1850 Counties of  Alabama

County Description Area in sq miles Courts held at Pop in 1850
Autauga central part, on north & west side of Coosa river 774 Kingston 15,023
Baldwin in southwest part, on Gulf of Mexico, Tensaw & Alabama rivers on west and Perdido river on east 200  Blakeley 4,414
Barbour in south east part, on west side Chattahoochee river 1,200 Clayton 23,632
Benton on eastern boundary, water by Tallapossa & a branch of Coosa river 1,060 Jacksonville 17,163
Bibb central part, crossed by Calhawha river, Coosa river on east side 1,100 Centreville 9,969
Blount northern part, 960 Blountsville 7,367
Butler southern part 1,000 Greenville 10, 836
Chambers eastern boundary, Chattahoochee river on east, crossed by Tallapoosa river in NW section 700 Lafayette 23.960
Cherokee eastern boundary, crossed by Coosa river not listed Jefferson 13,884
Choctaw western boundary, west side of Tombigbee river blank Butler 8,384
Clarke northwestern part, between Alabama & Tombigbee rivers 1200 Clarksville 9,786
Coffee south boundary, crossed by Pea river not listed Wellborn 5,940
Conecuh south boundary, crossed by Conecuh river 1531 Sparta 9.322
Coosa central part, east side of Coosa river 870 Rockford 14,533
Covington southern boundary 1664 Montezuma 3,645
Dale south boundary, drained by tributaries of Choctawhatchie river 1064 Daleville 6,346
Dallas southwest part, water by Alabama & Cahawba rivers 925 Cahawba 29,727
De Kalb northeast part 1500 Lebanon 8,245
Fayette western boundary 1250 Fayetteville 9,681
Franklin western boundary, Tennessee river on the north 648 Russellville 19,610
Greene western part, crossed by Black Warrior river & Tombigbee river on southwest 836 Eutaw 31,441
Henry southeast corner, Chattahoochee river on east 975 Abbeville 9,019
Jackson north boundary, crossed by Tennessee river 975 Bellefonte 14,088
Jefferson northern part 1040 Elyton 8,989
Lauderdale northwest corner, with Tennessee river on south 672 not given 17,172
Lawrence northern part, Tennessee river on north 725 Moulton 15,258
Limestone northern boundary, Tennessee river on south 575 Athena 16,483
Lowndes towards southern part, Alabama river on north 1600 Lowndesborogh 21,915
Macon towards southeast part, with Tallapoosa river on northwest 970 Tuskegee 26,898
Madison northern boundary, Tennessee river on south 760 Huntsville 26,327
Marengo western part, Tombigbee river on west 975 Linden 27,831
Marion west boundary 1144 Pikeville 7,833
Marshall northeastern part, crossed by Tennessee river 600 Warrenton 8,846
Mobile southwest corner, Gulf of Mexico on south,, Mobile bay & Texas river on east, crossed by Mobile river 2252 Mobile 27,600
Monroe southern part, Alabama river on west 980 Monroeville 12,013
Montgomery toward southeast part, Alabama river on northwest, crossed by Tallapoosa river 900 Montgomery 29,711
Morgan northern part, Tennessee river on north 720 Somerville 10,125
Perry central part, crossed by Cahawba river 936 Marion 22,285
Pickens west boundary, crossed by Tombigbee river 720 Carrollton 21,512
Pike south eastern part 1100 Troy 15,926
Randolph east boundary, crossed by Tallapoosa river 875 McDonald 11,581
Russell east boundary, Chattahoochee river on east 865 Crawford 19,548
St Clair toward northern part, Coosa river on southeast 840 Ashville 6,829
Shelby central part, Coosa river on east, Catawba on west 950 Columbiana 9,536
Sumter on west boundary, Tombigbee & Little Tombigbee rivers on east & northeast 1200 Livingston 22,250
Talladega eastern part, Coosa river on west 1230 Talladega 18,624
Tallapoosa in east part, crossed by Tallapoosa river 91 Dadeville 15,584
Tuscaloosa western part, crossed by Black Warrior river 1350 Tuscaloosa 18,056
Walker toward northwest 1500 Jasper 5,124
Washington on west boundary, Tombigbee river on east 840 Old Washington 2,713
Wilcox toward southwest part, crossed by Alabama river 1200 Camden 17,352