1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Balden Springs PO Chocataw Co, AL    
Bladensburgh PO Knox Co, OH    
Bladensburgh PV Prince George Co, MD 1,412  
Blain PO Perry Co, PA    
Blaine PO Lawrence Co, KY    
Blaine's Cross Roads PO Grainger Co, TN    
Blair PT Huntingdon Co, PA    
Blair Furnace PO Blair Co, PA    
Blairsport PO Roane Co, TN    
Blairstown PT Warren Co, NJ 1,405  
Blairsville PB Indiana Co, PA 1,135 water by Kiskiminitas river & Black Lick creek
Blairsville PO York Dist, SC    
Blairsville PV, CH Union Co, GA   seat of justice
Blairsville PV Posey Co, IN    
Blakeley PT Luzerne Co, PA 1,703 water by Lackawanock river
Blakeley PO Stokes Co, NC    
Blakeley PV, CH Early Co, GA   seat of justice
Blakeley PV, CH Baldwin Co, AL   seat of justice, water by Tensaw river
Blakesburgh PO Wapello Co, IA    
Blakesville PO Harrison Co, IN    
Blanc PO Lucas Co, OH    
Blanchard PT Piscataquis co, ME 192  
Blanchard T Hardin Co, OH   water by Blanchard's Fork of Anglaize river
Blanchard T Hancock Co, OH 1,151  
Blanchard T Putnam Co, OH 1,395  
Blanchard Bridge PV Blanchard Twp, Hancock Co, OH    
Blanche PO Lafayette Co, MO    
Blanchester PO Marion Twp, Clinton Co, OH    
Blandinsville PO McDonough Co, IL    
Blandville PV, CH Ballard Co, KY    
Blanford PT Hampden Co, MA 1,418 water by Westfield river
Blanket Hill PO Armstrong Co, PA    
Blaueltville PV Orangetown twp, Rockland Co, NY    
Blawenburgh PO Somerset Co, NJ    
Bleeker PT Fulton Co, NY 510 water by Caroga creek & Sacondaga river
Blendon PT Franklin Co, OH 1,303 water by Alum & Big Walnut creeks
Blendon Institute T Franklin Co, OH    
Blenheim T Schoharie Co, NY 1,314 (PO now called South Gilboa)
Blink Bonny PO St Lawrence Co, NY    
Blish's Mills PO Franklin Co, OH    
Blissfield PV Blissfield Twp, Lenawee Co, MI 924 water by Raisin river
Blissville PO Jefferson Co, IL    
Blissville PO Marshall Co, IN    
Bliven Mills PO McHenry Co, IL    
Block House PO Scott Co, VA    
Blocker's PO Cumberland Co, SC    
Blockley T Philadelphia Co, PA 5,916 water by Mill & Cobb creeks
Blockville PO Chautauque Co, NY    
Blodget Mills PO Cortland Co, NY    
Blood's Point PO DeKalb Co, IL    
Bloody Run PV Providence Twp, Bedford Co, PA   water by Roystown branch of Juniata river
Bloom PT Seneca Co, OH 1,742 water by Honey creek
Bloom T Columbia Co, PA 3,122 water by Susquehanna river & Fishing creek
Bloom V Bloom Twp, Columbia Co, PA    
Bloom T Morgan Co, OH   water by Muskingum river
Bloom T Sciota Co, OH 1,648  
Bloom T Fairfield Co, OH    
Bloom T Wood Co, OH 658  
Bloom PO Rush Co, IN    
Bloom PO Cook Co, IL    
Bloomer PO Sebastian Co, AR    
Bloomfield PT Somerset Co, ME 1,301 water by Kennebec river
Bloomfield PT Essex Co, VT 244 water by Connecticut & Nulhegan rivers
Bloomfield PT Hartford Co,CT 1,412 water by Wood river
Bloomfield PT Essex Co, NJ 3,385  
Bloomfield PV Bloomfield Twp, Crawford Co, PA    
Bloomfield V, CH Juniata Twp, Perry Co, PA   seat of justice
Bloomfield PV Loudoun Co, VA    
Bloomfield PV Nelson Co, KY    
Bloomfield T Knox Co, OH    
Bloomfield T LaGrange Co, IN 934  
Bloomfield PV, CH Greene Co, IN   seat of justice, water by White river
Bloomfield PV Edgar Co, IL    
Bloomfield T Oakland Co, MI 1,003 water by Rouge river
Bloomfield T Trumbull Co, OH 1,451  
Bloomfield T Richland Co, OH 1,430  
Bloomfield T Logan Co, OH 671  
Bloomfield T Jackson Co, OH 1,402 water by branch of Racoon creek
Bloomfield PO Kemper Co, MS    
Bloomfield PO, CH Davis Co, IA 792  
Bloomfield PO Walworth Co, WI    
Bloomfield PV, CH Stoddard Co, MO   seat of justice
Blooming Grove PT Orange Co, NY   water by Murderer's creek
Blooming Grove PT Richland Co, OH    
Blooming Grove PO Montgomery Co, TN    
Blooming Grove PO Franklin Co, IN    
Blooming Valley PO Crawford Co, PA    
Bloomingburgh PV Mamakating Twp, Sullivan Co, NY    
Bloomingburgh PV Paint Twp, Fayette Co, OH    
Bloomingdale PO Cabell Co, VA    
Bloomingdale PO Jefferson Co, OH    
Bloomingdale PO DuPage Co, IL    
Bloomingdale V Co of NY   water by Hudson river
Bloomingsburgh PO Fulton Co, IN    
Bloomingsport PO Randolph Co, IN    
Bloomington PV, CH Monroe Co, IN 879 seat of justice
Bloomington PV McLean Co, IL 1,594  
Bloomington PV, CH Muscatine Co, IA 200 seat of justice, water by Mississippi river
Bloomington PO Clinton Co, OH    
Bloomington PV, CH Macon Co, MO 194 seat of justice
Bloomington PO Morgan Co, KY    
Bloomington PO Van Buren Co, AR    
Bloomington PO Tipton Co, TN    
Bloomington T Buchanan Co, MO 2,197  
Bloomingville PV Oxford Twp, Erie Co, OH    
Bloomsburgh PV Columbia Co, PA   water by Susquehanna river
Bloomsburgh PV Halifax Co, VA    
Bloomsbury PV Warren Co, NJ   water by Muscontecoing creek
Bloomville PV Delaware Co, NY   water by Delaware river
Bloomville PO Seneca Co, OH    
Bloomville PO Will Co, IL    
Blossburgh PV Tioga Co, PA 850  
Blossom Hill PO Caddo parish, LA    
Blount Springs PO Blount Co, AL    
Blount's Creek PO Beaufort Co, NC    
Blount's Ferry PO Columbia Co, (no state given)    
Blountstown PO Calhoun Co, FL    
Blountsville PV, CH Blount Co, AL   seat of justice, water by Locust fork of Black Warrior river
Blountsville PO Jones Co, GA    
Blountsville PV, CH Sullivan Co, TN   seat of justice
Blountsville PV Henry Co, IN