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Bill of Sale,
Estate of Ross J. Guthrie,

Washington County, Illinois,
3 October 1904

Transcribed by Mike Jones

Articles Sold Name of PurchaserAmount of Sale
Cook Stove, Stove pipe & vessels Fred Sharkowski 5.00
Heating Stove   John Stern 3.00
Table Fred Sharkowski 1.60
Cupboard James Dempsy 3.00
Bread box John Stern 0.50
Oil Can Lem Logan 0.30
Lantern Jack Logan 0.35
Churn Jim Dempsy 0.50
Dishpan Jack Logan 0.45
Two Milk pans Wm. Frederking Jr. 0.10
Three Small pans Danny Gass 0.05
Two pans etc. Mary Gladson 0.20
Coffee pot and mill Lem Logan 0.10
Wash and Stewpans Mrs. R.J. Dempsy 0.25
Jar and Buckets Benny Gass 0.10
Bucket and Masher Mary Gladson  0.30
Lard Stand Geo. Maxwell 0.35
Jug etc. S.A. Reidelberger 0.10
Meat Saw Wm. Carson 0.50
Three Glasses  Mary Gladson 0.10
" " Hugh Callaway 0.15
Two Skillets " " " 0.35
Set of Knives and forks Lem Logan 0.60
Spoon Hugh Callaway 0.05
Glass Dish Lem Logan 0.15
" "  Hugh Callaway 0.25

Names listed in alphabetical order:

Hugh Callaway
Wm. Carson
James Dempsy
Jim Dempsy
Mrs. R.J. Dempsy
Wm. Frederking Jr.
Benny Gass
Danny Gass
Mary Gladson
Jack Logan
Lem Logan
Geo. Maxwell
S.A. Reidelberger
Fred Sharkowski
John Stern

Interested in corresponding with Logan and Gass researchers.
Mike Jones


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