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Absher Family Cemetery 380127N 0880336W  
Abshire Cemetery 375830N 0880622W  
Barth Cemetery 380736N 0881132W  
Bethel Cemetery 381109N 0880308W  
Big Prairie Cemetery 380300N 0880620W  
Bowling Cemetery 380425N 0880501W  
Brown Cemetery 380802N 0880638W  
Bryant Cemetery 380727N 0880418W  
Calvin Cemetery 381203N 0880109W  
Centerville Cemetery 381154N 0880955W  
Cherry Cemetery 380957N 0880721W  
Cleveland Cemetery 380533N 0880657W  
Cravens Cemetery 381511N 0881359W  
Dawn of Ages Memorial Park 380528N 0881119W  
Ditney Ridge Cemetery 375920N 0881700W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 375755N 0882013W  
Emma Cemetery      
Enfield Village Cemetery 380539N 0882002W  
Epley Family Cemetery 375637N 0880639W  
Felty Family Cemetery 380548N 0881455W  
Garden of Memories 380505N 0881400W  
Garrison Family Cemetery 375951N 0880732W  
Green Cemetery 375826N 0881408W  
Hadden Cemetery 380734N 0880926W  
Hammack Cemetery 381127N 0882112W  
Hanna Cemetery 380326N 0880613W  
Herald Cemetery 375805N 0881104W  
Holderby Family Cemetery 380353N 0880810W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 375756N 0882020W  
Johnson Cemetery 380010N 0881802W  
Johnson Cemetery 380739N 0881556W  
Jones Family Cemetery 380353N 0880635W  
Kitty Sweeten Cemetery 381007N 0882003W  
Kuykendall Cemetery 380535N 0880545W  
Liberty Cemetery 381457N 0881545W  
Little Zion Cemetery 380839N 0881655W  
Logan Family Cemetery 380016N 0880715W  
Maple Ridge Cemetery 380533N 0881115W  
Marshall Ferry Cemetery 375957N 0880154W  
McLntosh Cemetery 380809N 0882210W  
Miller Cemetery 380101N 0880218W  
Miller Cemetery 380820N 0881119W  
Moore Cemetery 375905N 0881432W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 375440N 0881550W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 381330N 0881324W  
Newman Family Cemetery 380642N 0881402W  
North Maple Ridge Cemetery 380546N 0881113W  
Old Bethel Cemetery 381328N 0881301W  
Old Prairie Cemetery     at site of Lick Creek Baptist Church
Old Village Cemetery 375613N 0881725W  
Orange Grove Cemetery 375614N 0880704W  
Plain View Cemetery 375535N 0881341W  
Ralls Family Cemetery 381049N 0880852W  
Rebstock Cemetery 380818N 0880915W  
Reib Cemetery 380710N 0881033W  
Rice Cemetery 380118N 0881636W  
Riverside Cemetery 381236N 0880552W  
Saint Polycarp Cemetery 380541N 0881116W  
Salem Cemetery 381217N 0881456W  
Sandhill Cemetery 380517N 0880332W  
Saunders Family Cemetery 380523N 0881242W  
Seals Chapel Cemetery 380032N 0880558W  
Shipley Cemetery 380736N 0881405W  
Shrewsbury Cemetery 381510N 0882021W  
Springerton Cemetery 381043N 0882134W  
Sumpter Cemetery 380723N 0881247W  
The Old Graveyard 380523N 0880923W  .1 mile SW of Carmi, IL
Union Cemetery 375930N 0881852W  
Union Cemetery 381259N 0880417W  
Union Ridge Cemetery 375544N 0881018W  Church Cemetery
Walnut Grove Cemetery 380038N 0881442W  
Walter Cemetery 375707N 0882125W  
West Antioch Cemetery 381453N 0881811W  
Whiting Family Cemetery 380756N 0880142W  
Williams Family Cemetery 380047N 0880659W  
Young Cemetery 380453N 0881116W  



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