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Churches of Wayne County

Source: GNIS

Churches marked "Historical" no longer exist
Location is "in the area of", not an exact location

Feature Name



General Location
(not exact)

Antioch Church 381603N 0881402W Golden Gate
Apostolic Faith Church on the Hill 382304N 0882124W Fairfield
Arrington Prairie Baptist Church 382536N 0883237W Crisp
Bailey Church 382621N 0883513W Crisp
Bethany Church (historical) 383436N 0883224W Johnsonville
Bethel Church 382009N 0880946W Golden Gate
Bethel Church 383608N 0882257W Cisne
Bethel Church 382302N 0882523W Geff
Blue Point Free Will Baptist Church 383233N 0882910W Cisne
Brush Creek Church 383254N 0883649W Johnsonville
Buckeye Christian Church 382834N 0882233W Geff
Christ Lutheran Church 382242N 0882222W Fairfield
Christian Temple 383447N 0883109W Johnsonville
Church of Christ 382241N 0882259W Geff
Church of God 382247N 0882218W Fairfield
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ 382244N 0882200W Fairfield
Church of the Nazarene 382255N 0882143W Fairfield
Conway Church 382404N 0880929W Albion NW
Ebenezer Church 382338N 0881639W Fairfield
Ellen Moore United Methodist Church 382244N 0882205W Fairfield
Elm River Church 383039N 0881709W Enterprise
First Baptist Church 382236N 0882134W Fairfield
First Christian Church 382238N 0882136W Fairfield
First Christian Church 382051N 0883516W Wayne City
First Church of God 382227N 0882131W Burnt Prairie
First United Methodist Church 382049N 0883521W Wayne City
First United Methodist Church 382244N 0882137W Fairfield
Forest Ridge Church 383408N 0881101W Mount Erie
Freedom Worship Center 382247N 0882145W Fairfield
Full Gospel Church 381920N 0882819W Boyleston
Garrison Temple 382633N 0884117W Shields
Glenwood Church 383149N 0883350W Johnsonville
Gunion Christian Church 383237N 0882303W Cisne
Holiness Rescue Mission 382228N 0882154W Burnt Prairie
Hopewell Church 382250N 0883425W Crisp
Indian Prairie Church 383509N 0882726W Cisne
Jacobs Chapel (historical) 382950N 0883903W Shields
Kings Chapel Church 382405N 0882135W Fairfield
Lebanon Church 382036N 0881923W Burnt Prairie
Long Prairie Church 381641N 0884031W Bluford
Martin Creek Church 382512N 0882342W Geff
McKendree Chapel 382854N 0881245W Albion NW
Mount Olivet Church (historical) 382340N 0882739W Geff
Mount Pleasant Church 383135N 0883804W Orchardville
Mount Zion Baptist Church 381650N 0883901W Bluford
Mount Zion Church 382442N 0881938W Fairfield
New Hope Church 381903N 0882211W Burnt Prairie
New Liberty Church 383344N 0884158W Orchardville
New Salem Church 382927N 0882933W Geff
New Zion Church 383507N 0883353W Johnsonville
New Zion Church 382703N 0883654W Crisp
North Side Baptist Church 382318N 0882136W Fairfield
North Side Pentecostal Church 382323N 0882144W Fairfield
North Toms Prairie Church 382638N 0881848W Fairfield
Oak Valley Church 382636N 0882718W Geff
Oakwood Church 382310N 0881140W Albion NW
Olive Branch Baptist Church 381643N 0883304W Wayne City
Patterson Church 383604N 0881954W Enterprise
Pin Oak Church 382404N 0883041W Crisp
Pleasant Grove Church 381829N 0881852W Burnt Prairie
Pleasant Grove Church 382808N 0882602W Geff
Pleasant Hill Church 383047N 0884117W Orchardville
Pleasant Hill Church 382948N 0881541W Fairfield
Poplar Creek Church 383109N 0884130W Orchardville
Powers Church 383533N 0883901W Orchardville
Providence Church (historical) 383106N 0881146W Mount Erie
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 382236N 0882238W Geff
Richland Church 381945N 0882654W Boyleston
Rock Branch Church 382943N 0882959W Geff
Saint Edward Catholic Church 382256N 0882156W Fairfield
Salem Church 381837N 0884051W Bluford
Shiloh Church (historical) 383445N 0881558W Enterprise
South Thomas Church (historical) 382505N 0881713W Fairfield
Stinson-Oak Grove Church 382924N 0883354W Crisp
Ten Post Oak Baptist Church 382515N 0883902W Shields
Trinity Church 383226N 0881829W Enterprise
Union Church 382045N 0881535W Burnt Prairie
Union Star Church 382356N 0883513W Crisp
Vaughn Church 383019N 0883830W Orchardville
Victory Church 382343N 0882707W Geff
Wayne City Baptist Church 382041N 0883510W Wayne City
Wesley Chapel (historical) 383018N 0883447W Johnsonville
West Church 382712N 0881209W Albion NW
Willow Branch Church 383501N 0883123W Johnsonville
Woodland Church 382636N 0881950W Fairfield
Zif Church 383441N 0881950W Enterprise
Zif Church 383330N 0882010W Enterprise
Zion Church 382405N 0884107W Shields

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