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The Nashville Journal
August 17, 1933

(Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwengels, Sr.)

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwengels, Sr.,
planned a surprise party for their 35th wedding anniversary
Friday evening and the grandchildren, great-grandchildren
and neighbors joined them and came in one procession numbering 86.
Two daughters, Mrs. Ida Blumhorst of Okawville and Mrs. Irwin
Klingenberg of Princeton could not be present.

Mr. Schwengels, all smiles, admitted that he had suspected
something a few days earlier in the week, but kept it quit, but
Mrs. Schwengels was completely surprised. All came prepared with
refreshments, including drinks, sandwiches, ice cream and cake.
The couple received a number of useful gifts and numerous
congratulations. "May the Heavenly Father bless the couple with
health and happiness and may all be able to gather again at a
greater anniversary."

Those in attendance were: Fred Fuke, jr., and family and John
Finke, jr., and family of Plum Hill, Henry Schwengels and family
of Addieville, Henry Nagel and family of Johannisberg, Hy . Steinkamp
and family of Stone Church, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schwengels and son Harlin,
Otto Blumhorst and family and Miss Erna Blumhorst of Okawville, Otto
Helms and family of Mascoutah, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Koch and daughter
Doloros of Vendy, Mr. and Mrs. John Ostendorf and son Alvin, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Schwengels, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eigenrauch, Mr. and Mrs. Rud.
Schwengels and son Rroland, Louis Helms, Wm.Blumhorst, sr., Fred
Blukmhkorst and family, Mrs. John Blumhorst, Emil Blumhkorst, Mr. and
Mrs. Emil Althkoff and son Aronld, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drosir and the
immediate family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Skchwengels and Mr. and Mrs Henry
Schwengels., sr., all of Plum Hill, George Hoeischer and family and Mr.
and Mrs. Oliver Hoelscher of near Cordes and Mrs. Wm. Donnerman and
daughter Makuripe, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Donnerman of here.

(Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brink)

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weihe, four and one half miles
south-east of New Minden, a large number gathered Wednesday evening
of last week and surprised Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brink, who were married
25 years ago. Mr. Brink is a teacher in the Lutheran school at Decatur.
Mrs. Brink was before her marriage Miss Lydia Sachtleoen. Both are well
known in Washington County.

Mr. and Mrs. Brink were spending their vacation at New Minden and relatives,
who conceived the idea of the surprise and sent out the invitations.
Those present were as follows. The hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weihe and
their family, Mrs. H. F. Sachtleben and son Paul. Mrs. Wm. Twenhafel and
son William Herman Sachtleben and family of East St. Louis, Wm. Sachtleben
and family, Aug. H. Sachtleben and family, Albert Sachtleben and family
of Chicago, Martin Twendafel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Weihe,
William Kraus and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Witie of St. Louis, Miss
Lauretta Brinkman, Arthur Weihe and family, Chas Unverfehrt and family
and A. Witte.

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