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McCarty Family

Settled here in 1857

Historically, the Jeremiah V. McCarty family who settled in Whiteside County in 1857, reflected the courage and the convictions of the many people who migrated to the United States looking for more advantages and the many opportunities offered in this country. Jeremiah V. McCarty was born in London, England on June 22, 1842 of Irish parents. His family migrated to this country when he was seven years old and they located first in New England and soon after in McHenry County in Illinois. McCarty lived in Elgin and Pecatonica and in 1857 the family moved to a farm located northeast of Round Grove in Whiteside County.

At the age of 19, McCarty enlisted in the service of his country and was later to be honored as a hero. He enlisted Sept. 18, 1861 and was assigned to Company E, 34th Illinois regiment as an orderly at brigadier headquarters much of the time in service. McCarty fought at such noted battles as Shiloh, Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and others and he was wounded during the battles of Shiloh and Chicamaugua. He also served in the seige of Corinth and Atlanta.

Apparently McCarty thought it was his duty to stay as long as the general did and only when the general left the field did McCarty folow. His battlefield bravery brought a commendation and sword presentation at a ceremony held later.

After the war, McCarty returned to his father's farm near Round Grove where he worked until 1868 when he accepted employment on the railroad between Sterling and Rock Island on the old Rockford, Rock Island & St. Louis Railroad Lines. He served two years as a train engineer. Later, McCarty worked as an engineer on the Pennsylvania line of the Pennsylvania system which ran between Chicago and Bradford, Ohio and at this time he lived at Logansport, Ind. 

Jeremiah V. McCarty

The Family Home located at 311 Third Avenue
J.V. McCarty, L.A. Kadel, C.J. McCarty, Mrs. J.V. (Amelia) McCarty, Mrs. Gertrude Kadel, Mrs. C.J. (Susie) McCarty
Virginia Kadel who later became Mrs. Roscoe Eads, is in the baby buggy.
Flags displayed arouund the house suggests the photo was taken during a holiday.

He married Miss Amelia Cassidy on April 22, 1875 at Logansport and they were the parents of two children, a daughter Gertrude who was later Mrs. J.A. Kadel and a son, C.J. McCarty who became a division engineer on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad at Aurora. Gertrude and Charles both graduated from Rock Falls High School.

After some 13 years of service with the railroad, McCarty moved to Sterling and shortly thereafter, to Rock Falls in 1884. He purchased the interests of the Montague coal business which he later sold in 1898 to Smith & Grater. For a short time McCarty was engaged in the building occupation. He was the building contractor who laid the brick for the paving on West Second Street and Dixon Avenue. In 1905 McCarty was engaged in the hardware business an dhis partner was his son-in-law, John Kadel Jr.

Mr. McCarty died at his home at 311 3rd Ave. in Rock Falls on Sunday, Jan. 24, 1915. His funeral was held at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Sterling and the late Father A.J. Burns officiated. He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Sterling and received full veteran's honor for his ardent support of the Grand Army of the Republic. (I'm not sure he was buried at St. Mary's because he is also listed in the cemetery books of Whiteside County in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Rock Falls).

Mr. McCarty was singularly honored in a special tribute written by Evan L. Reed and published in the Sterling Evening Gazette on Jan. 26, 1915. Reed's tribute was entitled, "An Appreciation to Memory of Jeremiah McCarty." Reed cited McCarty as a brave and patriotic soldier and good citizen and "Rock Falls" Grand Old Man. Reeded concluded his tribute with " Truly could be (McCarty) say; "I have fought the good fight. I have finished my work". Sterling Daily Gazette July 1, 1976.


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