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Index for Pre-1910 Probate Records

L E G E N D of Abbreviations

Prepared and furnished by :
   Marci Lamar Kasen, January 2000
adopt = adoption
adr = administrator
admr = administrator
adm'x = administator (female)
aff. = affidavit / sworn statement
app. = appeal / retry or reopen prior judgement
appl. = appeal
app't = appointment
assumpsi = assumption
assept = assumption
attach. = attachment to an earlier document
ats. or att. = attorney
bastardy = having to do with an out- of-wedlock child
bond = pledge or contract
cit = citation / summons or subpoena
claim't = claimant (person submitting application)
corr. = to correct
coll = collection
Co = county
confes = confession
cons = conservator / trustee or guardian
cont = contest or contestment
del = delinquent / overdue debt
et al = "and all" / whomever is involved in the case
est = estate
estate = personal property or land holdings
ex'r = executor
exec = executor / usually the trustee of the estate
exr = executor
guard = guardian
heirs = ones who are names in an inheritance
ind = indenture / binding aggrement or contract
inq = inquest or judicial inquiry
judg't = judgement
L & N R. R. = Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company
M = missing file
mag = magistrate / judge or officer
minor = under legal age
mun = municipal / community or public
N C M = non comptis mentis or senility
part = in part or partial
pet = petition
pet. con. = petition for conservator
r r co. = railroad company
surv = surveyor
tres. = trespassing
tresp = trespassing
twp = township
vs = versus / against
will = bequeath to ones named in document / personal wishes

replev = replevin
  definition of : "replevin" furnished by :
Barbara Heflin
IRAD Assistant Supervisor
Illinois State Archives
(217) 782-3645
        An action in replevin is a personal action ex delicto
brought to recover possession of goods unlawfully taken,
the validity of which taking it is the mode of contesting,
if the party from whom the goods were taken wishes to have
them back in species, whereas, if he perfer to have damages
instead, the validity may be contested by action of trespass
or unlawful distress.
The word means a redelivery to the owner of the pledge or
thing taken in distress.

2000-2007 Wayne Hinton

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