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Baker - Ustick Twp.

Brown/Colcord - Genesee Twp.


Calvary Cemetery: A-D | E-L | M-Z


Clyde Methodist

Coloma/IOOF Cemetery: A-J | K-Z
aka Coloma Township Cemetery

Como Cemetery

Cottonwood/Franklin Methodist Cemetery

D - E - F

Deets Farm
East Genesee Cemetery

Erie Cemetery: A-E | F-L | M-Q | R-Z

Fenton Cemetery

Fisk Cemetery

Fulton Catholic Calvary: A-E | F-L | M-Z

Fulton Protestant Cemetery:
 A-B | C-G | H-K | L-Q | R-S | T-Z

G - H - I

Garden Plain Cemetery

Genesee Grove Central

Golder/Montmorency Twp.

Grove Hill Cemetery:
A - B  - C - D - E/F/G - H - I/J/K - L - M - N/O/P - Q/R - S/T/U/V - W/Y/Z

Hazel Green Cemetery

Heaton Cemetery

Hickory Grove Cemetery

Hilltop Cemetery

Hollinshead Cemetery

Hopkins Cemetery / Our Savior Lutheran

Hume / Wetzell Cemetery

IOOF/Coloma Cemetery: A-J | K-Z

J - K - L

Jordan Cemetery

Kingsbury/Newton Twp.

Leon Cemetery

Lockhart Cemetery

Lusk Cemetery/Oak Ridge

Lyndon Township Cemetery: A-J | K-Z


Malvern Cemetery

Maple Ridge/West Jordan Cemetery

Morrison Mennonite Cemetery

Mennonite Reformed Cemetery

Milne Cemetery: See Clyde / Alldritt

Minson / Washington St.



N - O - P

Nevitt Cemetery

Newton / Kingsbury

North Clyde: See Clyde Methodist

Oak Knoll Cemetery
A - B - C/D - E/F - G - I/J/K - L - M - N/O/P/Q - R - S - T/U/V - W/Y/Z

Oak Ridge - See Lusk Cemetery

Old Hume Cemetery: See Hume Cemetery

Our Savior Lutheran: See Hopkins Cemetery

Penrose Friends


Potters Field

Q - R - S

Reformed Mennonite (See Mennonite Reformed)

Riverside - Sterling:
A-B | C-G | H-J | K-N | O-R | S-Z

Riverside - Prophetstown:
A-B | C-F | G-K | L-Q | R-S | T-Z

Rood Cemetery

Round Grove

Sacred Heart

Science Ridge Mennonite Cemetery

Shadytown/Sandytown Cemetery aka Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Sharon Cemetery 

Smack / Zion Cemetery

South Clyde (See Clyde/Milne/Aldritt)

Spring Valley Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Catherine's Cemetery

St. Mary's Tampico

Stowell Cemetery

Summit Cemetery

T - Z

Tampico Memorial Cemetery

Tampico (Old) Cemetery

Union Grove Cemetery

Washington St. - See Minson Cemetery

West Genesee Grove - Hobson Road

West Jordan: See Maple Ridge Cemetery

Wetzell: See Hume Cemetery  

White: See Minta Cemetery

Zion: See Smack Cemetery

Zook Cemetery



Compiled by Marji Turner and Christine Walters



    Lusk Cem/Pal Ridge. Maple St., Albany, records Village Office, Albany, 61230 (309) 887-4064

    Nevitt Cemetery, Albany Twp., Section 36, on hill near Erie to Albany blacktop, no access.

    Oak Ridge/Lusk Albany Twp., Maple Street, Albany, , Albany, 61230 (309) 887-4064.

    Rood Cemetery - Albany Twp.


    Center Clyde /Milne Cemetery, Clyde Twp., Section 20, Beach Road.

    South Clyde Cemetery listed as Clyde Cemetery on findagrave GPS Lat 41,87720 Lon 89,95440

    Malvern Cemetery, Clyde Twp., Section 25, Round Grove Road.

    Milne Cemetery / Center Clyde Cemetery, Clyde Twp., Section 20, Beach Road.

    North Clyde Cemetery, Clyde Twp., Section 7, Coyell Road.

    Zook Cemetery - Clyde Twp


    Coloma Twp Cem/Rock Falls Cem/ IOOF/Odd Fellows at Rock Falls


    Erie Cem. w of town on Erie to Albany blacktop. Records at Odell Lib. in Morrison

    Kingsbury Presbyterian Cemetery - Erie

    Fenton Twp Fenton Cemetery Fenton Twp


    Calvary / GPS Lat: 41.87580 Lon: 90.16420 / Catholic Cemetery, Fulton Twp., East side of 4th street at northern limits of city. A township cemetery association includes both cemeteries. The sexton is Jake Green. The record keeper is: Mrs. Robert (Linda) North, 111 North 6th, Fulton, IL 61252, (815) 589-3153 APPARENTLY also known as "Calvary Hill"

    Fulton Cem/Protestant / Fulton Township 701 Fowler Rd Fulton IL 61252 815-589-3944, bounded by 2nd & 6th Ayes; 6th & 9th Streets.


    Garden Plain Cemetery, Garden Plain Twp., Section 14, Garden Plain Road.

    Minta Cemetery, Garden Plain Twp., Section 33, Elston Road


    Colcord/Brown Cemetery, Genesee Twp.., Section 20, Manton Road. GPS: Lat: 41,88030, Longitude: 89,83830

    East Genesee Cemetery, Genesee Township, Section 35, intersection of Luther and Quinn Roads.

    Genesee Grove Central, Genesee Twp., Section 7, Pilgrim Road

    Hickory Grove Cemetery, Genesee Twp., Section 32, Fulfs and Manton Roads.

    Peugh Cemetery, Genesee Twp., Sec 21, Capp Road GPS: Lat 41,87360 Long 89,80830


    Como Cemetery, Hopkins Twp., Section 26, Route 30, in back of Ruffit Park Campground

    Deets Farm Cemetery -Lester Deets Farm Sec 13 Hopkins Twp Emerson

    Our Savior Lutheran Church, Hopkins Twp., 21496 Hazel Road, Sterling, IL 61081, (815) 772-4345.


    Hume Cemetery see Wetzel Cem.

    Wetzel Cemetery - Section 26 Star Road. Rt 172 East of Tampico about 1/4 Mile also known as Old Hume Cemetery


    East Jordan Cemetery, Jordan Township, Section 12, Pilgrim Road or Freeport blacktop.

    Hilltop Cemetery; Pfundsteins Corners – located on the banks of Elkhorn Creek, north on Rt 88 to Pfundsteins Corners and north approximately 2 miles to the the hill. On a old gravel road then 2 miles along the creek. Cemetery is old and abandoned. You have to climb a fence and go along a corn field and then climb another fence to get to the cemetery. Overgrown with weeds – Look for a old wooden sign nailed to a tree marked Hilltop Cemetry

    Maple Ridge Cemetery, Jordan Twp., Sec. 20, Rt 40 also called Hickory Hills & Pennington Rd GPS: Lat 41,87750 Long 89,72440

    Oak Knoll Cemetery, Jordan Twp., Sect 33, Sterling Route 40, formerly IL 88, (815) 625-3827

    Penrose Friends/Quaker Cemetery, Jordan Twp., Section 22 Freeport blacktop.


    Lyndon Cemetery, Lyndon Twp., Sec. 28, Routes 2 & 78 Also cal led Moline Rd

    Stowell Cem Rt 172 & Lyndon Road


    Golder Cemetery, Montmorency Twp., Section 9, 2 m south of intersection of Route 40 and Interstate 88.


    Franklin Methodist Cemetery – Morrison (Known as Round Grove)

    Grove Hill Cem, Mt. Pleasant Twp., 700 N Madison, Cherry & Genesee Sts - Morrison

    Heaton Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp., Section 4, Ward Road.

    Mennonite Cemetery – Morrison

    Round Grove Cemetery, Sec. 23, Route 3/ Potter’s field from the County Farm is in this cemetery


    Kingsbury Cem Section 15, NE corner of intersection of Elston and Gaulrapp Roads.

    Smack Cem / Zion Methodist, middle of a field in Sec. 23, Erie to Albany blacktop, no access.


    Sandytown Cemetery – Portland

    Shadytown Cemetery, Portland Twp., Section 14, Spring Hill Road.

    Sharon Cemetery, Portland Twp., Section 29, Spring Hill Road.


    Fisk Cemetery - Prophetstown Twp.

    Leon Methodist Cemetery, Prophetstown Twp., Section 34, Lomax Road.

    Minson Cemetery/ Washington St. Cem Sec 18, GPS Lat 41,63440 Long 89,96890

    Riverside Cemetery, Prophetstown Twp., East 2nd St., Prophetstown, records Wes McMillen, 109 High Street, Prophetstown, IL 61277 (815) 537-2139.


    Calvary Cemetery, Sterling Twp., 800 block Freeport blacktop in Sterling

    Oak Knoll Memorial Park Cemetery – Sterling GPS Lat 41,8496 9 Lon 89,70715 Rt. 40

    Old IOOF in Sterling - Absorbed and included in RIVERSIDE CEM "STERLING"

    Our Savior Lutheran Cemetery – Sterling

    Menonite Science Ridge , Sterling Twp., Section 10, 1702 E 37th St (Science Ridge Rd) Sterling, 61081, ph. 625-0538.

    Riverside Cemetery, Sterling Twp., 1908 East 3rd Street, Sterling, IL 61081 (815) 625-0708.

    ST. Marys in Sterling


    St. Mary’s Cemetery, Tampico Twp., Benton Street, Tampico

    Old Tambico Cemetery

    Tampico Memorial Cemetery GPS Lat 41.63543 Lon 89,78609 - Tampico Rd


    Union Grove Cemetery GPS Lat 41.82610 Lon 89,99780 - Lincoln Rd – Cem photos on findagrave


    Baker/ Sec. 18, on bluff above Blind Charlie’s Corners, Junction of Smaltz & Union Grove Roads.

    Cottonwood/Franklin Methodist, Section 32, 1/4 mile north of Route 30 on Millard Road.

    Hollinshead Sect. 8, on bluff above Spring Valley Rd. GPS: Lat 41,90530, Lon 90,06890

    Science Ridge Mennonite - GPS Lat 41,83390 Lat 89,9919 – Loren Rd/Co Hwy 20

    Spring Valley Methodist Cem, Sect. 9 intersection of Hillside and Spring Valley Roads.

    Spring Valley Presbyterian Cem, Section 11, Creamery Rd.

    Summitt Hill ???

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