      day of      October     , 192 1 , and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration were fully made known and explained to the applicant before swearing, including the words      none      erased, and the words      none      added; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
     C. J. Sooper     
     Notary Public     
My commission expires June 26, 1925
Record Division
Oct 6 1921

           RICHVIEW ILL
908964            MAY WID
           Cert. No.           
Class          SEC W   
           , 192  
      In the above-described case a declaration filed
in this Division indicates that said pensioner died
           , 192  
Chief, Record Division
      Feb 23 1929       , 192  
      The name of the above-described pensioner who was last paid at the rate of $       40       per month to       Jan 4 1929       , 192   , has this day been dropped from the roll because of       death      
      Jan. 29, 1929.      
O. J. Randall                 
Chief, Finance Division

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