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Golden Gate School

Picture Donated by Marlene Olson


Golden Gate School 1921

Top row: (left to right)
Arthur Dukes, Charlie Dukes, Captola Mosier, Mary Snelling, Esther Leach, Inadeen Haggard, Haxel Hoffee, Vernice Graddy, Mildred Elliott, Nita Gaubatz, Claudine Cannon, Dorothy Germann, and Mabel Wagner.

Lower row:
Dellos Wagner, Ermal Jones, Charles Isle, Ivan Elliott, Francis Germann, Herbert Snelling, Loyd Elliott, Roy Hudson, Roy Dukes, Johnie Bell,
Junior Hutchison, Russell Childress, Francis Snelling and Jesse Shelby.

The teacher was Mae Owen, daughter of William Matthew Owen, who was a minister in Fairfield for many years.

The photo was submitted by George Leinard of Mill Shoals in Wayne County Press, Thursday, 13 Jan. 2005.

Golden Gate Community High School
Golden Gate High School

25th Annual Commencement Exercises
May 10, 1945

Donated by Vickey Woodard

Class Roll
Blackley, Wynemia
Bond, Donald Lyle
Coleman, Mona June
Daubs, Delmar
Dunlap, Faith
Evans, Rosemary
Felix, Delmont
Freeman, Iva Mae
Furman, Helen Elaine
Gines, Rosemary
Given, Donna Mae
Green, Jack
Gubbins, Vinton B.
Headley, Lois June
Hortin, Thelma Ann
Hudson, Betty Jane
Ile, Mary E.
Inskeep, Fernanda Lee
Johnson, Norma June
Johnson, Joe Samuel
Lichtenberger, Robert W.
Longbone, Wanita Jean
Lyons, Pauline
Mason, Marlyn Leroy
Michels, Bert Jr.
Mills, Donald Bennett
Mitchell, Wanda Marie
Reid, George N.
Rice, Amy Ruth
Rice, Anna Muriel
Roosevelt, George E.
Saxe, Dorris Laverne
Shaw, Elbert Allen
Shaw, Thomas Lynden
Shepherd, Frances L.
Shoemaker, Jacquelin E.
Skinner, Betty Irene
Stanhope, Carroll A.
Thread, Bernice
Thread, Harold Lynn
Walsh, Betty Lou
Woods, Doris Jean

Lee V. Matheny, Prin.
Chester Gillette, Math-Coach
Virgil Bunting, Manual Arts
Bruce Axtell, Science
Phil Potter, Agriculture
Virgil Hortin, Hist.-Asst. Coach
Bonnie Fuchs, Home Making
Lafern Wise, Latin-English
Bonalynn Chism, Eng-Glee Club
Kathleen Dunlop, Soc. Science
Blanche Haefele, Commercial
Donna Snidle, Secretary

Class Flower: Red Rose

Class Colors: Silver and Blue

Class Motto: “Love Labor and Laugh”

1945 Golden Gate School Board
Donated by Vickey Woodard

Profiles of School Board

1945 School board golden Gate High School

Harry Ile was born in Edwards County. He attended Gum Corner School. He married Lulu Bunting. They have one daughter Mary. He has been in trucking for several years. He has served the board three years.

Roy Hudson was born in Golden Gate. He attended the Golden Gate School. He married Berniece Leet. They have three children; Joyce, Imogene and Odes. He serves the community as a carpenter. He is the clerk of the Board.

Ethel Fitch was born in Oakwood vicinity. She attended the Oakwood School. She married George Fitch. Their daughter’s name is Hazel. She has taught several terms of school in Leech and Massilon Townships and has served our community as Postmaster almost sixteen years.


John H. Kieser - Principal of High School
W. J. Stallings - Upper grades teacher
Esther H. Kieser – Primary teacher

Eighth Grade Golden Gate Graduates

Donated by Vickey Woodard

[Unknown Year]

Four eighth graders received diplomas in graduation exercises at Golden Gate this past week. They are:

Top Row: Rebecca Berry, Stanley Moore

Bottom Row: George Hutchcraft, David Kerr

Additional Information:
The Berry girl is Cecil Berry’s daughter.
Stanley Moore is Alan Moores son, Grandson of Clark Moore. His maternal grandparents are Lee and Margaret Hicks.
David Kerr is Jim and Martha Kerr’s son, Grandson of Weyburn and Mildred Kerr and his other Grandparents are people by the name of Jessop’s from Fairfield. The Hutchcraft boy, I do not know. He had a lot of relatives in the Golden Gate area. JP


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