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Washington County Gazette
These articles furnished by Wilbert J. "Bucky" McCoy

Thursday, June 6, 1929
Ashley Observes
                     Memorial Day
       The citizens of this community observed Memorial day last Thursday by gathering at the Odd Fellows cemetery, where a program was given, followed by the decorating of the graves of the veterans of both the Civil and the World wars.
       A parade was formed on Main street and marched to the cemetery, where Rev. W. B. Morris delivered an address approriate to the day. He was assisted in the ceremonies by Rev. Frank E. Harris. The high school glee club furnished the music. I. C. Clemens represented the world war veterans and read Lincoln's Gettysburg address. A large number of people were present, many of whom were visitors from out of town.
Ashley Township
            Votes Bonds For
                   High School Gym
       The special election held in Ashley on Saturday last, to vote upon the question of erecting a gymnasium for the Ashley Township High School and issuing bonds in the sum of $10,000 to pay for the building, resulted in a victory for both propositions.
       A total of 547 votes were cast. Of this number 11 ballots were defective, and therefore not counted. The proposition for erecting a gymnasium carried by a majority of 91 votes. The proposition to issue $10,000 in bonds carried by a majority of 89 votes. The vote was as follows : for the gymnasium, 314; against the gymnasium, 223. For the bond issue, 299; against the bond issue, 210. The polls were open from 11 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock in the evening.
       This is the third time that the proposition for erecting a gymnasium and issuing bonds to pay for it has been voted upon in Ashley. The first election was held in 1924, when the proposition was defeated by a close margin of 7 votes. the second election was held in 1926, when the proposition lost by 107 votes.
       Preliminary steps preparatory to the erection of the gymnasium will be taken at once and it is expectedthat the building will be completed
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June 13, 1949
Washington County Gazette
June 13, 1949

      Dr. W. F. Turner located in
Richview to practice medicine.
      Mrs. Perline Ridner died at
her home in Dubois at the age
of 80 years.
      J. Paul Carter of Nashville
made the Decoration Day add-
ress at Richview.
      Dr. David T. Martin, son of
Nathan Martin a former resi-
dent of Ashley, died at Pomeroy,
Iowa, at the age of 65 years.
      The graduating class in the
Ashley Township High School
had thirteen members. They
were: Lucien S. Berry, Wm. A.
Brehm, Virginia Vienna Caruth,
Helen Ruth Coulter, Thomas S.
Crawford, Jr., Helen Etling, Hel-
en Rebecca Hoover, Charles L.
Logan, Jr., Helen O'Bryant,
Eleanor Mary Randolph, Hal-
lette Margaret Seibert, Summer
S. Seibert.


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