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      School History & Move into New High School 1955
      Schools of Nashville, Washington County, Illinois from the Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection

McKelvey School
Photograph Furnished by : Marci Lamar Kasen
located : West of Nashville on Illinois Route 15

Nashville Grade School
Nashville Grade School
Photograph Furnished by : Frank Absher
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Nashville Journal
Nashville, Illinois
June 28, 1956
Nashville Grade School being torn down in 1956
Photograph & Newspaper article Furnished by : Larry House
DOWN IT GOES -- the above Journal staff photo shows the razing of Nashville's 65 year old grade school which is now going on. At the time this picture was taken the entire inside had been gutted and as can be seen, part of the roof has been removed. Built in 1891, this building has echoed the patter of many young feet as a large number of our local residents learned their three R's in this building. But time marches on and when the new high school was completed the grade school moved into the former high school building and this structure was abandoned. Most local residents are happy to see it being torn down under the circumstances as it had become a town eyesore after all the windows were broken by young sharpshooters.

1902 or 1903 Nashville Grade School
Third Grade Class

1902 3rd Grade of Nashville School
Photograph Furnished by Jo House

1st Row, Left to Right :
Harry Frederking, Charlie Lincoln, Wesley Hahne, Roscoe Vernor, Charles Teel
2nd Row, Left to Right :
Ben Gorman, Fred Schroeder, unknown, Wm. Reuter, Julius Hassler, Bobby Teel, Roscoe McMillian
3rd Row, Left to Right :
Elaine Buhrmjan, Augusta Vernor, Wilma Henley, Elva Clemmons, Pearl Stoker, Louise Hahne, Virgie Burnett, Madge Sackett, Alma Karstens, Nannie Dennis, Mae Teel, Myrtle Reidelberger
4th Row, Left to Right :
Wilbert Hauck, _?_ Seyler, Kurt Weinlein. Epsie Gabbert, Addie Miller, Emily May Maude Sackett, Laura Rice, Ruby Wehmeyer, Irene Moore, Flossie McClay, Teacher, Miss Libby Wheeless
5th Row, Left to Right :
Charles Evilsizer, Marcus Carson, Hiram Evilsizer, Glen Lively, Rudolph Fox, Ethel Chandler, Kate Shelton, Ruth Ohrens, Sadie Henderson, Roy Laswell, Otto Bieser, Everett hahne, Herbert Fiene
      This picture sent to The Nashville News by Virgie Burnett, who said there are two or three whose names she had forgotten, but "to see the group, at the time picture was taken, surely brings back pleasant memories of that year."

1924 Nashville Grade School
Fourth Grade Class

1924 Nashville School
Photograph Furnished by Barbara Eufinger & Larry House
Nashville Grade School, 4th Grade, 1924
Front row:
William Earle, Archibald Heanes, Ben Kosmicki, Lawrence House, Raymond Brennecke, Gus Green, Floyd Habbe.
Second row:
Bessie Petrashek, Emma Rhine, Dorothy Finke, Sarah Brandhorst, Margaret Eade, Ethel McFeron, Lillian Ward, Gertrude Storck, Juanita Ahlf, Phyllis Burge, Fern Bridges, Alice Troutt, Alberta Meinert, Mary Arensmeyer, Ada Prasuhn (teacher).
Third row:
Ralph Schleifer, Helen Nickel, Marie McMillan, Dorothy Klamm, Ferol Habbe, Katie McElroy, Eva Burnett, Clara Pokorney, Bertha Povolish, Theresa Hylla, Annie Hylla.
Fourth row:
Fred Smith, Charles Gorman, Bugs Eye Matthew, Wayne Williams, Quentin Evilsizer, William Helmholt, Leo Grzegorek, Eddie Grzegorek, Richie Seyler."
On the back of the photo he also listed all of his grade school teachers, by grade:
(1) Jessie Lowry, (2) Jennie Hildebrand, Nell Truesdale, (3) Clara Cordes, (4) Ada Prasuhn, (5) Iola Seyler, (6) Ella Mueller, (7) Frieda Grommett, Rae Seibert, Ella Mueller, (8) Addie Woodrome.

1930 Nashville Grade School
Eighth Grade Class

1930 Nashville Grade School 8th grade class
Photograph Furnished by Jo House
Nashville Grade School, 8th Grade, 1930
Note : Picture is from an old newspaper (dated after 1981) found in a book
This appeared in the paper below the picture of 1930 graduates

1930 Graduates of Nashville Grade School
Pictured above is the Nashville Grade School 8th grade graduation class of 1930. The picture is courtesy of Alma (Wiese) Schwankhaus. The names were identified by Kathryn Thompson and Mrs. Schwankhaus. Several names could not be recalled.
First row, left to right: Joy (Chambers) Petersen; Helen Borchelt, deceased; Leona (Habbe) Nelson; Claudine Snyder, deceased; Marjorie (DeBoard) Crum; Betty (Kalbfleish) Gewe; Kathryn (Gilbert) Thompson; Billie (Kalbfleisch) Meinert; Florence Vogelpohl; Mildred (Struckmeyer) McFeron; Albert Rogers.
Second row, left to right: Wilbert Junge; Christy Finke; Floyd Williamson, deceased; Henry Reidelberger, deceased; Millard Reuss, deceased; Ella Mae (Frederking) Spitze; Louise Crouse; unidentified; Alma (Wiese) Schwankhaus; Marie (Lachtrup) Smith; Esther Pero; Wilbert Maschoff, deceased; Edmund Pokorney, deceased; James Akers; Emanuel Borchelt, deceased; unidentified; Alva Clark, standing behind; Alvin Ostendorf; Mrs. Ella Mueller, teacher.
Third row, left to right: Vivian (Frank) Kleinschmidt, deceased; Doris LaMar, deceased; Jane Rice, deceased; Jane (Thorp) Douglas; Naomi (Brandhorst) Smith; Elmer Toedte; Leo Porkorney; Alvin Lange, deceased.

unknown school class
Photograph Furnished by Jo & Larry House
School Class
The three girls sitting on front row - from right hand side :
Cornelia EHRICH  (Daughter of 'Doc' EHRLICH)
Dorothy Dee REUSS
  (Daughter of Oren BRANDIS / BRANDHORST)
The name was changed from BRANDHORST
to BRANDIS during her early years.
Amelia SMALL
(nee RIXMAN)

Nashville Grade School - Class Photo
Nashville Grade School, Class Photo
Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Larry & Jo House
Class Photo
possibly Schwiering School
Nashville Grade School, Class Photo
Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Larry & Jo House
Schwiering School
Schwiering School 1932
Schwiering School
Washington County, Illinois
April 25, 1932
  Schwiering School 1932 rear of postcard
Albert Zetzsche, teacher
August Schuetz
Vernon Mittendorf
Roy Schlechte
Donald Palek
Joe Flauas
Gladys Klingenberg
Bernice Mittendorf
Lorraine Lehde
Edna Finke
Mary Flauas
Raymond Siefeldt
Homer Mittendorf
Henry Flauas
Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Larry & Jo House
Class Photo
rear of postcard  
      Tillie Fulton Brammeier (teacher)
Thelma Wetzel Edwards
Virginia Caruth
Leonard Wetzel
Nannie Caruth
Madlyn Jack Meffort
Virdie Edwards
Laura Grear
Bertie Edwards
Lillian Spencer
Gladys Lyons
Ralph Ogelsby
Charles Foreman
Jimmy Povolish
Henshell Spencer
Roy Wetzel
Ella Gilbert
Waldo Finke
            Postcard addressed to :
            Mrs. J. W. Lehde
Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Larry & Jo House

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