1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Chadd's Ford PO Delaware Co, PA    
Chagrin Falls PV Orange twp, Cuyahoga Co, OH 1,250  
Chalk Bluff PO Greene Co, AR    
Chalk Level PO Pittsylvania Co, VA    
Chalk Level PO St Clair Co, MO    
Chalk Level PO Cumberland Co, NC    
Chalk Level PO Hopkins Co, KY    
Chalk Level V Humphreys Co, TN    
Chalkville PO Chester Co, SC    
Chalmers PO Niagara twp, Niagara Co, NY    
Chamberland V McNairy Co, TN    
Chambersburgh PB, CH Franklin Co, PA 3,335 seat of justice, water by Conecocheague creek
Chambersburgh PV Butler twp, Montgomery Co, OH    
Chambersburgh PO Clark Co, MO    
Chambersburgh PO Orange Co, IN    
Chambersburgh V West twp, Columbiana Co, OH    
Chambers PV, CH Chambers Co, AL   seat of justice, also known as Lafayette
Chambers' Creek PO Navarro Co, TX    
Chambers' Mills PO Buckingham Co, VA    
Chambersville PO Dallas Co, AR    
Chamblissburgh PV Bradford Co, VA    
Chameleon Springs PO Edmonson Co, KY    
Champagnolle PO Union Co, AR    
Champion PT Jefferson Co, NY 2,085 water by Black river
Champion PT Trumbull Co, OH 1,070  
Champion South Roads PO Champion twp, Jefferson Co, NY    
Champlain PT Clinton Co, NY 5,067 water by Chazy river & Lake Chaplain
Chananhatchie PO Tallapoosa Co, AL    
Chance Prairie PO Burleson Co, TX    
Chanceford PT York Co, PA 1,614  
Chancellorsville PO Spottsylvania Co, VA    
Chancery PO Howard Co, IN    
Chanceville PO Monmouth Co, NJ    
Chandlersville PO Muskingum Co, OH    
Chandlersville T Somerset Co, ME   water by Sebasticook river
Chandlersville PO Chester Co, PA    
Chaneyville PO Morgan Co, OH    
Channahon PO Will Co, IA    
Channing T Lenawell Co, MI    
Channingville PO Du Buque Co, IA    
Chantilly PO Fairfax Co, VA    
Chapel Hill PV Orange Co, NC   water by New Hope river, seat of the University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill PV Marshall Co, TN    
Chapel Hill PO Perry Co, OH    
Chapel Hill PO Washington Co, TX    
Chapel Hill PO Monmouth Co, NJ    
Chapel Hill PO Lafayette Co, MO    
Chapelburgh PO Humphrey twp, Cattaraugus Co, NY    
Chapinville PO Hopewell twp, Ontario Co, NY    
Chapinville PO Litchfield Co, CT    
Chaplin PT Windham Co, CT 796 water by Matchang river
Chaplin PO Nelson Co, KY    
Chapman PT Union Co, PA 1,501 water by Mahantaanzo creek
Chapman T Clinton Co, PA 542  
Chapmanville PO Logan Co, VA    
Chappaqua PO Westchester Co, NY    
Chappell PO Dallas Co, AR    
Chappell's Bridge PO Newberry dist, SC    
Chaptico PV St Mary's Co, MD    
Chapultepec PO Blount Co, AL    
Chapultepec PO Benton Co, TN    
Chardon PT, CH Geauga Co, OH   seat of justice
Charenton PO St Mary's parish, LA    
Charette T Warren Co, MO    
Chariton T Howard Co, MO    
Chariton V Charlton Co, MO 564 water by Missouri & Chariton rivers
Chariton T Macon Co, MO    
Chariton PV, CH Lucas Co, IA   seat of justice
Chariton Mills PO Adair Co, MO    
Charity PO Lincoln Co, TN    
Charlemont PT Franklin Co, MA 1,173 water by Deerfield river
Charlemont PO Bedford Co, VA    
Charles City PV, CH Charles City Co, VA    
Charles River Village PV Norfolk Co, MA    
Charleston City, CH Charleston dist, SC    
Charleston PT Montgomery Co, NY 2,216 water by Schoharie river & branches of the Mohawk
Charleston PT Tioga Co, PA 1,470  
Charleston PT Penobscot Co, ME 1,283  
Charleston V Peoria Co, IL    
Charleston PT Coles Co, IL 2,262  
Charleston PT Kalamazoo Co, MI 846  
Charleston PO Mississippi Co, MO    
Charleston PV Bradley Co, TN    
Charleston PV Tallahatchee Co, MS    
Charleston PO Lee Co, IA    
Charleston T Orleans Co, VT 1,008  
Charleston Four Corners PO Charleston twp, Montgomery Co, NY    
Charlestown PT Sullivan Co, NH 1,644 water by Connecticut & Little Sugar rivers
Charlestown City Middlesex Co, MS 17,216 water by Charles & Mystic rivers, has one of US Navy Yards, MS state prison & Bunker Hilll Monument
Charlestown PT Washington Co, RI 994 water by Charles & Pawcatuck rivers
Charlestown PV Cecil Co, MD    
Charlestown PV, CH Jefferson Co, VA   seat of justice
Charlestown PT Portage Co, OH   water by branches of Mahoning river
Charlestown T Chester Co, PA 979 water by Susquehanna river
Charlestown PV, CH Clark Co, IN 3,905 seat of justice
Charloe PV, CH Paulding Co, OH   seat of justice
Charlotte PT Washington Co, ME 718  
Charlotte PT Chittenden Co, VT 1,634 water by Lake Champlain, Platte river & Lewis creek
Charlotte PV Greece twp, Monroe Co, NY   water by Genesee river & Lake Ontario
Charlotte PV, CH Charlotte Co, VA   seat of justice
Charlotte PV, CH Mecklenburg Co, NC   seat of justice, water by Sugar creek
Charlotte PV, CH Dickson Co, TN   seat of justice
Charlotte PT Eaton Co, MI    
Charlotte T Chautauque Co, NY 1,718 water by Cassadaga creek
Charlotte Centre PO Charlotte twp, Chautauque Co, NY    
Charlotte Hall PV St Mary's Co, MD   has a seat of learning named Charlotte Hall
Charlottesville PO Hancock Co, IN    
Charlottesville PT, CH Albemarle Co, VA   seat of justice, water by Moore's creek
Charlottesville PO Summit twp, Schoharie Co, NY    
Charlton PT Worcester Co, MA    
Charlton PT Saratoga Co, NY 1,902 water by branch of Mohawk river
Charlton Depot PO Charlton twp, Worcester Co, MA    
Chartiers PT Washington Co, PA 1,677 water by Chartiers creek
Chaseville PO Murray Co, GA    
Chaseville PO Benton Co, TN    
Chateaugay PT Franklin Co, NY 3,728 water by Chateaugay river
Chataty PO Bradley Co, TN    
Chatfield PT Crawford Co, OH 1,351 water by Sycamore creek
Chatham PT Barnstable Co, MA 2,439 on Pleasant bay
Chatham PT Middlesex Co, CT 1,525 water by Connecticut & Salmon rivers
Chatham PT Columbia Co, NY 3,839 water by Kinderhook creek
Chatham PT Morris Co, NJ 2,469 water by Passaic river
Chatham T Carroll Co, NH 516 water by head branch of Saco river
Chatham T Tioga Co, PA 1,248  
Chatham PV Chester Co, PA    
Chatham T Medina Co, OH 1,167  
Chatham PV Newton twp, Licking Co, OH    
Chatham PO Sangamon Co, IL    
Chatham PO Buchanan Co, IA    
Chatham Centre PO Chatham twp, Columbia Co, NY    
Chatham Centre PO Chatham twp, Medina Co, OH    
Chatham Four Corners PV Chatham twp, Columbia Co, NY    
Chatham Hill PO Smyth Co, VA    
Chatham Run PO Clinton Co, PA    
Chatham Valley PO Tioga Co, PA    
Chattahoochee PV Gadsden Co FL   water by Appalachicola river
Chattanooga PO Hamilton Co, TN    
Chattoogaville PV Chattooga Co, GA    
Chaumont PV Lyme twp, Jefferson Co, NY   water by Chaumont bay & Lake Ontario
Chauncey PO Athens Co, OH    
Chaunceyville PO Manitouwoc Co, MI    
Chautauque PT Chautauque Co, NY 2,622 seat of justice
Chautauque Valley PO Alleghany Co, NY    
Chazy PT Clinton Co, NY 4,324 water by Little Chazy river & Lake Champlain