1850 Parishes of  Louisiana

Parish Description Area in sq miles Courts held at Pop in 1850
Ascension southeast part, crossed by Mississippi river blank Donaldsonville 10,752
Assumption southeast part, water by Mississippi river & Bayou La Fourche blank Assumption 10,538
Avoyelles west side of the Mississippi river, water by Atchafalaya & Red Rivers 1,080 Marksville 3,326
Bienville NW part, on east side of Lake Bisteneau blank blank 5,539
Bossier NW corner, between Red river & lake Bisteneau, also lake Bodeau 880 Belleview 6,962
Caddo northwest corner, on western side of Red river & water by Caddo lake 2,500 Shrewsport (Shreveport) 8,864
Calcasieu southwestern corner, on east side of Sabine river &Gulf of Mexico on the south 5,000 Lisbon 3,914
Caldwell north part, crossed by Wachita river blank Columbia 2,815
Carroll northeast corner, on west side of Mississippi river 1100 Providence 8,789
Cataholla eastern part, water by Catahoola lake, Catahoola & Washita rivers 2,100 Harrisonburgh 6,982
Claiborne northern boundary, on east side of Bayou Dorchest blank Oveston 7,471
Concordia east boundary, between Tensas & Mississippi rivers 1300 Vidalia 7,758
De Soto western boundary, Sabine river on west blank Mansfield 8,019
East Baton Rouge southeastern part, Mississippi river on west blank Baton Rouge 11,977
East Feliciana northern boundary, lies on east side of Mississippi river 560 Clinton 13,298
Feliciana see East & West Feliciana      
Franklin north eastern part blank Winnisborough 3,251
Iberville south eastern part, crossed by Mississippi river 350 Plaquemine 12,216
Jackson northern part blank blank 5,566
Jefferson south eastern part, crossed by Mississippi river, bounded by bayous & inlets of Gulf of Mexico 720 La Fayette 25,091
Lafayette southern part, crossed by Vermillion river blank Vermillionville 6,720
La Fourche Interior southeast part, Gulf of Mexico on south 1100 Thibodeauxville 9,533
Livingston toward southeast part 730 Springfield 3,385
Madison east boundary, Mississippi river on east 800 Richmond 7,863
Morehouse north boundary, Wachita river on west blank Bastrop 3,913
Natchitoches western part, crossed by Red river 4000 Natchitoches 14,201
Orleans southeast part, Lake Pontchartrain on northwest, Lake Borgne on southeast, Mississippi river on southwest 160 New Orleans 119,461
Plaquemine southeast extremity on the Gulf of Mexico, including the main embouchure of the Mississippi river 2500 Fort Jackson 7,390
Point Coupee in central part, Mississippi river on northeast & Atchafalaya on west 600 Point Coupee 11,339
Rapides toward western part, crossed by Red river 600 Alexandria 16,561
Sabine western boundary, Sabine river on west blank Manny 4,515
St Bernard southeast part, Mississippi river on northwest, surrounded by Gulf of Mexico 150 blank 3,802
St Charles in southeast part, Lake Pontchartrain on north, crossed by Mississippi river 512 St Charles Court House 5,120
St Helena on north boundary of southeast section 1700 Greensburgh 4,561
St John Baptist southeast part, Lakes Maurepas & Ponchartrain on northeast & east, Lake Allemande on south & crossed by Mississippi river 260 St John Baptist Court House 7,317
St Landre toward southern part, Atchafalaya river on east 2000 Opelousas 22,353
St Martin's toward southern part, Chetimaches lake on south 850 St Martinsville 11,765
St Mary's on south boundary, Gulf of Mexico on south, Chetimaches lake on northeast 870 Franklin 13,700
St Tammany on east boundary, Pearl river on east, Lake Ponchartrain on south 972 Covington 6,364
Tensas east boundary, Mississippi river on east, Tensas river on west blank St Joseph 8,940
Terre Bonne in southern part, on the Gulf of Mexico 1850 Houma 7,724
Union on northern boundary, Wachita river on east 1200 Farmersville 8,203
Wachita in northern part, crossed by Wachita river 2090 Monroe 5,308
Washington on northern boundary, Pearl river on east 792 Franklinton 3,408
West Baton Rouge central part, Mississippi river on east, Red river on west 700 West Baton Rouge 6,270
West Feliciana on northern boundary, Mississippi river on southwest 600 St Francisville 13,245