Whiteside County

A "farewell-to-grade-school-days" party was given by May Lou Newburn at her home in Rock Falls Saturday evening on her 14th birthday anniversary. The guests, all of whom will be high school freshmen this year came in kid costumes with accessories of lollipops, dolls, jingle bells and teddy bears. Contest games, suitable to their tender years were played and having donned bibs made in the Merrill school colors, they were served refreshments from a soda bar presided over by two upper classmen. The invited guests were Jean Cameron, Jean Hand, Lois Lawrence, Mary McFalls, Betty Jane Reisener, Harriet Lindgren, Betty Lewis, Ila Lee and Joy Yinger.
From the Sterling Gazette

Three sets of horseshoes are scheduled to be played this evening in the Rock Falls league. They are P. Barkdoll and Peterson vs. Van Natta and a new partner, who is replacing Spencer; Clapper and Broeker vs. Meisel and AHunsberger; and Kelsey and Newell vs Lauts and L. Hinrichs. The set of Castle and Jackson vs McIntyre and Hinton will depend on whether or not Castle has returned from a trip. The set of Hart and Gault vs Short and Siakel was played at an earlier date. On Tuesday Sharp and Hudson will play R. Barkdoll and Sprankle and AHelms will meet S. McBridge and Werland. Sets postphone are: R. Barkdoll and Jones vs. Christofferson and Hinrichs, and F. McBride and Williamson vs. Zera and Masini.
From the Sterling Gazette

Sterling Gazette Rock Falls 15 June 1867
Struck By Lightning: During the severe storm on Monday last [10 Jun 1867], the residence of Mr. C. H. Payson, near the bridge on the south side of the river [ Rock Falls ], was struck by lightning. First striking the chimney, the lightning entered the roof, tearing it up considerably, and thence passed into the cellar. It apparently again took an upward coarse, coming up through the floor near the stove. The floor was torn from its matchings and badly damaged. Mrs. Payson was sitting near the stove at the time, and other persons were in the same room, but very fortunate none were seriously injured. (Contributed by Chuck Rodekohr)

The Sterling Daily Standard, February 24, 1894, page 5, column 4. (From Larry Reynolds)
Rock Falls -- The three months' old boy of Grant Landis died last night after a week's illness of winter cholera. The funeral will probably take place next Monday [02/26/1894] afternoon.

Sterling Daily Standard 27 April 1895
City Attorney Sheldon is doing businessin Tampico today.

Mrs. William Roland has been quite ill for the past week or two.

The bible reading for Monday night will be held at Mrs. L. Griers on Tracy avenue.

That window in Curtis' livery barn shows off nicely since those pretty flowers were placed there.

During the absence of F.H. Geyer, Mrs. Jennie Geyer has been attending to customers at the store.

Giles Stillson and wife, of Tampico, spent yesterday and last night with John Ferris and family west of town two miles.

Fred Stone came home from Dixon College yesterday on the noon train to pass Sunday with his parents in the First ward.

Prof. C.O. Fife, on the Port Byron school arrived here last night for a short stay. His trip here is of a business nature.

This morning the Eureka Carriage works delivered an elegant two seated surrey to a purchaser in Sterling that was a beauty.

The Sterling Manufacturing Co., are making shipments of their Common Sense Potato Digger. It seems a little bit odd to see them this time of the year.

Cecil, the little daughter of Mr. and mrs. Robt. Bracken, does not gain from her attack of scarlatina. She remains about the same as she has for the past three years.

Lon Smith has hired out to John Golder of Montmorency to work for him on the farm for the coming farm season. He commenses to work there next monday.

Henry Bogart returned last night from a weeks stay in South Montmorency, where he has been on the Titus farm making fence and doing general repairing.

Mrs. Sol. M. Grove is confined to her bed today by reason of chills and fever.

Miss Nellie Woodford, teacher of room three, took the train for her home in Clinton last night. She will come back in time to continue teaching Monday morning.

Dan Ramsdell has the contract to put up the new brick house which B. Johnson, of Stones will put up this spring. The brick has all been hauled out to the place.

Ernest Kahl feels good from catching the first cat fish of the season. His catch consisted of the two very fine ones; one weighed over three pounds. He pulled them out last night.

F.H. Geyer received a telegram last night from Dakota, Ill., stating his father was very low. Fred and his sister Mrs. Taylor started this morning for his bedside. The father is 76 years old.

Harry Presbreys new Count bicycle came this morning. Mr. Bickford has sent for the Robin Hood, made by the same company only a high grade machine for Will Long. Its is expected to arrive in a few days.

Some of the boarders at the Spear hotel thought to put up a job on Tass Shaw by stuffing his new gas tank spout full of rags. It didn't work for at the first turn of the faucet with the hot water it all came out.

Perhaps the finest screen doors in the city are some which Will Palmer has just been making for the new residence of J.M. Bickford on Elm street. They are made of oak are are of a pattern that is beautiful to look at.

Frank Bryan took two colts which he has been breaking, down to their owner near Princeton today. He expects to bring back two more to break. frank has been having a great many colts and ugly horses to break and subdue.

The young son of Thomas Wormell,born night before last, is a fat, jolly fellow, but Mrs. Wormell is very low. It is said that Thomas could have disposed of three boxes of cigars yesterday, had he felt so inclined to give to his friends.

Mrs. Dan Roland started today for Chicago to join her husband, who went in there two weeks ago to get employment. He has secured a good job and has written out for his wife to come. They expect to rent furnished rooms for the summer and if they conclude to stay they will ship their goods in the fall.

The household goods of E.n. Taylor arrived this morning from Redfield, South Dakota, and he is at work getting them into place in the Yonard house near the Congregational church. Mr. Taylor intends ot go into business here if the outlook is favorable.

Berhnardt Johnson, of Stones, left last night for Ridgeway, Missouri, whither he goes to purchase two or three car loads of steers to feed. Correspondence from hat point gives him the idea that cattle can be bought there very reasonable.

Charlie Pfulb has been having a great time this week, as his mother has been spending the week in Stones at the home of her daughter Mrs. John Heckman, and Charlie does not like to cook worth a cent. He says he is greatly longing for her return.

That whirligig which Chas. L. Rawson sprung upon the public yesterday in his tore, and in the windows, has been attracting much attention. It is a very pretty arrangment and advertises a certain cigar nicely. Some thought he had got a nickle in the slot machine.

Where is that Sterling chap who had peas six inches high? Al Cochran says he has several rows of them 150 feet long, and they are all over ten inches high. The soil on this side of the river is hard to beat for raising early garden truck. There is just sand enough to make it warm and it is just right for garden purposes.

Ed Jackson and Dick Cochran have been putting in their time this week up the river at the job of fishing for money. It has been very nice weather for it until yesterday and they did not enjoy their work a little bit. They have a tent which they eaat and sleep in, but such a place on raw cold days is not very agreeable.

We are sure that every barber in the two cities would greatly rejoice if that bill should pass and become a law, which has just been introduced in our legislature, closing up the barber shops on Sundays. As it is now a barber has no rest on the Sabbath, but it is a day of work. Neither can he help himself until such a law as that passes.

Although Mortimer Adair has purchased the farm of Henry Woods, he and his wife do not intend to work the land themselves, but expect to rent out the land. They move on the farm on the first of next March, and Mr. adair will continue to work in the foundry and drive to and fro night and morning.

Sterling Daily Gazette 09 March 1904
Roy Howe was painfully injured yesterday while at work at the paper mill. He was doing some work about the machinery and two fingers of his right hand were caught between two pulleys and quite severely pinched. It will not be necessary to amputate the fingers. Roy Howe of this city received the sad news this morning of the death of his brother Willie Howe at Kansas City Mo. The young man was seventeen years of age and had been in perfect health until a few days ago when he contracted a severe cold which developed into pneumonia. The young man was slightly acquainted in this city.

Sterling Daily Gazette 22 April 1910
Henry Deets, who resides south of Rock Falls, and Frank Zouskie, an employee of the Dixon cement works, got soused here last night. They were arrested by police and this morning both were fined three dollars and costs. Deets paid his fine, but the other fellow was without funds and he will board out his fine. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds)

Sterling Daily Gazette 11 April 1911
Mrs. Glen Deets has been called to Woodbine, Iowa by the death of her son’s wife, Mrs. Ed. Deets. Her death was caused by child birth. Mr. and Mrs. Deets were residents of Rock Falls for several years, only going to that city in Iowa less than a year ago. The deceased was a good woman and during her residence here she made many warm acquaintances. Mrs. Glen Deets immediately went to the home of her son to attend the funeral. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds)

Sterling Daily Gazette 10 February 1913
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jurgens of West Coloma have been having much fun for the past week over the report that a baby was born to them. A baby was born in the house all right, but it was born to their daughter, Mrs. Peter Deets. In some manner the report gained circulation that it was a fine son to the Jurgens. The family has been enjoying the wrong report and have been the recipients of many congratulations. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds)

Sterling Daily Gazette 22 December 1915
The second wedding at St. John's occurred at 12 o'clock today. Miss Ruth Scott of near Rock Falls became the wife of Edward Vestal of Unionville, Missouri. Rev. Harris read the ceremony, the ring services being used and the only witnesses were the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Avon Scott and Miss Dolly Scott. Following the ceremony the wedding party drove to Cushman's Cafe where a wedding dinner was served in the private dining room. Mr. and Mrs. Vestal left during the afternoon for the groom's old home in Pennsylvania where they will spend several weeks. They will make their home in Decatur, Ill. The bride comes of a well known Montmorency family, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Scott. She is a graduate of the Township High school in the class of '15. Mr. Vestal comes from Unionville, Mo., and is a traveling man with headquarters in Decatur. Good wishes from a host of Twin City friends will follow the bride to her new home. (Contributed by Melva Taylor - The Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois December 22, 1915 - pg 8, col. 3)

Sterling Daily Gazette 23 March 1920
The Rebekah Lodge of Rock Falls met with a good attendance Monday evening in Odd Fellows hall and held their simi-monthly meeting. The usual picnic supper was not held. The regular business affairs were transacted and several applications form membership were handed in. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Worman of Denver, Colo., former residents of Rock falls, who are visiting here with relatives and old friends, were guests of the lodge for he evening. Arrangements were made by the members for Rebekah rally day in memory of the birth of the founder of the Rebekah degree, Schuyler Colfax. The anniversary is on the 23rd of this month but the celebration will not be held until a future date. (From Margaret Mangers)

Sterling Daily Gazette 04 October 1921
Word has been received from Mr. and Mrs. Asher Cupp that they are now at a sanitarium in Colfax, Ia., where they are taking treatment. They have been in poor health for months and formerly lived in Rock Falls. Their friends will be glad to hear that they are getting along nicely. (Contributed by Debbie Thormahlen)
Mr. and Mrs. H.N. Johnson and sons, Billy and Junior and Mr. and Mrs. Brierly of Chicago motored from Chicago to the John Swanson home in Rock Falls where they spent the week end.
Delbert Wright of Rock Falls is enjoying his vacation from his duties as postman at the postoffice. Merritt Clifton is substituting during his absence. (From Debbie Thormahlen)

Sterling Daily Gazette 25 Sept. 1925
The Rock Falls Methodist ladies vow that the next time they serve a dinner they will have enough if they have to kill an oz. When the whistles blew twelve Thursday the men from the shops and the women from the homes poured into the church in a steady stream. It was the occasion of the Loyal class dinner. Many had to be turned away for all the food stuffs disappeared rapidly. The ladies were very much put out because of their lack of food but very grateful that the dinner was so popular. (From Margaret Mangers)

Sterling Daily Gazette 17 May 1926
Miss Helen Church of Rock Falls visited friends over the weekend at Champaign, and attended the interscholastic track meet at the University of Illinois/ Mr. and Mrs. Golder Pippert of Rock Falls have moved, from the flat above the post office to the flat above the Wylie drug store. Rock Falls Mystic workers No. 32. Regular meeting and dance. The Blue Melody Boys will furnish plenty of “peppy” music. The public is invited. Everyone come and have a good time. Misses Naomie Marfleet of rock Falls and Viola Lathe of Lyndon spent Saturday in Davenport, Ia.

Sterling Daily Gazette 06 October 1926
The marriage of Miss Faye Elmendorf and Earl Powell, both of Rock Falls, was soleminized Saturday evening (October 2, 1926) at the parsonage of the Christian church in Dixon. Rev. B. H. Cleaver, pastor of the church, performed the ceremony at 8 o'clock using the single ring service. The couple was attended by Miss Grace Elmendorf, of Rock Falls, sister of the bride. The bride's costume was a gown of navy blue flat silk crepe trimmed with honey dew color and green braid. She wore a green velvet hat and accessories encostume. Mrs. Powell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elmendorf, Sr., of Rock Falls and is a charming girl. She has lived practically all her life in the vicinity of Rock Falls where she has many friends. She attended the local schools after which she took a course in nurses' training in Moline. For the past few years, Mrs. Powell has been the efficient assistant to Dr. S. A. Allen in his offices in Rock Falls, which work she is planning to continue. Prior to her marriage Miss Elmendorf was honored at a series of pre-nuptial parties. Mr. Powell is the son of Mrs. Sam Lowry of Rock Falls, and is well known, having lived in Rock Falls for a number of years. He has hosts of friends and is well established in business as a painter and decorator. The couple returned to Rock Falls after their marriage and are making their home in an apartment which they have furnished at 201 1/2 West Second street, Rock Falls. They will be at home to their friends after October 10th. Their many friends extend congratulations and wish them much happiness and joy in their future married life. (Contributed by Melva Taylor - The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois October 6, 1926 - pg 2, col. 5)

Sterling Daily Gazette 24 June 1931
Miss Alice Smith, aged 19 years, daughter of Mrs. Sadie Smith of East Third street, Rock Falls, disappeared from her home at an early hour this morning and has not been found. The family began searching for the girl along the canal after they had been to a fortune teller, who told them she had wandered to the canal. It was reported that Miss Smith was fully dressed when she left home and took a suit case with her. Chief of Police A.E. Berlin of Rock Falls was notified of the girl's disappearance and investigated the case. No reason for her disappearnace is given by the family, who are very anxious to learn of her whereabouts.

Raymond Fairfax, an employee of the street department in Rock Falls, was overcome by the heat while at work on the streets Wednesday. He was removed to his home and is under the care of a doctor. Clyde Graves assistant fire chief of the Rock Falls fire department is also confined to his home following his being overcome by the heat Wednesday. He was working on the hard road north of Morrison.

Sterling Daily Gazette 9 May 1932
Lucille Shipman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shipman, East Seventh street, Rock Falls, and Elmer McNinch of La Moille were married by Rev. E. C. Harris at St. John’s Lutheran church parsonage Monday afternoon, May 1. They will be living on Fourteenth avenue in Rock Falls. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds)

Sterling Daily Gazette 19 April 1933
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilman of Rock Falls entertained at dinner Tuesday evening, honoring the birthdays of Mrs. John Young and E. I Lehrm Afterward they were joined by 16 friends for several hours of pinochle.

Sterling Daily Gazette 14 August 1933
The marriage of Miss Blanche Snyder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Snyder to Neil C. Short, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Short of Rock Falls, was solemnized Saturday evening at the home of the bride's parents near Polo. Rev. C. W. Marlow, pastor of the Christian church of Polo, performed the ceremony. Attendants were Miss Ina Shellhause of Polo and Earl Schueler of Rock Falls. After the ceremony a wedding supper was served to the families. Mr. and Mrs. Short went immediately to their own home at 211 Ave. C, Rock Falls. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Short wish them much joy and happiness in their wedded life. (Contributed by Melva Taylor)

Unknown Newspaper 24 February 1934 (Written In)
Miss Florence Albers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Klass Albers of Sterling was united in marriage to Clyde Rigler, son of MR. and Mrs. Leonard rigler of Rock Falls at high noon Saturday in Rockford at St. John's Lutheran parsonage....They will reside with the groom's parents south of Rock Falls for the present.

Unknown Newspaper 16 May 1934
Eleanor Lorraine Frankfother married Clifford A. Harting 8:30 o’clock in the evening on Feb. 28 in the parsonage of the Presbyterian church by Rev. C. V. McCleland. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Frankfother, Rock Falls, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harting, Sterling. Mr. Harting works at the Northwestern Barbed Wire Co. and Mrs. Harting is a graduate of Brown’s Business college and works in Morrison. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds)

Sterling Gazette25 May 1934
Mrs. Ed Maynard of Rock Falls has received word that her father, Warner Russell, died at 4 o’clock Thursday afternoon at a hospital in Chicago. He suffered a stroke of paralysis two years ago but had only been ill seriously for four days. The funeral arrangements are not completed. Mr. Russell was a former Rock Falls resident. (From Margaret Mangers - May 25, 1934 Sterling Gazette)

Sterling Daily 28 February 1935
Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Eleanor Shontz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Shontz of Fourth Avenue, to Frank Elmendorf, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elmendorf Sr., of Rock Falls. The wedding took place last Saturday morning (23 February 1935) at the Methodist parsonage in Rock Island. For the present they are living with the bride's parents. (Contributed by Melva Taylor)

Sterling Daily Gazette 07 Aug 1935 - From Georgi DiBartolo
Friends have received cards from Mrs. Dora Mogensen and Mrs. Fred Hagerman of Rock Falls that they are enjoying a delightful visit with their relatives in Denmark. Mrs. Hagerman expects to sail for home August 20. Mrs. Mogensen will remain for several months in Denmark and may possibly come home after the holidays.

Sterling Daily Gazette 06 July 1936 - from Margaret Mangers
One of the most elaborate displays of aerial fireworks ever fired in this part of the state was viewed by an immense crowd at Lawrence park Saturday evening. fired from the east end of the island by a factory representative, the crowd was treated to over an hour’s continuous performance ranging from ordinary rocket to huge multiple bomb shell, flower pots, etc. Not only was the park crowded almost to capacity, but the display brought hundred of people to the two bridges, the walks on the First avenue bridge being packed. The rive banks on both sides were crowded also. This is the first fireworks display ever put on by the park board but, judging form the enthusiastic reception given it, is not likely to be the last.

Sterling Daily Gazette 07 July 1936 - from Margaret Mangers
The council Monday evening, at the request of Mayor Long, extended its compliments of Commissioner Fred R. Stoddard for the splendid work he is going in the northeast part of the city. The council feels that Mr. Stoddard has done a great service, not only to the city, but to the residents of that part of town in putting over the deal which surrenders the old brick yard to the city and opens an extension to Fifteenth avenue.

Frank Swartz and daughters, Florence and Ruth, entertained Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bollman and son, Marvin, of Rock Falls and Miss Emma Weed of Dixon On Sunday in Honor of the first birthday of Marvin Bollman which occurred July 6

6 July 1937 - Sterling Daily Gazette -
Frank Peterson of Rock Falls was called to Clinton Saturday by the serious illness of his brother John Peterson, who its in Mercy hospital suffering from leakage of the heart. (From Margaret Mangers)

1937 - Contributed by Larry Reynolds
Birthday Dinner Monday Evening Will Honor Harlem Bushman
Still active and enjoying fairly good health, Harlem Bushman, of Rock Falls, is observing his 83rd birthday Monday [08/16/1937]. The event will be celebrated with a birthday dinner Monday evening in the home of his son, John Bushman, in Rock Falls where he makes his home. Guests at the dinner will be the following: Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bushman and son, Gordon, of Sterling; Miss Hazel Bushman of Chadwick; Miss Leveta Bryson of Moorhead, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bushman of Rock Falls and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Crom of Coleta. Mrs. Crom is a sister of Mr. Bushman. A large birthday cake adorned with candles will form the table centerpiece. Mr. Bushman was born on a farm west of Milledgeville 83 years ago on August 16, 1854. He lived for a short time in Davis Junction and Rockford and then farmed the home place. Later Mr. Bushman bought a farm south of Rock Falls and farmed there until he retired some years ago. Despite his years Mr. Bushman is active and keeps busy every day with some odd jobs around the house. He is at present helping his son build a porch and works in the garden. Recently he enjoyed a delightful motor trip to the White Pines state park. The many friends of the highly esteemed Rock Falls resident congratulate him upon his 83rd year and wish him continued good health and happiness.

Sterling Daily Gazette 03 January 1938
Miss Fern Yeager, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Yeager of 815 First avenue, Rock Falls, became the bride of F. F. Morrison Friday morning, December 31, 1938 in Clinton, Ia. They were united in marriage at a double ring ceremony performed at 11:30 o'clock in the parsonage of the Lyons Methodist church, by the Rev. J. J. Hoffman. A gown of royal blue velvet and gold trim, with a matching turban and accessories, were worn by the bride. The couple was unattended for the ceremony. Following a short honeymoon trip over the weekend the newlyweds returned to Sterling Sunday night. They are residing at 1201 East Fourth Street. (Contributed by Melva Taylor - The Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois January 3, 1938 - Monday, pg. 12, col. 2 )

Sterling Daily Gazette 25 January 1938
Mrs. F.O. Crabb of Rock Falls has received a souvenir paper of the tournament of roses sent by her cousin, Peter Hall of Pasadena, Calif. Mrs. Crabb was particularly interested in the Burbank float, the grand sweepstakes winner, which was designed by her former schoolmate, Miss Madeline Smith, art teacher in the Burbank high school.

Sterling Daily Gazette 27 January 1938
Paul Scott, Harry Smith adn Earl Hines of the Rock Falls fire department went to the Elkhorn creek bridge on Route 40 Wednesday where they found the department's boat which was lost while assisting in the flood Monday morning. The boat had been found and fastened to the shore about two blocks away from the bridge, but teh department was not notified. There is about $4 damage to the boat.

Sterling Gazette 07 Jan 1939
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Martenson south of Rock Falls this morning was dead at birth. The infant was buried in the Rock Falls cemetery this afternoon from Wheelock funeral home. (From Margart Mangers)

Sterling Gazette 25 October 1940
Mrs. Amanda Bogart is quietly celebrating her 88th birthday today at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Vena McAllister of 413 Fifth avenue, Rock Falls. Her three other daughters, Mrs. Robert Callighan and Mrs. Ada Beales of Rock Falls and Mrs. John Needham of Sterling called on her this afternoon. Mrs. Bogart is in good health for her age, except for blindness and poor hearing. - Contributed by Georgi DiBartolo

Sterling Gazette 14 September 1942
The Camp McCoy newspaper at Sparta WI uner the caption "K.P. boosts GI menu one melon" tells of a visit of Mr. and MRs. Roy Howe of Rock Falls to the camp to see their son Donald. -- Mr. & Mrs. Roy Howe of Rock Falls have several sons in the service and apparently are well aware that a soldier loves to eat, especially if the food has that home-grown or home-cooked flavor. So when they motored to Camp McCoy they brought several dozen large and delicious muskmelons and watermelons from the patches on their farm; also a basket of fine sweet apples, and boxes of cookies. Donald wason K.P. duty and he generously distributed the melons to the guard duty men as they drifted into the mess hall for breakfast.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 06 June 1944
Mr. and Mrs. P.R.Deinslake were Sunday afternoon callers of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Clinton of Rock Falls.

24 Novemer 1925 Sterling Gazette
Rock Falls is band mindeed. Over two hundred young people are now playing in the various school bands, drum corps. etc., under the direction of Elmer Ziegler and Miss Martha E. Elder. The high school band has been playing for football games and is in readiness for the coming basketball season. Other appearances are being made and will be made in the future. The following is the roster: Percussion snare drums, John Bushman, Jack Genz, Don Mathis. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds)

Dixon Evening Telegraph 30 March 1946
Elmer Sanders of Rock Falls, former Amboyan, passed away Tuesday in Sterling hospital. His son is expected from India to attend the funeral. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at the Wheelock Funeral home at Rock Falls. Mr. Sanders is a half brother of Russell Smith.

Sterling Gazette 10 May 1946
Mrs. Howard Sucher’s left foot was amputated this morning at the Sterling public hospital as a result of injuries suffered in an automobile accident about 1 o’clock this morning a mile east of Fulton in Route 30. Her husband is also confined in the hospital with painful cuts and bruises. Their daughter, Mrs. William Hutchings of Sacramento, Calif., was treated at the hospital and then discharged. Sucher and wife, who reside on Route 30, near Rock Falls, and their daughter were traveling on the Lincoln highway when their car and a truck, driven by Harold McCallister of Cedar Rapids, Ia., side-swiped. The Sucher car was struck by a car driven by Warren Crawford of Route 3, Morrison, causing the Sucher car to go into the ditch. The injured were brought to the hospital in an ambulance. Highway Officer George Kiner covered the accident. (Contributed by Larry Reynolds )

Dixon Evening Telegraph 04 February 1948
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hasenyager of Rock Falls were Sunday guests of Mrs. Doretha Warling in Walnut. Mrs Minnie Owens and Mrs. Florence Cater of Dover were Sunday callers of Mrs. Lizzie Hasenyager. Kenneth Hassenyager of Rock Falls and John Hassenyager were also afternoon callers.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 February 1948
Fred Deets and Edward Hollenbeck were guests of the Rock Falls Rotary Monday evening.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 31 October 1950
Five persons who live in a two block stretch of East Fifth street have combined ages of 433 years. They are John Wolfe 90, his wife Elizabeth 81, Louis Erickson 89, A.A. Thome 87, former mayor of Rock Falls and Mrs. Agnes Abell 86.

Dixon Evening Telegraph 27 January 1953

Thirteen File for April 12 City Election at Rock Falls
ROCK FALLS – Filing for candidacy in the April 21 city election opened Monday with 13 candidates entering nomination petitions. Filing period will end March 2.
Candidates who have fied: Louis J. Pignatelli, for mayor; John Dussler and Donald Cotes, for First ward alderman; Kenneth Truedson, Fred Miller, Paull Knabe and William J. Keenan, for two alderman posts in the Second ward; Allen H. Puels; for Thirdward alderman; Arthur Werland and Henry B. George, for Fourth ward alderman; and William E. Hines, Marshal Lexvold and Robert Callighan, for Fifthward alderman.
Contributed by Georgi DiBartolo

Dixon Evening Telegraph 05 May 1953
Misses Lillie BROWN and Belle BOGART, of Rock Falls, drove down Thursday and spent the day visiting at Mrs. Emily BROWN's. Mrs. BROWN who had been nursing Mrs. Lulu KELLY during her illness returned with them to her home in Rock Falls in the evening.
Contributed by Georgi DiBartolo

Dixon Evening Telegraph 23 April 1953
Miss Ethel Taylor and sister, Mrs. Earle Stitzel, visited their cousin, Mrs. Ada Beales, Rock Falls, Sunday, Mrs. Beales, who was recently discharged from the Community General hospital, Sterling, following major surgery, is convalescing nicely.
Contributed by Georgi DiBartolo

Dixon Evening Telegraph 09 May 1953
APPOINTIVE OFFICERS of District 8 of Rebekah Lodges attending the district meeting in Amboy, Wednesday, were from left to right, first row: Mrs. Zora Wagner, Polo, conductor: Mrs. Leona Spencer, Dixon, Inside Guardian: Mrs. Fern Slager, Morrison, Outside Guardian: Mrs. Mattie Klausen, Amboy, left supporter to the president: Mrs. Mary Eletha Vivian, Amboy, guardian and Mrs. Helen Todd, Pawpaw, page: second row, Mrs. Marguerite Popp, Polo, left supporter to vice president: Mrs. LaDonne Hendrix, Polo: page and Mrs. Belle Callighan, Rock Falls, right supporter to vice president and third row, Mrs. Mary Schmahl, Amboy, right supporter to the president: Mrs. Darlene Haws, Amoby, soloist: Mrs. Estelle Hasselberg, Lee Center, musician: Mrs. Janna Ware, Dixon, chaplain and Mrs. Mary Brown, Prophetstown, guardian
Contributed by Georgi DiBartolo

Dixon Evening Telegraph 02 September 1954
Three Rock Falls Girls, all June graduates of Rock Falls High School, have been announced as recipients of nurses' training scholorships by the Rock Falls American Legion Post.

Betty Pitts 710 Coloma Court, daughter of Max A. Pitts has elected to receive her training at Dixon Public Hospital Jo Ann Preston of 505 Avenue C, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Richard C Preston will also attend the Dixon School. Donna Gelsinger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest E. Gelsinger, 812 Avenue C will accompany her classmates in training at Dixon.

Eugene R. Wolfe, chairman of the Rock Falls American legion nurse's training committee, stated that nurse's training scholarships are a new program with the Rock Falls Post and indicated that it is hoped to continue the program on an annual basis.

Sterling Daily Gazette dated 3 Aug 1960 Pg. 3 C 4-6. These are the officers who will guide the Rock Falls Womans Club in its golden anniversary year. Together with members of the club they gathered Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Samuel Frank for the annual August breakfast. They are left to right; Front, Mrs. William Ebenezer, secretary; Mrs. Rollin DeSmith, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. M.L. Skelton, president; Mrs. Leonard Schwab, 1st vice-president; and program chairman; Mrs. Samuel Frank, Garden department chrmn; Back; Mrs. John Sumption, American Home and Literature dept. chmn; Mrs. Elmer LEusby, recording secretary; Mrs. Frank Seward, press and publicity; Mrs. Peter F. Dietz, treasurer and and Mrs. Lloyd THome, deputy treasurer, Mrs. Skelton and Mrs. Schwab were wearing 50 year old wedding gowns as a preview to the golden year of the club ahead.

April 12, 1961 - Contributed by Sue Nesland
Golden Anniversary Marks Highlight in Club Year Pasat Presidents of the club present were Mrs. S.E. Wheelock 1917-1918; Mrs. James Sensenbaugh 1919-1920; Mrs. Claire Bean 1921-1922; Mrs. E.A. Ashling 1924-1924; Mrs. Lloyd Thome 1925-1926; Mrs. G.J. Pohly 1939-1941; Mrs. Peter F. Dietz 1941-1942; Mrs. John Sumption 1949-51; Mrs. Frank Reichardt 1953-55 and Mrs. Frank Seward 1957-1959. Mrs. M.L. Skelton, club president, extended a welcome to members and guests when she opened the meeting at 2 o'clock.

The Sterling Gazette 13 June 2006
John Houchens of Rock Falls, received a telegram yesterday morning from Chicago telling him of the death of his mother which occurred very suddenly early yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. John Houchens left immediately for Chicago.

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