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The United States of America in War

Revolutionary War
“American War of Independence”

April 14, 1775 - September 3, 1783
Brown, George Born : 1752 in Virginia
Died : 24Mar1842
           in Washington County, Illinois
Served in the Revolutionary War,
where he enlisted in March 1780
Cherry, George Born : in Ireland
Died : 2Mar1857 in Perry County, Illinois
Burial : Oakdale Cemetery, Oakdale Township
           Washington Co., Illinois
Served as a Private in the U S Army
in the Revolutionary War
in Captain Side's South Carolina Volunteers
Crabtree, James Born : 20Feb1762 in Virginia
Died : 1834 in Washington County, Illinois
The son of William & Hannah (nee Whitaker) Crabtree
Served as a Private / Ensign in the Revolutionary War
[some claim he attained the rank of Captain]
with the Virginia Continental Army
Goodner, Conrad Born : 29Nov1756 in Germany
Died : 27Aug1837
           in Washington County, Illinois
Burial : Locust Creek Cemetery,
           Nashville Township, Washington Co., IL.
The son of John Goodner [Johannes Guttener]
Served in the Revolutionary War
as a Private with the North Carolina Continental Army
McClurken, Thomas
     [ McClerken ]
     [ McClurken ]
     [ McClurkin ]
Born : in County Antrim, Ireland
Died : 22Mar1845 at over 95 years of age
Burial : Oakdale Cemetery, Oakdale Township
           Washington County, Illinois
           Old Section, Row 5, Grave 32
Served in the Revolutionary War
as a Private in Turner's Company
in Winns South Carolina Regiment
coming from Chester County, South Carolina
See : Biography

War of 1812
June 18, 1812 - February 18, 1815
McClurkin, Archibald Born on November 11, 1794
   in Chester County, South Carolina.
Died on April 7, 1853
   near Pinckneyville, Illinois
Burial : Pinckneyville Cemetery
Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois
He spent 1834 - 1840 in Washington County
      and 1840 - 1853 in Perry County.
Served during the War of 1812, as a Private
in Mean's 1st Regiment of the South Carolina Militia.
Information provided by : Roger Kemps
Biography (on Roger Kemps' website) :
      Biography of Archibald McClurkin
McClurkin, John Born on May 4, 1792
   in Chester County, South Carolina.
Died on July 12, 1874 in Oakdale, Illinois.
Burial : Oakdale Cemetery, Oakdale
   Washington County, Illinois
Served during the War of 1812, as a Private
   in Mean's 1st Regiment of the South Carolina Militia.
Note : There were also a couple of references
      to his War of 1812 service in
      the "History of OakdaleTownship".

Information provided by : Roger Kemps

Winnebago War
"Fever River Expedition"

June 26, 1827 - September 1, 1827
No known information for veterans of Washington County, Illiniois serving in the Winnebago War

Black Hawk War
1831 / April 16, 1832 - August 1, 1832
Information for at least 56 veterans of Washington County, Illinois that served in the Black Hawk War
are listed in the Alphabetical List of Veterans       See : List
Source for the article below : 1879 History of Washington County, Illinois; Chapter VII
      Brink, McDonough & Co.; Philadelphia;   Corresponding Office, Edwardsville, ILL.; 1879
Black Hawk War
      The following comprises a list of the Officers and Privates who served in the Black Hawk War, from Washington County ; also the data of their enlistment, which was on the 25th of May, 1832; according to the recollection of two venerable veterans, M. G. Faulkner, Esq., and J. M. McElhanon, Esq. The company to which they belonged numbered fifty men (although about one hundred men were desirous to go, but fifty only were mustered.) They were all mounted, each man furnishing his own horse, gun, ammunition, clothing, etc. and their provisions until they arrived at Beardstown, on the Illinois River, the place of rendezvous, where they joined the Brigade commanded by the gallant General Henry.
      James Burns, Captain; Cyrus Sawyer, 1st Lieutenant; Andrew Lyons, 2d Lieutenant. Elected on the organization of the company.
      John D. Wood was elected Orderly Sergeant, subsequently appointed Adjutant, and afterward elected Major of the Regiment.
      On reaching Beardstown, Harvey Nevill was elected Lieutenant, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Andrew Lyons.
      Dr. Maxwell D. Pepper, also a member of this company, was appointed Surgeon of the Regiment.
      Lorenzo D. Livesay, Mereda S. McMillian, John Casner, A. J. Morgan, Solomon Morgan, James Thompson, (received a slight flesh-wound), James Patterson, William Talbott, William King, (died of Measles, at Rock Island, in the summer of 1832), Preston James, Armstead Balsh, Levi Wells, Andrew White, James R. White, James S. White, Charles Wool, William Minson, William Tate, James Ramsey, Pleasant J. M. Holley, Richard Hutchins, John Burns, Robert Burns, M. G. Faulkner, J. M. McElhaney, Matthew K. Lynch, Anthony Darter, John W. Gilbreath, James Anderson, Alexander Anderson, John Night, John Mitchell, Craig Mitchell, James Lock, Anthony House, John Hood, Carey Morgan, Henry Cherry, Samuel K. Anderson, William Joiner, William Wood, David Underwood, James Underwood, Samuel Burns.

US - Mexican War
April 25, 1846 - February 2, 1848
Information for at least 102 veterans of Washington County, Illinois that served in the US - Mexican War
are listed in the Alphabetical List of Veterans       See : List
Source for the article below : 1879 History of Washington County, Illinois; Chapter VII
      Brink, McDonough & Co.; Philadelphia;   Corresponding Office, Edwardsville, ILL.; 1879
Mexican War
      The following are the names of the men who served in the war with Mexico, from Washington County, as taken from the muster roll of Company A, 2d Regiment Illinois Volunteers, commanded by Col. William H. Bissell, (afterwards Governor of Illinois). They were mustered into service.
Commissioned Officers of Company A
      Elsey C. Coffin, Captain; Henry Nevill, 1st Lieutenant; William B. Rountree, 2d Lieutenant; Allen B. Rountree, 3d Lieutenant.
Non-Commissioned Officers
      G. W. Hotchkiss, 1st Sergeant; James W. Farmer, 2d Sergeant; Jackson Dennis, 3d Sergeant; Richard M. Clayton, 4th Sergeant; James T. Christian, 1st Corporal; Thomas M. Reed, 2d Corporal; Joseph Kenyon, 3d Corporal; Thomas Atchison, 4th Corporal.
      John Hopkins, drummer; Robert W. Fulton, fifer.
      Geo. W. Atchison, James Aldridge, Robert Brasel, John Burnett, William Bird, Thomas Bird, Alexander Boatwright, John Brown, Jacob Brown, Jonas Casner, Robert Check, Gilbert Cooper, Nathaniel T. Coleman, Edley Check, Addison Cox, James A. Check, Mark Castleberry, Edward R. Chapman, Alfred Clark, Wm. A. L. Carter, Willis Dickerson, William Dempsey, James H. H. Davis, Thomas Tolson, John Farmer, Isaac Friend, John B. Flanegan, Samuel Faulkner, Gilbert Faulkner, Lewis Green, Gideon S. Gore, James Goliff, Milton Hensley, Allen Hall, Jesse Hall, James D. Hodges, Wm. H. Hagans, Wesley W. Hutchins, A. B. Johnson, Henry Johnson, Lewis S. Jenkins, Joseph W. Johnson, William Kenyon, Abner G. Lee, Ephraim W. Lee, James T. Lee, Thomas Morris, Wm. F. Mitchell, John G. Mansker, James Morton, Dedrick R. Meyer, Joseph Morris, Hugh B. McElhanon, John Neuman, William Phillips, Joseph Pate, Geo. W. Penter, Thomas Roberts, James Redfern, Geo. W. Raney, John M. Rountree, William Raney, John Robbins, Richard B. Raglan, William Stoker, Hezekiah Stilley, Robert Stotts, William L. Smith, Andrew G. Slade, Albert C. Starkwell, Stephen Trouce, William Underwood, Samuel Tate, Jonas Williams, Willis White, Alexander Williamson, Allen B. Wheelis, Matthew B. Williams, Thompson C. West, Geo. L. Thomas.
Muster Roll Of
      Company H., 2d Regiment Illinois Volunteers, commanded by Col. James Collins. The Regiment was mustered into service on the 18th of July, 1847, for during the war, inless sooner discharged, and rendezvoused at Alton, Illinois.
Commissioned Officers of Company H
      James Burns, Captain; Malachi Jenkins, 1st Lieutenant; George W. Walker, 2d Lieutenant; James K. Finch, 3d Lieutenant; .
      James Anderson, 1st Sergeant; Marcus L. Burns, 2d Sergeant; Thos. W. Anderson, 3d Sergeant; Thos. B. Sanders, 4th Sergeant; John C. Burns, 1st Corporal; Thos. W. G. Mansker, 2d Corporal; Richard P. Carter, 3d Corporal; James P. Fagan, 4th Corporal.
      John D. Martin, Matthew W. Curtis, Richard Anderson, Peter Aldrich, John A. Croft, Ephraim W. Carr, William Cook, James D. Cameron, Alexander Campbell, Emanuel C. Carter, Charles Christian, James Crabtree, Newton Deen, Nicholas H. Darter, James P. Edrington, John Field, John F. Franklin, David Forbs, James D. Fitzgual, Owen Gillin, Thomas Gore, Josiah Gibson, Thomas L. Gaskill, Gustavus Harris, Caleb Harris, Enoch Hale, Stephen G. Hick, Benj. F. Hawkins, John B. Hitt, Thomas L. Hitt, Isaac B. Jack, John Jones, Robert P. Jordan, Robert Ingram, T. G. Jones, David W. Lowe, Thomas Losson, John Losson, Robert H. Livingston, Carter A. Livesay, Alfred Livesay, John C. Livesay, Isaac Mills, William Mathews, Pleasant Miller, Cyrus Miller, Lemuel Moore, Manley T. Morrison, R. M. Morgan, Alfred Norris, Levi Newcomb, William F. Owen, William C. Pitchford, George W. Pitchford, David A. Patterson, E. W. Parker, Lewis Tate, Simeon Tate, Silvester Rogers, John Rice, Horatio Ragus, Isaac Stokes, Peter Scance, George Smith, Elisha Smithers, M. G. Smithers, John A. Smithers, William Sumers, C. H. Skelton, John C. Taylor, David W. Thurman, James M. Thurman, John Underwood, Robert Vanwinkle, Thomas Walker, John Walker, Sen., John Walker, Jun., Ezekiel Walker, James Weaver, John Williams, George Waldon, James Wight, Richard Hutchings, David Franklin.
      Promotions -- The folowing promotions were made after the organization of the company; Stephen G. Hick, promoted Lieutenant Colonel; John Rice, promoted 4th Sergeant, Sept 18th, 1848.
Death List.
James Anderson died December 3d, 1847.
Thomas B. Sanders died September 7th, 1847.
Malachi Jenkins died on board ship Massachusetts, June 26th, 1848 and was buried in the Gulf of Mexico
      with the honors of war.
James K. Finch died at Vera Cruz, September 12th, 1847.
Ephraim W. Carr died on ship-board, on the Gulf of Mexico, August 28th, 1847.
Alexander Campbell died September 15th, 1847, at Vera Cruz.
Charles Christian died October 14th, 1847, at Vera Cruz.
John Field killed September 18th, 1847, in the battle of San-Juan.
John F. Franklin died December 22d, 1847.
Thomas Gore died December 15th, 1847, at Jalapa.
Josiah Gibson died on shipboard, on the Gulf of Mexico.
Enoch Hale died February 5th, 1848.
John C. Livesay died at Jalapa, May 1848.
Pleasant Mills died April 5th, 1848, at Puebla.
Cyrus Mills died October 30th, 1847, at San-Juan.
William F. Owen died at Puebla, June 2d, 1848.
Simeon Tate died June 14th, 1848, near Jalapa.
Isaac Stokes died at Alton, Ill., August 3d, 1847.
George Smith died at Camp San-Juan, Mexico, September 28th, 1847.
M. G. Smithers died at Jalapa, Mexico, January 19th, 1848.
John A. Smithers died at Jalapa, January 23d, 1848.
David W. Thurman died at Jalapa, February 18th, 1848.
Ezekiel Walker died September 10th, 1847, at Vera Cruz.
John Williams died November 9th, 1847, at Vera Cruz.
James Wight died January 6th, 1848, at Jalapa.
      The above named company was organized in Washington County, and left Nashville on the 10th day of July, 1847, and marched to Alton, Illinois, arriving there on the 12thfollowing, where the company was mustered into service as above stated. On the 13th of August, they were with several other companies, ordered on board a U. S. transport, and by river conveyed to New Orleans, landing there on the 21st of the same month, and three days after were taken on board a steamer, crossed the Gulf, landing at Vera Cruz, Mexico, on the 31st of August. Companies A. H, and K, left Alton on the same transport.
      The principal skirmishes that they participated in were, San-Juan, on the 18th of September, 1847; camped on the battle-field until November following, when the Regiment was marched to Jalapa, where they took up winter quarters; remained there until the middle of March, 1848; then ordered to Puebla, where they remained until June. The war being practically ended, they were ordered to Vera Cruz, thence to Alton, Illinois, where they were discharged on the 22d of July 1848, and returned to their respective homes.

Civil War
"“The War Between the States”"

April 12, 1861 - April 9, 1865
Information for many of the veterans of Washington County, Illinois that served in the Civil War is listed in the
Alphabetical List of Veterans
See Also :
Civil War Draft Registers
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Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Civil War Veterans Honorees

      War   Duration # Listed
Spanish - American War
  24Apr1898 - 10Dec1898 - 8 -
Philippine - American War
“The Philippine Insurrection”
"Splendid Little War"

  4Feb1899 - 4Jul1902 - 0 -
World War I
“The Great War”
  6Apr1917 - 11Nov1918 - 47 -
World War II
“Second World War”
  8Dec1941 - 2Sep1945 - 41 -
Korean War
“The Forgotten War”
  26Jun1950 - 27Jul1953 - 12 -
Vietnam War
  1957 - 1975 - 13 -
Persian Gulf War
“Desert Storm”
  8Nov1990 - 6Apr1991 - 1 -
War in Afghanistan
“War on Terrorism”
  7Oct2000 - present - 0 -
War in Iraq
“Operation Iraqi Freedom”
  20Mar2003 - present - 1 -


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