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Military Pensions

Asa Carter Axley
a Civil War soldier

Furnished By : Anna

Asa Carter Axley
b. 17 Oct 1839 Washington County IL.
Hgt. 5' 10", Light hair & eyes.
44th Ill. Infantry, Company F.

Enlisted 1 July 1861 at Ashley, Ill.
Wounded at Battle of Chickamauga, gun-shot wound to left ankle.
Died 21 Dec 1863 in Bridgeport, Alabama.
Lived in Washington & Jefferson Counties.
On 17 Jun 1860, married, in Jefferson County, Sarah Caroline Severs/Tate,
      who was born 10 Mar 1848 in Washington Co.
One child, George W. Axley, born 28 Aug 1862 in Richview, Washington Co.
No previous marriages for either.

Sarah later married Samuel Reynolds and John P. Morgan.

Info from pension for George W. Axley:
      Pension filed 18 Jan 1887, granted Jun 12 1888,
      $8 per month for Jan 1867 - Aug 1878, paid in lump sum.
      E.J. Satterfield & W. Satterfield (witnessed signatures)
      Louis R. Gillson of Chicago (attorney)
      Andrew J. Casner & F.M. Nichols (knew Asa & George)
      Catherine Tate (knew Asa since he was a child,
      also his mother-in-law, present at birth of George W.)
      F.M. and Malinda Nichols (present at marriage of Asa & Sarah)

Info from pension for Sarah C. Axley/Morgan:
      Pension filed 10 May 1920,
      granted Nov 30 1920 at $30/month,
      increased to $50/month in 1926.
      Charles M. Roach, Woodlawn Postmaster (said Sarah's reputation was good)
      A.M. Bourland & A.P. Welborn (witnessed signatures)
      J.H. Watson, M.D.
            (knew Sarah over 50 years, attended at deaths of her last two husbands)
      James Troutt & Andrew M. Bourland (known Sarah since her childhood)

Sarah died Jun 1 1932 in Viola, Olmsted County MN
      and was removed from pension rolls 23 Jun 1932.

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