1850 Counties of  Arkansas

County Description Area in sq miles Courts held at Pop in 1850
Arkansas southeast part, , water by Arkansas, White & Bosuf Rivers & Bayou Barthelany 2400 Arkansas 3,246
Ashley southeast part between Bayou Bartholomew & Saline river blank Hamburgh 2,058
Barthlolomew no description blank blank not given
Benton in NW corner, water by White river & branches of Neosho 1,050 Bentonville 3,710
Carroll north boundary 1650 Carrollton 4,614
Chicot southeast corner, on west side of Mississippi river 1800 Columbia 5,115
Clark southwest part, between Little Missouri & Wachita rivers 1500 Greenville 4,011
Conway central part, on north side of Arkansas river 1025 Lewisburgh 3,583
Crawford western boundary, crossed by Arkansas river 780 Van Buren 7,960
Crittenden eastern boundary between Mississippi & St Francis rivers 2100 Marion 2,648
Dallas southern part between Wachita & Saline rivers blank Princeton 6,877
Desha southeast part, Mississippi river on east & crossed by Arkansas & White rivers 800 Dellville 2,920
Drew southeastern part, Sabine river of west blank Monticello 3,275
Franklin north western part, crossed by Arkansas river 800 Ozark 3,500
Fulton northern boundary blank Pilot Hill 1,819
Greene northeast corner, St Francis river on east & Cache river on west 1025 Gainesville 2,593
Hempstead southwest part, Little Missouri on northeast, Red river on southwest 1150 Washington 7,672
Independence north eastern part, Big Black river on east & crossed by White river 1250 Batesville 7,767
Hot Springs near central part, Saline river on east, crossed by Wachita river 1980 Hot Springs 3,609
Izard northern part, crossed by White river 1600 Izard 3,213
Jackson north east part, Big Black and White rivers on west, Cache river on east 800 Elizabeth 3,086
Jefferson south eastern part, crossed by Arkansas river 1180 Pine Bluffs 5,834
Johnson northwest part, crossed by Arkansas river 900 Clarksville 5,227
Lafayette southwest corner, crossed by Red river 1260 Lewisville 5,220
Lawrence northern boundary, crossed by Big Black river 1300 Smithville 5,271
Madison northern boundary 1050 Huntsville 4,823
Marion northern boundary, crossed by White river 800 Yellville 2,302
Mississippi eastern boundary, Mississippi river on east & St Francis river on west, crossed by Whitewater river 1000 Osceola 2,368
Monroe eastern part, crossed by White river 1150 Lawrenceville 2,049
Montgomery western part blank Montgomery 1,958
Newton toward northwestern part blank blank 1,758
Perry central part, Arkansas river on northeast blank Perryville 978
Philips eastern boundary, Mississippi river on east, crossed by St Francis river 730 Helena 6,935
Pike southwestern part 500 Murfreesborough 1,861
Poinsett northeastern part, St Francis river on east blank Bolivar 2,308
Polk western boundary blank Liberty 1,263
Pope northwest part, Arkansas river on the south 720 Narristown 4,710
Prairie central part blank Brownsville 2,097
Pulaski central part, crossed by Arkansas river 2050 Little Rock, also Capital 5,658
Randolph north boundary, crossed by Big Black river 820 Pocahontas 3,275
St Francis in eastern part, White river on west, St Francis river on east 1080 Mount Vernon 4,479
Saline central part 720 Benton 3,901
Scott west boundary 950 Booneville 3,083
Searcy in northern part, White river on northeast 850 Lebanon 1,929
Sebastian no description blank blank abt 4,000
Sevier on western boundary, Red river on south 1000 Paraclifta 3,453
Union on southern boundary, Wachita river on east 2600 El Dorado 10,298
Van Buren toward north part 1350 Clinton 2,864
Wachita southern part, crossed by Wachita river blank Camden 3,304
Washington on west boundary 900 Fayetteville 9,567
White toward northeast part, White river on east 1000 Searcy 2,619
Yell in western part, Arkansas river on northeast 936 Danville 3,341