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Freiderich Moritz Conrad Stinde
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Freiderich Moritz Conrad Stinde
      Friederich was born 19 July 1783 at Steinbeck near Hamburg, Germany. He was the first son born to Friederich Carl and Friederike Henrietta Ulrike ( Buck ) Stinde. His father was a Lutheran Minister.
      He studied law at Georg-August University of Gottingen beginning in 1804, and later became a lawyer and judge in Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, which at that time was part of Denmark. In 1812 Friederich married Maria Elisabeth Behrens at Itzehoe. The couple had 4 children, but the last child and Maria Elisabeth both died in 1819 from childbirth complications. Maria Elisabeth was only 23 years old.
F.M.C. & G. N. Stinde
Freiderich Moritz Conrad STINDE
Georgine Nicoline (nee Junker) STINDE
circa 1850
      The following year, 1820, Friederich married Georgine Nicoline Junker from Copenhagen. Georgine was the daughter of Georg Nicolaus Junker and Sussanna Magdalena Bergstrom. Her father was a former Battalion Surgeon in the military, but now deceased and her mother was now living in Friedericia, Denmark. In the next several years, from 1821 to 1832, the couple had 7 children, all while living in Itzehoe.
      In 1829 Friederich lost his house and furniture due to a fire, and even though he had insurance, for some unknown reason, it didn't pay. In 1831 he asked to become a High Court or Provincial Court Judge and in 1832 he was promoted from Lower Court Judge to High Court or Provincial Court Judge.
      In 1833, Friederich and Georgine decided to leave their homeland and emigrate to America. On May 29, 1833, Friederich, his wife, and 7 small children, boarded the Sailing Ship "Howard" from the port of Hamburg for their long journey. They were out to sea 64 days and reached the Port of New York 31 July 1833.
      From an article published in a "History of Washington County, Illinois" - Freiderich and his family settled on Seventh Street in St. Louis, Missouri and he hung up his shingle to practice law. Altho he spoke 7 languages, his English was so broken that he had limited success as a lawyer. So he decided to become a farmer, settling in St. Clair Co. Illinois, near Belleville. Two more children were born to the couple while living on the farm near Belleville.
Stinde home
      And later, in 1840, he purchased land in Washington Co. Illinois near Richview. Friederich and Georgine built a large beautiful home on their farm and two more children were born there for a total of eleven offspring. They both lived there the rest of their lives. And are buried in the Stinde Family Cemetery near the original homestead.
From Illinois Public Land Records
Frederick M.C. Stinde bought 80 acres 05 June, 1839, Section 27 Washington County, price $1.25 per acre
Frederick M.C. Stinde bought 40 acres 05 June, 1839, Section 28 Washington County, price $1.25 per acre
Georgine N. Stinde bought 40 acres 21 March, 1853, Section 33 in Washington County, price $2.50 per acre

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