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Early Settlers From Cook County To Will County

[Transcribed by Kim Torp]

The list below was abstracted from "Southern Cook County Before the Civil War - The Early Settlers and Their Families", by Ferdinand Schapper, Vol. II, Part 1, Blue Island, Illinois, 1917 and reprinted in the Will County Genealogy Society Quarterly. The names are of residents of the present townships of Worth, Calumet, Palos, Orland, Bremen, Thornton, Bloom and Rich, of Cook County from 1832-1860. The original book contains brief descriptions of the families that moved from Cook County to Will County.

Austin, Ira

Beagley, John

Berger, John

Berger, George

Bentley, Robert

Blim, Martin

Brandau, George

Brigg, Benjamin

Briggs, C.W.

Butterfield, Ben

Chamberlain, Franklin

Chatfield, Jesse

Crandall, David

Crandall, Alva

Cross, Rev.

Dancer, David

Downey, Peter

Ehrhard, Christian

Everdon, Samuel

Finke, ---

Fuchs, Julius

Fuchs, Edward

Gilbert, Rev. L.C.

Glass, ---

Herbert, August

Hewes, Andrew J.

Hewes, Benjamin F.

Hewes, Luman

Hewson, Thomas

Jones, Wesley

Knoeter, William

Knoeter, Frederick

Knigge, Henry

Lachman, Anthony

Lamphere, Edwin

Leffler, Jacob

Marx, Guste

McLinden, Patrick

Morrison, Rev. A.

Myrick, Ichobad

Parmaley, James

Paddock Family

Poor, Levi

Reuss, Thies

Ritchey, James

Robinson, William

Robinson, Alfred

Ross, Henry

Ross, Jacob

Schoenstadt, Christian

Schroeder, William

Schroeder, Ludwig

Shields, William

Simpson, John

Sippel, Martin

Sherry, Charles

Stayley, ---

Stone, ---

Tatge, William

Themer, Jochim

Vollrath, Henry

Ward, Joseph

Ward, H.M.

Warner, ---

Wentworth, Uriah

Weber, John

Wilson, Charles

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