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Washington County, Illinois
Index for Pre-1910 Probate Records

The following information furnished by : 
			Marci Lamar Kasen, November 1999
	Alphabetized and typed by :
				Wayne & Marie Hinton

        Probate Index - I -

ICRR & Co.			vs.  	D Falkenburg Heirs	320
Ideaux, N.				N C M & Est.		275
Ilif, Paul				Adoption		231
Ill, Centr RR Co.		vs.  	Josie Janowski et al	271
Ill. Cent. RR Co.		vs.  	Wash. Co. 		252
Indendures, Asylum						111
Indenture Appr. Edna L. Allison					224
Indenture of C M Hawkins					186
Indenture of Herman H Burkuhl					119
Indenture of Rosa Krause					119
Indenture of Willie Huseman					119
Indenture, Appr. 			John Barkau		271
Indenture, Appr. (Zeigler, Anna)				196
Indenture, Appr. Conrad Stumpe					224
Indenture, Appr. Ralph Allison					224
Indenture, Lucy Cates			Estate			158
Indenture, Mary Koehler						178	
Indenture, Release of Above					178	
Indenture, of Franklin Daniels					186	
Indenture, Wm. Simpkins						172	
Indenture-L. Thurman to H H Meyer				185	
Indentures, Apprentices						108	
Indentures, Asylum						109	
Ingram, Jesse, et al		vs.  	John G Crabtree		 67	
Inman, Oscar			vs.  	Hy. Heinz		130	Attach
Inman, Oscar			vs.  	Hy. Heinz		156	Exec.
Inman, Oscar			vs.  	Hy. J. Heinz		167	
Inquest of Unknown man						134	
Inquests, A H Nichols			Inquest			130	
Irvington Mill Co.		vs.  	Chr. Rohman		176	Asspt
Irvington, 				Pet. To Divide		353	
Irvington, Town Organization					 97	
Isringhaus, H H			vs.  	E Krueger et al		252
Isringhaus, H H			vs.  	E Krueger et al		254
Isringhaus, Hy.				Estate			233
Isringhaus, Mary			Estate			232
Isringhaus, Wm. 			Estate			215

2000-2007 Wayne Hinton

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