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Washington County, Illinois
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Photo Album
Washington County, Illinois
Photographs furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
unless otherwise noted.
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Unknown Photo

Handwritten listing on back of photograph
Mrs. Phibbs
Mrs. Wilson (CD)
Mrs. Kendrick (School Teacher)
Mrs. Henderson (Corshester)
Mrs. Balk_ _ _
Swedlisel girl
Five women of Ashley
Five Women of Ashley
1. Mildred Briesacher
2. Marie Green
3. Mrs. Phillips
4. Francis R. Schindilar
5. _ _ _ _ _
Group of 9 photo
Back Row - Standing
1. Unknown Cortelyon
2. Unknown Hartley
3. Unknown Morgan
4. Unknown Hartley
  Front Row - Seated
5. J. McCoy
6. Unknown Seidensluch
7. Unknown Sherman
8. Arvena Tucker
9. R. Robinson
Andrew & Ellen Barrett
Andrew & Ellen Barrett
Omar D. Bierman photo
Omer Dale Bierman
The son of Omer Gilbert & Helen Mary (nee Ladwig) Bierman
Born on January 2, 1933 in Wamac, Clinton Co., Illinois
Died on February 7, 2010 in Irvington, Washington Co., Illinois
Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Centralia, Marion Co., Illinois
John & Robert Brown photo
John & Robert Brown
John & Laura Greathouse
John Greathouse, Jr. & (2nd wife)
Laura Etta Lemon
Eula photo
( ? Eula Hilsewick ? )
Fr. William Kane
Fr. William Kane
at Priest's Home
St. Louis, Missouri
Julia Limki
Julia Limki
Frances & Gail Logan
Frances & Gail Logan
Bucky & Gretchen
Bucky McCoy & Gretchen
Mary McKenzie
Mary McKenzie
At the age of 95 years
Elsie Miller
Elsie Miller
Frank Moss
Frank Moss
Elmer and Frances Newcomb
Elmer Newcomb
Frances Tarr
On their Wedding Day
November 5, 1933
Group of four photo
Doris Watson
Horace Johnson
Fay Watson Johnson
Stanley Berry (was Ashley banker)
Ed Watson
Ed Watson
Spanish-American War
Joel Watson
Joel P. Watson
Lena Watson
Mrs. Henry Watson
Lena Watson
Lena Watson
circa late 1800s
Fanny Watson & Friends
Fanny Watson
Unknown Margaret Paro - cousin
Unknown Margaret Wilson - aunt
Sadie Watson
Sadie Watson
Fredia Wilson
Fredia Wilson
Harriet Wilson and Daughter
Harriet Wilson and Daughter
Lucien Wilson
Lucien Wilson
Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson
Shanks women
Ida Shanks
Bessie Gilpin
Gail Watson
Mayme Watson Seibert
Ruth Stevenson
Lena Watson
Ashley, Illinois
circa 1900
Trix Spencer
Trix Spencer
Thon group
Fred Thon - Lou Watson - Joel Watson
Jack Barber - Eula Hilsewick -- Tillie Schultz - Julia Thon - Helen Cameron - Gail Watson - Frank O'Bryant
Mary Gyles Thon
Mary Gyles Thon
Mary Gyles tintype
Mary Gyles
"tintype photo"
Married Fred Thon

      "Tintype" is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a sheet of iron metal (there is no actual tin used) that is blackened by painting, lacquering or enamelling and is used as a support for a collodion photographic emulsion. Photographers usually worked outside at fairs, carnivals etc. The tintype is resilient and does not need drying, photographs can be produced only a few minutes after the picture is taken.

Washington County, Illinois
 3 World II men in Hawaii   Photograph was taken in Hawaii
Left - Unknown
Center - William "Bill" Cortalyow
Right - Jack Woodrome

Friday, September 25, 1936
1921 merchandise receipt T. W. BROWN
Dealer in General Merchandise
                Ashley, Ill., July 16, 1921
C. A. Barrett
Coil Oil

Friday, September 25, 1936
1936 Kroger advertisement 1936 Kroger advertisement


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