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The following individuals were listed in the 1843 Chicago City Directory, which was reprinted in 1896 with the updated death information.

Atzel, Tobias, died, Downer's Grove, Ill., Nov. 25,1893, a. 80.
Barnett, George, died, Lockport, Will Co., Ill., Jan. 5, 1861
Curtiss, James, State's attorney, 136 Lake, res W. Randolph, bet May and Ann [9th mayor, died, Joliet, Ill, November 2, 1859, aged 56]
Doolittle, Elijah, died, Joliet, Ill.
Gooding, Jasper Augustus, died, Gooding's Grove, Ill. Dec. 6, 1855, aged 44.
Haven, Dr. Samuel Rush, d., New Lenox, Ill., Hay 4, 1890, a. 63 1/3
McRoberts, Judge Josiah, died, Joliet, Ill., June 2, 1885, aged 7-.
Mess, George, canal contractor, res 46 Michigan ave [died near Lockport, Ill.]
Sears. Jr., John, druggist, died, Lockport, Ill., Jan. 25, 1867, a. 54.
Smith, Abial, [died, Lockport, Ill., January 25,1889, aged 80.]
Watkins, John, died, Joliet, Will Co.. Ill., March 1, 1887, aged 85.

Deaths, extracted from the Joliet Signal newspaper

WHITE, Martha Ann; age 11 mos., dau. Of T.K. and Catherine WHITE, 30th ult. In Hickory Creek; 12/23/1851, Joliet Signal

WHITMORE, Joseph; David WHITMORE, admr.; 6/10/1851, Joliet Signal

WIGENT, Ruth; mother of Wm. I. WIGENT, 24th inst. in New Lenox; 4/27/1852, Joliet Signal

WILBUR, Merritt G.; Alvin WILBER, exec. and admr.; 7/13/1852, Joliet Signal

WILCOX, Celina M.; age 20 yrs. 9 mos. 7 das., 13th inst. in Joliet, consumption; 8/23/1853, Joliet Signal

WILSON, George W.; age 2 yrs. 1 mo. 25 das., son of Wm. D. and Eliza Ann WILSON, 20th inst. in New Lenox; 7/26/1853, Joliet Signal

WOODWARD, Edwin; age 26, 30th ult. In Momence, inflammation of the lungs; 9/11/1849. , Joliet Signal

WYATT, George; age 27 yrs., 13th inst. in Joliet, cholera; 7/17/1849. , Joliet Signal

WYATT, John; age 35 yrs., 2nd inst. in Joliet, cholera; 8/7/1849. , Joliet Signal

WYLIE, Rebecca; age 42 yrs. 5 mos. 5 das., wife of A.M. WYLIE, 2nd inst. in Aroma; 9/14/1852. , Joliet Signal

YANCE, Emily; age 2 yrs. 3 mos., dau. of Dudley and Mary Jane YANCE, 16th inst. in Joliet; 2/19/1850. , Joliet Signal

ZARLEY, Linton; age 25 yrs., son of R. ZARLEY, 12/5/1850, bronchitis; 12/31/1850. , Joliet Signal

ZUMWALT, Almedia; age 9 yrs., dau. of Joseph and Mary ZUMWALT, formerly of Joliet, 11/29/1852 in Sacramento City, California, small pox; 1/25/1853, Joliet Signal

ZUMWALT, Julian; age 11 mos., dau. of Joseph and Mary ZUMWALT, formerly of Joliet, 11/28/1852 in Sacramento City, California, small pox; 1/25/1853, Joliet Signal



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