1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Cicero PT Onondaga Co, NY 2,980 water by Oneida lake & Chittenango creek
Cicero PT Hamilton Co, IN    
Cincinnati PV Ralls Co, MO   water by Salt river
Cincinnati PO Appanoose Co, IA    
Cincinnati PO Walker Co, TX    
Cincinnati City Hamilton Co, OH 115,436 water by Ohio river
Cincinnatus PT Cortland Co, NY 1,206 water by Ostelic creek
Cinnaminson PO Burlington Co, NJ    
Circleville PO Tazwell Co, IL    
Circleville PT, CH Pickaway Co, OH 3,411 seat of justice, water by Scioto river & Ohio canal
Circleville PO Loudoun Co, VA    
Citico PO Monroe Co, TN    
City PO Amenia twp, Dutchess Co, NY    
City Point PV Prince George Co, VA   water by James & Appomattox rivers
City Point PO Itawamba Co, MS    
City West V Porter Co, IN   water by Lake Michigan
Claiborne PV Monroe Co, AL   water by Alabama river
Claiborne T Union Co, OH 919  
Clairnoreville PV Yazoo Co, MS    
Clairville PO Winnebago Co, WI    
Clapps PO Guilford Co, NC    
Clappville PV Leicester twp, Worcester Co, MA   water by tributaries of Quinebaug river
Clara PT Potter Co, PA 89  
Claremont PT Sullivan Co, NH 3,606 water by Connecticut & Sugar rivers
Claremont PV Pickens dist, SC    
Clarence PT Erie Co, NY 2,727 water by Ransom's & Tonawanda creeks
Clarence PO Calhoun Co, MI    
Clarence Centre PO Erie Co, NY    
Clarendon PT Rutland Co, VT 1,477 water by Otter creek
Clarendon PT Orleans Co, NY 1,809 water by Oak Orchard & Sandy creeks
Clarendon PT Calhoun Co, MI 669  
Clarendon PO Monroe Co, AR    
Clarendon Springs PO Clarendon twp, Rutland Co, VT    
Clarendon PO Sumter dist, SC    
Claridon PO Geauga Co, OH   water by tributaries of Cuyaboga river
Claridon T Marion Co, OH    
Clark PO Mercer Co, PA    
Clark T Lincoln Co, MO    
Clark T Chariton Co, MO 720  
Clark T Gasconade Co, MO    
Clark T Johnson Co, AR 574  
Clark T Pope Co, AR    
Clark T Brown Co, OH 1,281  
Clark T Clinton Co, OH 1,654  
Clark T Montgomery Co, IN 1,301  
Clarks PT Coshocton Co, OH 833  
Clarksborough PV Greenwich twp, Gloucester Co, NJ    
Clarksburgh PO Erie Co, NY    
Clarksburgh PV Upper Freehold twp, Monmouth Co, NJ    
Clarksburgh PV Montgomery Co, MD    
Clarksburgh PV, CH Lewis Co, KY   seat of justice, water by Salt Lick creek
Clarksburgh PV Deerfield twp, Ross Co, OH    
Clarksburgh V Decatur Co, IN    
Clarksburgh T Berkshire Co, MA 386 water by branch of Hoosack river
Clarksburgh PO Indiana Co, PA    
Clarksburgh PT, CH Harrison Co, VA   seat of justice
Clark's Corner PO Ashtabula Co, OH    
Clark's Factory PO Delaware Co, NY    
Clarksfield PT Huron Co, OH 1,454 water by Vermilion river
Clark's Fork PO York dist, SC    
Clark's Fork PO Copper Co, MO    
Clark's Green PO Luzerne Co, PA    
Clark's Mills PO Moore Co, NC    
Clark's Mills PO Washington Co, VA    
Clark's Mills PO Hempstead Co, AR    
Clark's River PO Callaway Co, KY    
Clarkson PT Monroe Co, NY 4,555 water by Little Salmon & Sandy creeks
Clarkson Centre PO Clarkson twp, Monroe Co, NY    
Clarkson PV Middleton twp, Columbiana Co, OH    
Clarkston PO Oakland Co, MI    
Clarkstown PT Rockland Co, NY 3,111 seat of justice, water by Hudson river & Rockland lake
Clarksville PV, CH Clarke Co, AL   seat of justice
Clarksville PO New Scotland twp, Albany Co, NY    
Clarksville T Coos Co, NH 187 water by Connecticut river
Clarksville PV Lebanon twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ   water by Spruce run
Clarksville T Alleghany Co, NY 608  
Clarksville PO Anne Arundel Co, MD    
Clarksville PV Greene Co, PA   water by Ten Mile Creek
Clarksville PV Mecklenburgh Co, VA    
Clarksville PV Habersham Co, GA   seat of justice
Clarksville PV, CH Montgomery Co, TN   seat of justice, water by Red & Cumberland rivers
Clarksville PV Vernon twp, Clinton Co, OH    
Clarksville PV Pike Co, MO   water by Mississippi river
Clarksville PV, CH Johnson Co, AR   seat of justice
Clarksville PO Spartanburgh dist, SC    
Clarksville PO Red River Co, TX    
Clarksville PO Hamilton Co, IN    
Claryville PO Sullivan Co, NY    
Clauselville PO Monroe Co, AL    
Claussville PO Lehigh Co, PA    
Claveback PT Columbia Co, NY 3,208 water by Claverack creek
Clay PT Onondaga Co, NY 3,402 water by Oneida, Senecca & Oswego rivers
Clay T Lafayette Co, MO 1,716  
Clay T Ralls Co, MO    
Clay T Tuscarawas Co, OH 1,270 water by Muskingum river & Ohio canal
Clay T Scioto Co, OH 882 water by Scioto river
Clay T Ottawa Co, OH   water by Portage
Clay T Montgomery Co, OH 1,905  
Clay T Highland Co, OH 1,108  
Clay T Hamilton Co, IN 1,107  
Clay T Allen Co, OH    
Clay T Gallia Co, OH 949  
Clay T Knox Co, OH 1,140  
Clay T La Grange Co, IN 464  
Clay T Owen Co, IN    
Clay T Wayne Co, IN 769  
Clay PO Dunklin Co, IL 510  
Clay PO Yancey Co, NC    
Clay Hill PO Marengo Co, AL    
Clay Hill PO York dist, SC    
Claypool PO Kosclusko Co, IN    
Clay's Point PO Lewis Co, VA    
Claysville PV Westland twp, Guernsey Co, OH    
Claysville PV Washington Co, PA 275  
Claysville PV Marshall Co, AL    
Claysville PV Harrison Co, KY    
Claysville PV Washington Co, IN    
Claysville PO Wood Co, VA    
Claysville PO Boone Co, MO    
Clayton PT Jefferson Co, NY 4,195 water by St Lawrence & Chaumont river & French creek
Clayton PO Montgomery Co, OH    
Clayton PV, CH Rabun Co, GA   seat of justice
Clayton PV, CH Barbour Co, AL   seat of justice
Clayton PV Adams Co, IL 781  
Clayton T Perry Co, OH 1,594  
Clayton PO Berks Co, PA    
Clayton PO Lenawee Co, MI    
Clayton PO Clayton Co, IA    
Claytona PO Morgan Co, OH    
Clayton's Mills PO Pickens dist, SC    
Claytonville PV, CH Henderson Co, NC   seat of justice, water by French Broad river
Clay Village PV Shelby Co, KY    
Clayville PO Oneida Co, NY    
Clayville PO Providence Co, RI