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The REILEY Family


riley residence
The Reiley Home - Early 1900's Tampico

Joseph Bernard Reiley was married to Maude Mae Howlett on December 31, 1900 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Tampico.
The ceremony was performed by Father Dufor. 

Joseph was born in Minonk IL 22 August 1878, the son of James & Mary (Cushley) Reiley, both natives of Ireland.
James and Mary were married 28 November 1874. 

Maude Mae Howlett was born in Bureau County IL on 10 October 1882, the daughter of Oliver & Betty (Newell) Howlett.
Joseph and Maude became the parents of seven children (all born in Whiteside County) , five of whom reached maturity. 

Joseph and Maude Reiley Dec1900

1. James Oliver Reiley was born 10 Mar 1911 and died 29 October 1964. James married Miss Lenore Altha Landwehr (born September 1920) and they have one son Clarence who managed to swallow an open safety pin when he was five months old.

2. Mildred Ann Reiley was born 28 October 1913. She died in Hampton IL in 1998. Millie was married to Ronald V. Miller, 11 February 1939 but divorced in 1949. She then married Mr. Pluemer.

3. Bernard Joseph Reiley was born 31 March 1916, he died 1 March 1988 at Soldiers Home, Dodge City Kansas. He married Miss Elgin and they have one daughter.

4. Catherine Mae Reiley was born 2 February 1922 died in Arizona 10 August 1970. She married Mr. Ackzen and they have four children.

5. Gerald Reiley was born Oct 28, 1923

James Reiley 1937

Joseph B. Reiley working on the wagon

Joseph B. Reiley and his wife Maude (Howlett) Selma Howlett
The two youngest children of Joseph & Maude: Gerald and Catherine Reiley

Mildred, Bernard and James in 1919


James & Mary (Cushley) Reiley, the parents of Joseph lived on farm between Tampico and Prophetstown.
After his retirement he moved into the town of Tampico. James Reiley left his Will in Whiteside County in which his estate was left in equal parts to his children.

James was born 31 October 1834 in Ireland, died 04 November 1914 in Tampico.

Mary Cushley, (photo on right) daughter of Patrick & Mary Cushley, was also born in Ireland 31 August 1844 and died in Tampico 9 May 1922. She was first married to Michael Degnan with whom she had six children.

The children of James and Mary, besides Joseph Bernard Reiley, were: Jennie Reiley Clegg, Frank Reiley, Charles Patrick Reiley

-- Frank Reiley, son of James & Mary (Cushley) Reiley, was born 11 October 1880, died 1947. Frank married Mary Olsson on 2 November 1905. Mary was born 6 May 1885 and died about 1945. Frank and Mary are both buried at Riverside Cemetery in Prophetstown along with their son Edmund.  Frank and Mary were the parents of 3 children:
Ella Marie Reiley Fellows - born 29 May 1906, died 9 April 1966
Edmund Reiley - born 10 December 1910, died 3 February 1943
Keith Reiley

Mary Cushley Reiley

Jenny Reiley Clegg
Born 28 November 1874 the daughter of James & Mary (Cushley) Reiley.
She married Alex Clegg in 1901.
Jenny and Alex were the parents of one daughter, Evelyn Clegg Moloney born 12 August 1902, died in 1967.
Jenny died in 1950

Nina (Halligan) Reiley
with her two daughters, Vivian Reiley and the younger girl is Kathleen, who was born in 1910 and died 1916.


Charles Patrick Reiley

Son of James & Mary (Cushley) Reiley, born 6 April 1885 in Minonk IL.
He died 14 April 1942 in Rock Falls IL.
Charles was married to Nina B. Halligan 28 November 1907 in St. Mary's Church in Tampico IL.
Charles and Nina were the parents of five children. Kathleen, Florence, Vivien, John and Hubert


Daughters of Charles & Nina
Vivien Reiley Clayton

Florence Reiley
born & died 1912


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