1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Bruce PT Macomb Co, MI 1,555  
Bruce's Valley PO Susquehanna Co, PA    
Brucetown PO Frederick Co, VA    
Bruceville PV Carroll Co, MD    
Bruceville PO Pike Co, AL    
Bruceville PO Knox Co, IN    
Bruckville PO Morgan Co, IL    
Bruin PO Carter Co, KY    
Bruin PO Butler Co, PA    
Bruington PV King and Queen Co, VA    
Bruin's Cross Roads PO Park Co, IN    
Bruly Landing PO West Baton Rouge parish, LA    
Brumfieldville PV Berks Co, PA    
Brummels PO Davidson Co, NC    
Brunersburgh PO Defiance Co, OH    
Brunerstown PO Putnam Co, IN    
Brunnett's Creek PO White Co, IN    
Brunswick PT Essex Co, VA 119 water by Connecticut, Nulhegan & Paul's rivers
Brunswick PT Cumberland Co, ME 4,977 water by Androscoggin river, seat of Bowdoin College
Brunswick T Rensselaer Co, NY 3,146 water by Poestenkill river
Brunswick PV, CH Glynn Co, GA   seat of justice, water by Turtle river
Brunswick PT Medina Co, OH 1,417  
Brunswick PO Peoria Co, IL    
Brunswick PV Chariton Co, MO 1,595 water by Missouri river
Brush Creek PO Green Co, KY    
Brush Creek T Highland Co, OH 1,515  
Brush Creek PO Randolph Co, NC    
Brush Creek PO Perry Co, AL    
Brush Creek PO Knox Co, IL    
Brush Creek T Jefferson Co, OH 1,121  
Brush Creek T Muskingum Co, OH 1,322  
Brush Creek T Scioto Co, OH 650  
Brush Creek T Washington Co, AR 589  
Brush Hill PV Dupage Co, IL    
Brushland PO Delaware Co, NY    
Brush Run PO Washington Co, PA    
Brush's Mills PO Franklin Co, NY    
Brush Valley PO Indiana Co, PA    
Brushville PO Queen's Co, NY    
Brushy Creek PO Cleveland Co, NC    
Brushy Creek PO Anderson dist, SC    
Brushy Flat PO Watauga Co, NC    
Brushy Fork PO Breckenridge Co, KY    
Brushy Fork PO Coles Co, IL    
Brushy Prairie PO La Grange Co, IN    
Bruynswick PO Ulster Co, NY    
Brutus T Cayuga Co, NY 3,046 water by Branch creek & Cold Springs stream
Brutus T Ingham Co, MI    
Bryan PV, CH Pulaski twp, Williams Co, OH   seat of justice
Bryan PO Saline Co, MO    
Bryanburgh PV Jefferson Co, IN    
Bryansville PO York Co, PA    
Bryantown PV Charles Co, MD    
Bryant''s Creek PO Monroe Co, IN    
Byrant's Station PO Milan Co, TX    
Bryantsville PO Lawrence Co, IN    
Bryantsville PO Garrard Co, KY    
Brydee's Store PO Lunenburgh Co, VA    
Buchanan PO Birmingham borough, Alleghany Co, PA    
Buchanan V Botetourt Co, VA   water by James river
Buchanan PT Berrien Co, MI   water by St Joseph river
Buchanan's Ferry PO Calcasieu parish, LA    
Buchanan's Station PO Ripley Co, IN    
Buchanansville PV Rutherford Co, TN    
Buck PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Buck T Luzerne Co, PA    
Buck Branch PO De Kalb Co, IL    
Buck's Bridge PV Potsdam twp, St Lawrence Co, NY    
Buck Creek PO Spartansburgh dist, SC    
Buck Creek PO Greene Co, IN    
Buck Creek T Hancock Co, IN 420  
Buck Creek PO Scriven Co, GA    
Buck Creek PO Tuscaloosa Co, AL    
Buck Eye PO Putnam Co, OH    
Buck Eye PO Garrard Co, KY    
Buck Eye PO Laurens Co, GA    
Buck Eye Cottage PO Perry Co, OH    
Buckeye Furnace PO Jackson Co, OH    
Buckeyestown PV Frederick Co, MD 2,829  
Buckfield PT Oxford Co, ME 1,657 water by Androscoggin river
Buck Grove PO Rush Co, IN    
Buckhannon PO Lewis Co, VA    
Buckhead PO Morgan Co, GA    
Buckhead PO Fairfield dist, SC    
Buckhead PO Pike Co, AL    
Buckhead Causeway PO Colleton dist, SC    
Buck Hill PO Yallabusha Co, MS    
Buck Hill PO De Kalb Co, AL    
Buck Hollow PO Franklin Co, VT    
Buckhorn PO Columbia Co, PA    
Buckhorn PO Carroll Co, GA    
Buckhorn PO Bienville parish, LA    
Buckhorn PO Winston Co, MS    
Buckhorn PO Brown Co, IL    
Buckingham PO Baltimore Co, MD    
Buckingham T Wayne Co, PA 592 water by Delaware river
Buckingham PT Bucks Co, PA 2,766  
Buckingham PO, CH Buckingham Co, VA   (has Maysville after court house)
Buckland PT Franklin Co, MA 1,056 water by Deerfield river
Buckland PV Prince William Co, VA   water by Broad Run
Buckland PO Gates Co, VA    
Buckland PO Hartford Co, CT    
Buckley PO Gates Co, NC    
Buck Point PO Jackson Co, TN    
Buckram PV Queen's Co, NY   water by Beaver-dam creek
Buck Prairie PO Barry Co, MO    
Buck Run PO Union Co, OH    
Bucks T Tuscarawas Co, OH    
Bucks PO Columbiana Co, OH    
Bucks T St Joseph Co, MI   water by St Joseph's river
Buckskin PO Gibson Co, IN    
Bucksport PT Hancock Co, ME 3,381 water by Penobscot river
Bucksport Centre PO Hancock Co, ME    
Buckstown PO Somerset Co, PA    
Bucksville PO Bucks Co, PA    
Buck's Shoals PO Rutherford Co, NC    
Bucksville PO Horrey dist, SC    
Buck Tooth PO Little Valley twp, Cattaraugus Co, NY    
Bucyrus PT, CH Crawford Co, OH 2.315 seat of justice, water by Sandusky river
Buel PO Montgomery Co, NY    
Buel's Lowell T Washington Co, OH    
Buena Vista PO Alleghany Co, PA    
Buena Vista PO Prince George's Co, MD    
Buena Vista PO Carroll Co, TN    
Buena Vista PO Duplin Co, NC    
Buena Vista PO Jefferson Co, IN    
Buena Vista PO Washita Co, AR    
Buena Vista PO Harrison Co, KY    
Buena Vista PO Monroe Co, AL    
Buena Vista PO Stephenson Co, IL    
Buena Vista PO Platte Co, MO    
Buena Vista PO Chickasaw Co, MS    
Buena Vista PO Clinton Co, IA    
Buena Vista PO Shelby Co, TX    
Buena Vista PO Greenville dist, SC    
Buena Vista PO Marion Co, GA    
Buena Vista PO Holmes Co, OH    
Buena Vista PO Portage Co, WI    
Buena Vista Furnace PO Rockbridge Co, VA    
Buena Vista Springs PO Logan Co, KY    
Buffalo City Erie Co, NY 42,261 seat of justice
Buffalo T Armstrong Co, PA 2,182  
Buffalo PT Union Co, PA 1,346  
Buffalo PT Washington Co, PA 1,210  
Buffalo PT Guernsey Co, OH    
Buffalo V Mason Co, VA   water by Great Kanawha river
Buffalo V Cleveland Co, NC    
Buffalo PO Dallas Co, MO    
Buffalo T Pike Co, MO    
Buffalo T Morgan Co, MO    
Buffalo T Marion Co, AR    
Buffalo V, CH Niangua Co, MO   seat of justice
Buffalo T Butler Co, PA 275 water by Thom, Great & Little Buffalo creeks
Buffalo T Perry Co, PA 618 water by Susquechanna river
Buffalo B Perry Co, PA 164 water by Susquechanna river
Buffalo PO Perry Co, TN    
Buffalo PO White Co, IN    
Buffalo PO Washita Co, AR    
Buffalo PO Dallas Co, MO    
Buffalo PO Washington Co, PA    
Buffalo PO Putnam Co, VA    
Buffalo PO Henderson Co, TX    
Buffalo City PO Marion Co, AR    
Buffalo Creek PO Campbell Co, TN    
Buffalo Cross Roads PO Union Co, PA    
Buffalo Ford PO Randolph Co, NC    
Buffalo Ford PO Wythe Co, VA    
Buffalo Forge PO Rockingham Co, VA    
Buffalo Grove PO Ogle Co, IL    
Buffalo Heart PO Sangamon Co, IL    
Buffalo Hill PO Orange Co, NC   now called Dial's Creek
Buffalo Plains PO Erie Co, NY    
Buffalo Prairie PO Rock Island Co, IL    
Buffalo Run PO Centre Co, PA    
Buffalo Run PO Monroe Co, VA   now called Mouth of Indian
Buffalo Springs PO Amherst Co, VA    
Buford PO Ohio Co, KY    
Buford PO Highland Co, OH    
Bufords' PO Bedford Co, VA    
Bufords' Bridge PO Barnwell dist, SC