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Estate Sale,
from the Probate Records of Ross J. Guthrie,

Washington County, Illinois

Transcribed by Mike Jones

Articles SoldName of PurchaserAmount of Sale
PitcherMrs. R.J. Dempsy0.10
PitcherMrs. T.B. Hale0.10
DishDanny Gass0.05
Five Cups and SaucersLem Logan0.35
Four Cups and SaucersBenny Gass0.15
Set of PlatesMrs. Jerry Rice0.10
Two DishesFred Sharkowski0.05
Dish and PlatesDanny Gass0.25
Dish and BowlT.W. Hutchings0.15
50 lb Sack of FlourT.W. Hutchings1.35
Stand TableBenny Gass0.65
LampMary Gladson0.20
Two LampsT.W. Hutchings0.25
GlassJohn Dempsy0.35
Large LampEtta May Guthrie0.10
BooksJohn Dempsy0.25
BookEtta May Guthrie0.25
Blank bookRobert Carrick0.80
BookT.W. Hutchings0.10
Spring CotT.W. Hutchings1.15
Iron bedsteadJack Logan2.70
Six quarts can fruitMary Gladson0.60
Six cans berriesJack Logan0.60
Five Cans JamT.W. Hutchings0.35
Six cans berriesHugh Callaway0.40
Two Jars JellyHugh Callaway0.40
Three cans berriesT.W. Hutchings0.35
Two cans JellyHugh Callaway0.50
Two cans JellyEtta May Guthrie 0.20
Box with Seeds etc.Reuben Logan0.10
Carpet and ComfortGeo. Maxwell1.90
Old CarpetBenny Gass0.55
Wash StandBenny Gass2.00
DresserJames B. Logan6.25
Three Window ShadesRobert Carrick0.25
Rocking ChairReuben Logan0.85
Three old ChairsFred Sharkowski0.35
Rocking ChairsJack Logan0.55
Ceiling and lumberWm. Carson1.80
Axe and ForkHugh Callaway0.25
Rake and HoeJerry Rice0.25
Cedar churnCassander Burk0.35
Cross cut SawHugh Callaway0.25
Box of Harrow teethLen Halbert0.15
BarrelT.W. Hutchings0.45
Ventilator etc.M. Shook0.25
Four Cans ApplebutterR.J. McElroy0.90
Three Cans ApplebutterAl Logan0.60
Counter or TableFred Hoffman0.40
Show caseFred Hoffman0.60
Show caseWm. Carson0.40
Iron KettleJohn Dempsy1.00
TrestlesWm. Carson0.10
Two BucketsM. Shook0.35
Two ChairsHugh Callaway1.00
Two chicken coops R.J. McElroy0.10
Feather BedT.W. Hutchings2.00
Feather bed and pillowsReuben Logan2.25
Quilt Sheet etc.Mary Gladson1.00
One quilt and comfortMary Gladson1.00
One ComfortJames Dempsy0.80
BarrelT.W. Hutchings0.25
BoardsZ.H. Rice3.96
Seventeen and 7/8 Bu. oatsJohn Carson6.40
Wire fenceSam Carson1.45
Thirteen Bu. oatsHugh Callaway4.80
Coal StoveReuben Logan (not settled)1.10
Buggy WhipHugh Callaway0.30
Eight Bales HayJack Logan3.30
Fifteen Bu. WheatHugh Callaway6.75
Thirteen Bu. 2 lbs. wheatFred Hoffman7.03
Buggy HarnessHugh Callaway6.00
Saddle Harnes etc. David Smith0.80
Hatchet etc.Geo. Seyler0.10
Cart and tiresMrs. J.W. Logan6.00
BuggyMorton Miller30.50
Cow and calfT.W. Hutchings30.75
Potato patchHugh Callaway2.50
Gray MareMrs. J.W. Logan116.50
ColtHugh Callaway65.00
Mail boxGeo. Maxwell 0.60
Fat HogZ.H. Rice8.75
Three HogsDavid Hill26.50
Wash MachineJack Logan0.25
Six Hens R.J. McElroy7.50
Three Hens and roosterR.J. McElroy4.25
Two RoostersDavid Hill1.25
One ChickenJ.M. Winfree0.35
Two RoostersLen Halbert1.25
Two RoostersE. McClurkin0.65
Two HensNipper Rohde1.80
Two HensLen Halbert1.00
Two Black ChickensFred Hoffman0.40
Two HensFred Hoffman1.20
Two RoostersFred Hoffman1.80
Two RoostersNipper Rohde1.75
Three HensDavid Hill3.25
Three HensLen Halbert1.80
Three HensWm. Carson2.50
Three HensWm. Carson2.25
Two HensE. McClurkin1.00
One RoostersDavid Hill1.35
Stock PeasFred Sharkowski1.25
BoxS.A. Reidelberger0.05
CornJohn Carson29.65

Names Listed:

Burk, Cassander
Callaway, Hugh
Carrick, Robert
Carson, John
Carson, Sam
Carson, Wm.
Dempsy [Dempsey], John
Dempsy [Dempsey], R.J., Mrs.
Gass, Benny
Gass, Danny
Gladson, Mary
Guthrie, Etta May
Halbert, Len
Hale, T.B.
Hill, David
Hoffman, Fred
Hutchings, T.W.
Logan, Al
Logan, Jack [Andrew Jackson]
Logan, James. B. [Bias]
Logan, J.W., Mrs. [James W.]
Logan, Lem
Logan, Reuben
Maxwell, Geo.
McClurkin, E.
McElroy, R.J
Miller, Morton
Reidelberger, S.A. [Silas] Rice, Jerry
Rice, Jerry, Mrs.
Rice, Z.H.
Rohde, Nipper
Seyler, Geo.
Sharkowski, Fred
Shook, M.
Smith, David
Winfree, J.M.


2006-2007 Wayne Hinton

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