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Washington County, Illinois

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Probate Records for REUTER

of Washington County, Illinois

Probate Records       Box 122
From the research of Kathyrn Todd ©
No. _____________
County Court
Washington County, Illinois
In The Matter Of

        Sabert, J. H.        
   L. Reuter   ET AL   


Box 122
No. _____________
Scire Facias To Revive Judgment ===========================
        Washington         County
        County         Court
        July         Term, 18 85  
        Sabert, J. H.        
  Ludwig Reuter   and  
   Christian Schnitker   
Filed                                 18
Served by reading to the within named
  Ludwig Reuter    +  
   Christian Schnitker   
the      19      day of      June      18 85
Fees   2   Service           150
  24   Miles                    120
         Return                    10
   Chas. Gerstkemper     Sheriff
        by D. Adams    Deputy
   James A. Watts     Attorney
July 10, 1885
H. F. Reuter, Co. Clk.
State of Illinois,
  Washington    County
} ss.  
The People of the State of Illinois, to the Sheriff of said County ~~ GREETING :
      WHEREAS, at the   January   Term of the   County   Court of said County,
held in and for the County of   Washington   and State of Illinois, to wit on the   11th  
day of   January   A. D. 1876, before our said Court, then judicially sitting at the Court
House in   Nashville                                        , in said County,   J. H. Sabert  
by the judgment of the same Court, recovered against   Ludwig Reuter   and
Christian Schnitker      Three hundred and Ninety five

dollars and       75       cents for       his       damages which       he       had sustained, as
well by reason of the not performing certain promises and undertakings then lately made by the said
  Ludwig Reuter   and Christian Schnitker   to the
  J. H. Sabert  
as for       his       costs and charges by       him       about       said       suit in that behalf expended
whereof the said   Ludwig Reuter   and Christian Schnitker  
is convicted, as appears to us of record; and now on behalf of the said   J. H. Sabert  
in our said Court, we have been informed that although judgment be thereupon given, yet execution of
the damages and costs aforesaid still remains to be made to       him      , wherefore the said
  J. H. Sabert  
has besought us to provide       him       a proper remedy in this behalf, and we, being willing that
those things which are just and right should have a due execution,
      DO THEREFORE COMMAND YOU, that you make known to the said   Ludwig Reuter  
and Christian Schnitker  

that       before our said       County       Court of       Washington       County ,
on the first day of the next term thereof, to be holden at the the Court House, in   Nashville  
in said County, on the   13th   day of   July   next, to show, if   they  
have or know of any cause, why said   J. H. Sabert  
ought not to have   an   execution against   them  , of the damages and costs aforesaid,
according to the force, form and effect of the said recovery, if it shall seem expedient for   him  
so to do; and further to do and receive what our said Court shall consider of   them   in this behalf.
      And have you then and there this writ, with and endorsement hereon in what manner you shall
have executed the same.
  WITNESS   H. F. Reuter   Clerk of our said Court,
and the seal thereof, at   Nashville   aforesaid, this
  11th   day of   June   A. D. 18  85  
  H. F. Reuter   Clerk


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