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Probate Records of George Henderson,
Washington County, Illinois

Excerpted by Mike Jones

From "Letters of Administration," State of Illinois, Washington County

George Henderson of the County of Washington and State of Illinois, died intestate.....on
or about the 24th day of April A.D. 1883.....

Joseph Locker, Washington County, Illinois, was appointed administrator. Witness was
H.F. Reuter, Clerk of the County Court, dated 10 May 1883.

From "Warrant to Appraisers," Estate of George Henderson, Deceased, in County
Court, April Term, A.D. 1883

Robert Carrick, William Miller, and Marion Lee were appointed appraisers of the estate
of George Henderson. Robert M. Carrick, William Miller, and L.F.M. Lee signed the
"Oath of Appraisers." Alexander McAllister was Justice of the Peace. The oath was dated
2 June 1883.

"Appraisers' Estimate of the Value of Property Allowed to the Widow"
(the "Widow's Dower")
Note: The categories are specified as are three of the items: School Books and
Family Library ($100), Household and Kitchen Furniture ($100), and Other
Property ($100). The value of the remaining items is what the appraisers judged.

Items Dollars
The Family Pictures and the Wearing Apparel, Jewels and
ornaments of the widow and minor children
School Books and Family Library 100
One Sewing Machine   
Necessary Beds, Bedsteads and Bedding for widow and family 10
The Stoves and Pipe used in the family, with the necessary
Cooking Utensils
Household and Kitchen Furniture 100
1 Milch Cow and Cal (being one for every four members of the
6 Sheep and Fleeces (being two for each member of the family) 12
One Horse, Saddle and Bridle  50
Provisions for the widow and family for one year  50
Food for the Stock above specified for six months 25
Fuel for the widow and family for three months 50
Other property 100
Total $557

Robert M. Carrick and William Miller, appraisers, signed.

Survivors of George Henderson

"That the said deceased left him surviving Sarah Henderson as his widow,
having a dower interest in his real estate, and the following named children....."
George Henderson Jr.
David Henderson
Andrew Henderson
Robert Henderson
Eliza Henderson
Lettie Henderson
Jane Kerr
"all of legal age and no minor heirs"


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