1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Centre PV Butler Co, PA 278  
Centre PT Perry Co, PA 944  
Centre T Greene Co, PA 1,733 water by Ten-Mile creek
Centre T Indiana Co, PA 1,193 water by Yellow & Twolick creeks
Centre T Union Co, PA 2,171 water by Penns & Little Mahonialy creeks
Centre PO Barren Co, KY    
Centre PO Guilford Co, NC    
Centre PO Cass Co, TX    
Centre PO Talbot Co, GA    
Centre PO Cherokee Co, AL    
Centre PO Delaware Co, OH    
Centre PT Rush Co, OH    
Centre T Wood Co, OH    
Centre T Morgan Co, OH 1,439  
Centre PO Montgomery Co, OH    
Centre T Williams Co, OH 881  
Centre T Carroll Co, OH 1,190  
Centre T Columbiana Co, OH 2,818 water by Little Beaver river, Sandy & Beaver canals
Centre T Monroe Co, OH 2,454  
Centre T Mercer Co, OH    
Centre T Guernsey Co, OH 1,066  
Centre T Crawford Co, OH    
Centre T Delaware Co, IN    
Centre T Hancock Co, IN 815  
Centre T Hendricks Co, IN 1,275  
Centre T Union Co, IN    
Centre PT Grant Co, IN    
Centre T Marion Co, IN    
Centre T Rush Co, IN 1,252  
Centre T Wayne Co, IN    
Centre PO Rock Co, WI    
Centre Almond PO Almond twp, Alleghany Co, NY    
Centre Barnstead PO Barnstead twp, Belknap Co, NH    
Centre Belphre PO Washington Co, OH    
Centre Berlin PO Berlin twp, Renseclaer Co, NY    
Centre Bridge PO Bucks Co, PA    
Centre Brook PO Middlesex Co, CT    
Centreburgh PV Liberty twp, Knox Co, OH   water by North Fork of Licking river
Centre Cambridge PO Cambridge twp, Washington Co, NY    
Centre Canisteo PO Steuben Co, NY    
Centre Conway PO Conway twp, Carroll Co, NH    
Centre Cross PO Essex Co, VA    
Centredale PO Providence Co, i    
Centre Farmington PO Farmington twp, Trumbill Co, OH    
Centrefield PV Canandaigua twp, Ontario Co, NY    
Centrefield PO Oldham Co, KY    
Centrefield PO Highland Co, OH    
Centre Gorham PO Gorham twp, Ontario Co, NY    
Centre Groton PO Groton twp, New London Co, CT    
Centre Grove PO Leake Co, MS    
Centre Guilford PO Piscataquis Co, ME    
Centre Harbor PT Belknap Cp, NH 543 water by Winnipiseogee & Squam lakes
Centre Hill PO Washington Co, IA    
Centre Hill PV Bucks Co, PA    
Centre Independence PO Independence twp, Alleghany Co, NY    
Centre Lebanon PO Lebanon twp, York Co, ME    
Centre Lincolnville PO Lincolnville twp, Waldo Co, ME    
Centre Line PO Centre Co, PA    
Centre Lovell PO Oxford Co, ME    
Centre Lisle PO Broome Co, NY    
Centre Minot PO Minot twp, Cumberland Co, ME    
Centre Montville PO Montville twp, Waldo Co, ME    
Centre Moreland PV Luzerne Co, PA    
Centre Ossipee PO Ossipee twp, Carroll Co, NH    
Centre Point PO Monroe Co, KY    
Centre Point PO Knox Co, IL    
Centre Point PO Linn Co, AR    
Centre Point PO Sevier Co, AR    
Centre Port PV Huntington twp, Suffolk Co, NY   on Great Cow Harbor
Centre Port PO Wayne Co, MI    
Centre Ridge PO Kemper Co, MS    
Centre Rutland PO Rutland Co, VT    
Centre Sandwich PO Sandwich twp, Carroll Co, NH    
Centre Sherman PO Sherman Twp, Chautauque Co, NY    
Centre Sidney PO Sidney twp, Kennebec Co, ME    
Centre Star PO Lauderdale Co, AL    
Centre Stafford PO Stafford twp, Stafford Co, NH    
Centreton PO Salem Co, NJ    
Centreton PO Huron Co, OH    
Centretown PO Du Buque Co, IA    
Centretown PO Anderson dist, SC    
Centretown PO Mercer Co, PA    
Centre Valley PO Lehigh Co, PA    
Centre Valley PO Otsego Co, NY    
Centre Village PV Broome Co, NY    
Centrevillage PV Camden Co, GA    
Centreville PV Barnstable twp, Barnstable Co, MA    
Centreville PV Warwick twp, Kent Co, RI   water by Pawyuxet river
Centreville PT Alleghany Co, NY 1,445  
Centreville PO Hunterdon Co, NJ    
Centreville V Slippery Rock twp, Butler Co, PA 278  
Centreville PV Crawford Co, PA    
Centreville PV, CH St Joseph Co, MI   seat of justice, water by Prairie river
Centreville PV Washington twp, Montgomery Co, OH    
Centreville PV Newcastle Co, DE    
Centreville V Mt Pleasant twp, Wayne Co, PA    
Centreville PV, CH Queen Anne Co, MD   seat of justice
Centreville PV, CH Fairfax Co, VA    
Centreville PO Moore Co, NC    
Centreville PV Laurens dist, SC    
Centreville PV Wilkes Co, GA    
Centreville PV, CH Bibb Co, AL   seat of justice, water by Cahawba river
Centreville PO Nevada Co, CA    
Centreville PV Amite Co, MS   water by Dawson's creek
Centreville PV St Mary's parish, LA   water by Bayou Teche
Centreville PV Bourbon Co, KY    
Centreville CH Hickman Co, TN   seat of justice, water by Duck creek
Centreville PV, CH Wayne Co, IN 920 seat of justice, water by Whitewater river
Centreville PO Wabash Co, IL    
Centreville PO Montgomery Co, AR    
Centreville PO Leon Co, TX    
Centreville PO Appanoose Co, IA    
Centre White Creek PV White Creek twp, Washington Co, NY    
Ceralvo PO Carroll Co, MS    
Ceres T McKeon Co, PA   water by Tunangwant, Willow, Sugar & Kenjua creeks
Ceresco PO Calhoun Co, MI    
Ceresco PO Fond du Lac Co, WI    
Cerestown PV Keating twp, Alleghany Co, NY   water by Alleghany river
Cerro Gordo PO Holmes Co, FL    
Cerro Gordo PO Platt Co, IL    
Cerulean Springs PV Trigg Co, KY   water by Muddy fork of Little river
Cessna T Hardin Co, OH