1850 Atlas

Barnard T Piscataquis Co, ME 181  
Barnard PT Windsor Co, VT 1,647 water by White & Queechee rivers
Barnardsville PV Roane Co, TN    
Barnegat V Poughkeepsie Twp, Dutchess Co, NY   water by Hudosn river
Barnegat PV Stafford Twp, Ocean Co, NJ    
Barnerville PO Schoharie Co, NY    
Barnes PO Richland, OH    
Barnes PO Dallas Co, AL    
Barnes' Bridge PO Richmond Co, NC    
Barnes' Corner PO Lewis Co, NY    
Barnes" Cross Roads PO Dale Co, AL    
Barnesville PV Pike Co, GA    
Barnesville PO Montgomery Co, IN    
Barnesville V Warren Twp, Belmont Co, OH 823  
Barnesview V Clark Co, MO   water by Wisconda river
Barnet PT Caledonia Co, VT 2,561 water by Connecticut river
Barnett's Creek PO Ohio Co, KY    
Barnett's Mills PO Fauquier Co, VA    
Barney's PO Phillips Co, AR    
Barnhart's Mills PO Butler Co, PA    
Barnsborough PO Gloucester Co, NJ    
Barnstable PT Barnstable Co, MA 4,901 seat of justice, on south side Barnstable bay, also listed as being a township not a town
Barnstead PT Belknap Co, NH 1,848  
Barnwell PV, CH Barnwell Dist, SC   seat of justice, water by Turkey creek & Great Salkahatchie river
Barracksville PO Marion Co, VA    
Barre PT Washington Co, VT 1,845 water by Onion river
Barre T Huntingdon Co, PA 1,271  
Barre PT Worcester Co, MA 2,976 water by Ware river
Barre PT Orleans Co, NY 4,186 on Erie Canal
Barre Centre PV Barre Twp, Orleans Co, NY    
Barre Forge PO Huntingson Co, PA    
Barre Plains PO Worcestor Co, MA    
Barren PO Harrison Co, IN    
Barren PO Williamson Co, TN    
Barren Creek Springs PO Somerset Co, IN    
Barren Grove PO Bureau Co, IL    
Barren Hill PO Montgomery Co, PA    
Barren Hill PO Henry Co, TN    
Barren Plain PO Robertson Co, TN    
Barren Ridge PO Vanzant Co, TX    
Barrettsville PV Lumpkin Co, GA   water by Etowah river
Barreville PO McHenry Co, IL    
Barrington PT Strafford Co, NH 1,752  
Barrington PT Bristol Co, RI 795  
Barrington PT Yates Co, NY 1,550 water by Crooked Lake
Barrington PT Cook Co, IL 676  
Barrowdale PV Fairfield Dist, SC    
Barry PO Frederick Co, MD    
Barry PT Schuylkill Co, PA   water by Deep creek
Barry PO Cuyahoga Co, OH    
Barry PO Lawrence Co, AR    
Barry PV Sandstone Twp, Jackson Co, MI   water by Sandstone creek
Barry PO Pike Co, IL    
Barry PO Clay Co, MO    
Barry T Barry Co, MI 478  
Barry's Bridge PO Lumenburgh Co, VA    
Barryton PO, CH Washington Co, AL   seat of justice
Barryton PO Choctaw Co, AL    
Barrytown PO Redhook Twp, Dutchess Co, NY   water by Hudson river
Barryville PO Forrestburg Twp, Sullivan Co, NY    
Barryville PO Stark Co, OH    
Barryville PO Fayette Co, GA    
Bart PT Lancaster Co PA 2,337 water by Octarara creek
Barter Brook PO Augusta Co, VA    
Bartholomew T Jefferson Co, AR 247  
Bartholomew PO Chicot Co, AR    
Bartlett T Jefferson Co, PA    
Bartlett PT Coos Co, NH 761 water by Saco river
Bartlett PO Wesley Twp, Washington Co, OH    
Barton PT Orleans Co, VT 987 water by Barton river
Barton PT Lowndes Co, MS    
Barton PT Tioga Co, NY 3,522 water by Susquehannah & Cheming rivers
Barton PO Washington Co, WI    
Barton Hill PO Schoharie Co, NY    
Barton's PO Lauderdale Co, AL    
Barton's Creek PO Dickson Co, TN    
Barton's Landing PO Orleans Co, VT    
Bartonsville PO Windham Co, VT    
Bartonsville PO Monroe Co, PA    
Bascobel PV Jackson Co, GA    
Bascom PO Seneca Co, OH    
Base Lake PO Washtenaw Co, MI    
Basham PO Meigs Co, OH    
Basham's Gap PO Morgan Co, AL    
Basham's Mills PO Johnson Co, AR    
Bashi PO Clark Co, AL    
Basin Harbor V Ferrisburgh Twp, Addison Co, VT   on Lake Champlain
Baskingridge PV Somerset Co, NJ    
Bass River Hotel PO Little Egg Harbor Twp, Burlington Co, NJ    
Bassnettsville PO Marion Co, VA    
Bassville PO Madison Co, MS    
Bastrop PO Morehouse parish, LA    
Bastrop PO Bastrop Co, TX    
Batavia PT Genesee Co, NY 4, 461 water by Tonawanda creek
Batavia PV, CH Batavia Twp, Genesee Co, NY   seat of justice
Batavia PT no county listed, OH 2,791 water by Little Miami river
Batavia T Geauga Co, OH   water by Cuyahoga & Grand rivers
Batavia PT Kane Co, IL 892  
Batavia PT Branch Co, MI 724  
Batavia Store PO Houston Co, GA    
Batesville PO Habersham Co, GA    
Batesville PV Guernsey Co, OH    
Batesville PV, CH Independence Co, AR 848  
Bath PT Lincoln Co, ME 8,020 on west bank of Kennebec river, 12 miles from the ocean
Bath PT Grafton Co, NH 1,574 water by Connecticut & Ammonoosuck rivers
Bath PT, CH Steuben Co, NY 6,185 water by Coshocton river
Bath V Bath Twp, Steuben Co, NY    
Bath V Greenbush Twp, Rensselaer Co, NY   opposite Albany on the Hudson river
Bath PV Northampton Co, PA    
Bath PT Summit Co, OH 1,400  
Bath PV, CH Bath Co, VA   seat of justice
Bath PV Beaufort Co, NC    
Bath PV Mason Co, IL    
Bath T Allen Co, OH 1,509  
Bath T Greene Co, OH 1,647 water by Mad river
Bath V Richmond Co, GA    
Bath PO Mason Co, IL    
Bath Alum PO Bath Co, VA    
Bath Springs PO Decatur Co, TN    
Bathes V Jefferson Co, GA   water by Reedy creek
Baton Rouge City East Baton Rouge parish, LA 3,905 Capital, on the Mississippi river
Batson's PO Humphreys Co, TN    
Battenville PV Greenwich Twp, Washington Co, NY    
Battle Creek PO Battle Creek Twp, Calhoun Co, MI 1,807 water by Battle Creek & Kalamazoo rivers
Battle Creek PO Marion Co, TN    
Battle Ground PO Tippecanoe Co, IN    
Battleborough PV Edgecomb Co, NC    
Battlefield PO Lauderdale Co, MS    
Baughman T Wayne Co, OH 1,727 water by Newman's Creek
Baumstown PV Berks Co, PA    
Bavington PO Washington Co, PA    
Baxter's PO Muskingum Co, OH    
Bay T Ottowa Co, OH   water by Sandusky river & Mud Creek bay
Bay Creek PO Laurens Dist, SC    
Bay Hundred PO Talbot Co, MD    
Bay Mount PO Greene Co, TN    
Bay River PO Craven Co, NC    
Bayard PO Shelby Co, KY    
Bayou Chicot PV Calcasieu parish, LA    
Bayou Gould PV Iberville parish, LA    
Bayou Mason T Chicot Co, AR    
Bayou Pierre PO DeSoto parish, LA    
Bayou Rouge PO Avoyelles parish, LA    
Bazetta PT Trumbill Co, OH 1,302