1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Cabell PO, CH Cabell Co, VA    
Cabello PO Carroll Co, OH    
Cabin Creek PO Lewis Co, KY    
Cabin Hill PO Andes Twp, Delaware Co, NY    
Cabin Hill PO Elkhart Co, IN    
Cabin Point PV Surry Co, VA   water by Chipoak creek
Cable PO Guernsey Co, OH    
Cabot PT Caledonia Co, VT 1,356 water by Onion river
Cabotville PV Springfield twp, Hampden Co, MA   water by Chickapee & Connectcut rivers
Cacaponyville PO Hampshire Co, VA    
Cashe T Greene Co, AR    
Cashe T Monroe Co, AR 449  
Cashemasso PO Dallas Co, AR    
Cadis Cove PO Blount Co, TN    
Caddo T Clark Co, AR 1,001  
Caddo Cove T Hot Springs Co, AR 489  
Cadiz PO Cattaraugus Co, NY    
Cadiz PT, CH Harrison Co, OH 2,453 seat of justice
Cadiz PV Trigg Co, KY   water by Little river
Cadiz PV Henry Co, IN    
Cadiz PO Greene Co, WI    
Cadron T Conway Co, AR    
Cadwallader PO Perry twp, Tuscarawas Co, OH    
Caddyville PV Plattsburgh twp, Clinton Co, NY   water by  Saranac river
Caesar's Creek T Greene Co, OH 1,870  
Caernaroon T Lancaster Co, PA 1,551  
Caernaroon T Berks Co, PA 977  
Cageville PO Haywood Co, TN    
Cahara PV, CH Dallas Co, AR   seat of justice, water by Alabama & Cahaba rivers
Cahokia PV St Clair Co, IL   water by Mississippi river
Cain T Fountain Co, IN 1,008  
Cain's PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Cain's PO Gwinnett Co, GA    
Cainsville PO Wilson Co, TN    
Ca Ira PV Cumberland Co, VA   water by Willis river
Cairo PT Greene Co, NY 2,831 water by Catskill creek
Cairo PO Edgefield dist, SC    
Cairo PV Henderson Co, KY    
Cairo PV Decatar Co, GA   water by Little river
Cairo PO Stark Co, OH    
Cairo PO Sumner Co, TN   water by Cumberland river
Cairo PV Alexander Co, IL   water by Mississippi & Ohio rivers
Calabee PO Macon Co, AL    
Calais PT Washington Co, ME 4,749 water by St Croix of Schoodic river
Calais PT Washing Co, VT 1,410 water by Onion river
Calais PO Monroe Co, OH    
Calanbria PO Rowan Co, NC    
Caldwell PT, CH Warren Co, NY 752 seat of justice, on Lake George
Caldwell PT Essex Co, NJ 2,376 water by Deep & Green brooks
Caldwell PO Greenville dist, SC    
Caldwell PO Orange Co, NC    
Caldwell PO Burlison Co, TX    
Caldwell PO Pulaski o, AR    
Caldwell PV Wachita parish, LA    
Caldwell's Prairie PO Racine Co, OH    
Caledonia PT Livingston Co, NY 1,804 water by Genesce river
Caledonia PO Elk Co, PA    
Caledonia PV Claridon Twp, Marion Co, OH   water by Olentagy or Whetstone river
Caledonia PV Lowndes Co, MS    
Caledonia PV Henry Co, TN    
Caledonia PV Pulaski Co, IL   water by Ohio river
Caledonia PV Washington Co, MO   water by Big river
Caledonia PO Jent Co, MI    
Caledonia T Shiawassee Co, MI 500  
Caledonia PO Rusk Co, TX    
Calhoun PO Autauga Co, AL    
Calhoun PV Anderson dist, SC    
Calhoun PV Limpkin Co, GA    
Calhoun PO Daviess Co, KY    
Calhoun PV McMinn Co, TN   water by Hiawassee river
Calhoun PV Henry Co, MO    
Calhoun PO Lafayette Co, AR    
Calhoun's Mills PO Abbeville dist, SC    
Calico Rock PO Izard Co, AR    
California PO Moniteau Co, MO    
California PO Branch Co, MI    
California PO Yallobusha, MS    
California PO Clermont Co, OH    
California PO Floyd Co, GA    
Calland's PO Pittsylvania Co, VA    
Callaway's Mills PO Franklin Co, VA    
Callensburgh PV Toby twp, Clarion Co, PA    
Callensville PO Pendleton Co, KY    
Callicoon PO Sullivan Co, NY    
Callicoon Sepot PO Sullivan Co, NY    
Caln PO Chester Co, PA    
Calno PO Warren Co. NJ    
Calumet T Pike Co, MO    
Calumet Village PV Calumet Co, WI    
Calvary T Franklin Co, MO    
Calvary PO Athens Co, OH    
Calvin PO Huntingdon Co, PA    
Calvin T Cass Co MI 624  
Camak PO Warren Co, GA    
Camanche PV, CH Clinton Co, IA 454 seat of justice, water by Mississippi river
Camargo PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Camargo PO Lincoln Co, TN    
Camargo PO Monroe Co, MS    
Camargo PO Jefferson Co, IN    
Camargo PO Montgomery Co, KY    
Cambra PO Luzerne Co, PA    
Cambria PO Wayne Co, IA    
Cambria PT Niagara Co, NY 2,366  
Cambria T Cambria Co, PA 1,400 water by Black Lick creek & Little Conneumaugh river
Cambria PO Hillsdale Co, MI    
Cambridge PT Somerset Co, ME 487  
Cambridge PT Lamoille Co, VT 1,849 water by Lamoille river
Cambridge City Middlesex Co, MA 17,417 seat of justice
Cambridge PT Washington Co, NY 2,593 water by Hoosick river
Cambridge PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Cambridge T Coos Co, NH   water by Androscoggin river
Cambridge PV, CH Dorechester Co, MD   seat of justice, water by Choptauk river
Cambridge PO Henry Co, IL    
Cambridge PT Lenawee Co, MI 973  
Cambridge PO Dane Co, WI    
Cambridge PT, CH Guernsey Co, OH 2,488 seat of justice, water by Wills creek
Cambridge PO Saline Co, MO    
Cambridge PV Abbeville dist, SC    
Cambridge PV Wayne Co, IN   water by west branch of White Water river
Cambridge PV Dallas co, AL    
Cambridgeport PO Windham Co, VT    
Cambridgeport PO Cambridge city, Middlesex Co, MA    
Camden PT Waldo Co, ME 4,005 on the Penobscot bay
Camden PT Oneida C, NY 2,820 water by Fish creek
Camden City Camden Co, NJ 9,479 seat of justice, water by Delaware river
Camden PV Kent Co, DE   water by Jones Creek
Camden PV Somers twp, Preble Co, OH   water by Seven mile creek
Camden PT Hillsdale Co, MI 594  
Camden PV Shelby Co, KY    
Camden PV, CH Benton Co, TN   seat of justice
Camden PV Carroll Co, IN 168 water by Passianog creek
Camden PV Madison Co, MS    
Camden PV, CH Kirshaw dist, SC   seat of justice, water by Wateree river
Camden PO Wilcox Co, AL    
Camden PO Camden Co, GA    
Camden PV Schuyler Co, IL 420  
Camden PV Ray Co, MO   water by Missouri river
Camden PV, CH Camden Co, NC   seat of justice, water by Pasquotauk river
Camden T Lorain Co, OH 1,025  
Camden PO Wachitia Co, AR    
Camden Point PO Platte Co, MO    
Camden Mills PO Rock Island Co, IL    
Camdenville PO Anderson Co, KY