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Washington County, Illinois
Pre-1910 Probate Records
Miscellaneous Records

Probate of Jasper N. Adams
Probate of Samuel, Sirella, & Thomas S. Maxwell

       	 	Probate of
			  "Jasper N. Adams"
	Washington County IL 			6 Feb 2000 
		Contributed for use by  Marci Lamar Kasen 2000 

To Jasper N. Adams and all to whom it may concern.
	You are hereby notified that we will at the July term 1869 of Washington
 County Court selling for the transaction of Probate business to be begun and 
held at the Court house in the town of Nashville in said county on the 3rd Monday 
in July next present one Petition to said Court to be released from further 
liabilities as securities on your bond as guardian of Melissa, Susan, Lucinda, and 
Nancy Summers, minor heirs of Thomas Summers, dec'd and for an order that 
you settle your accounts as such guardian.  When and where you can attend if 
you see fit to do so.  
June 4th AD 1869

					John M. Blair
					Isaac Dial

State of Illinois	John M. Blair one of the petitioners above named, 
Washington County	being duly sworn by oath says that on the 4th day of 
			June AD 1869, he served the above note on Jasper N. 
			Adams the defendant, by leaving a true copy thereof 
			with Elizabeth Adams, wife of said defendant and 
			reading the same to her and explaining the contents 
			of it to her, said Elizabeth being a white person over
			the age of ten years and a member of the family of 
			the said Jasper N. Adams.

				John M. Blair

       	 Probate of
			"Samuel Maxwell, 
			Sirella (nee Ragland) Maxwell 
			and Thomas S. Maxwell,"
	Washington County IL 			8 Feb 2000 
		Contributed for use by  Marci Lamar Kasen 2000 

Know all men by these presents that we Samuel Maxwell and Sirella his wife of
the County of Washington and State of Illinois for the consideration of twenty
dollars to therein hand paid by Thomas S. Maxwell of the County and State
affore said, do grant bargain and sell and confirm unto the said Thomas S.
Maxwell and to his heirs forever all his interest or legal heirs of the estate of
John Ragland dec'd of the county and state before mentioned to wit, the south
east quarter of the north west qr. Of section twenty three (23) in township two
(2) south of range four (4) west, lying and being in the county and state affore
said.  Also all his part of personal property or the proceeds thereof to the affore
said Thomas S. Maxewell his heirs and assigns hath granted bargained and sold
and bind thereof their heirs and assigns to warrant and defend the same from
the claim or claims of any other person or persons for ever, where unto we have
set to our hands and seals this 13th day of November in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred forty five.
						Samuel Maxwell  (seal)

						Sirella	  XX	Maxwell  (seal)


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