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Written and Contributed by Barbara Zora 


 sheldon coon headstone

Headstone of Sheldon Coon

"A faithful friend, a companion dear
A loving father lieth here
Sad is the loss that we sustain
But hope in heaven to meet again."


coon family gathering 

21st Birthday Celebration of Herbert C. Coon on December 27, 1905
Several Coon family members were there to celebrate Herbert's birthday
In the first row, 2nd from right, is Herbert C. Coon, son of Robert Coon.
In row 2, first one on left is Elsie Mallory, future wife of Herbert Coon.
In row 3, first one on left is Mabel Coon, daughter of Ralph Coon,
Back row, 3rd from right, is Hattie Rodgers, daughter of Amelia Coon Rodgers.



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