1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Clear Branch PO Washington Co, VA    
Clear Creek PV Ellington twp, Chautauque Co, NY    
Clear Creek PO Mecklenburgh Co, NC    
Clear Creek PO Daviess Co, MO    
Clear Creek PO Greene Co, TN    
Clear Creek PT Fairfield Co, OH 1,606  
Clear Creek T Warren Co, OH 2,770  
Clear Creek T Richland Co, OH    
Clear Creek Landing PV Alexander Co, IL    
Clearfield PV, CH Clearfield Co, PA 503 seat of justice, water by west branch of Susquehanna river
Clearfield T Butler Co, PA 1,924  
Clearfield T Cambria Co, PA 802  
Clearfield Bridge PO Clearfield Co, PA    
Clear Fork PO Tazewell Co, VA    
Clear Fork PO Whitley Co, KY    
Clear Fork Mills PO Johnson Co, MO    
Clear Lake PO Sangamon Co, IL    
Clearmont PO Warren Co, TN    
Clearpoint PO Hart Co, KY    
Clear Spring PV Washington Co, IN    
Clear Spring T La Grange Co, IN 674  
Clear Spring PO Kosciusko Co, IN    
Clear Spring PO Greenville dist, SC    
Clear Spring PO Chickasaw Co, MS    
Clear Spring PO Grainger Co, TN    
Clearsville PO Bedford Co, PA    
Clear Water PO Chipewa Co, WI    
Cleaveland PO Oswego Co, NY    
Cleaveland PV, CH Bradley Co, TN   seat of justice
Clement PO Hancock Co, OH    
Clementsville PO Jackson Co, TN    
Clemmonsville PV Davidson Co, NC    
Clendenin PO Kanawha Co, VA    
Clermont PT Columbia Co, NY 1,130 water by Hudson river & Aneram creek
Clermont PO Marion Co, IN    
Clermont PO Richland Co, IL    
Clermont PO Fayette Co, IA    
Clermont Mills PO Harford Co, MD    
Clermontville PO McKean Co, PA    
Cleveland PV Constantia twp, Oswego Co, NY   water by Oneida lake
Cleveland City Cuyahoga Co, OH 25,670 seat of justice
Cleveland V Merriwether Co, GA    
Cleves PV Miami twp, Hamilton Co, OH 251 water by Big Miami river
Clifford PT Susquehanna Co, PA 1,353  
Clift Mills PO Fauquier Co, VA    
Clifton PV Miami twp, Greene Co, OH   water by Little Miami river
Clifton PO Luzerne Co, PA    
Clifton V Russell Co, VA   water by Maiden Spring fork
Clifton PO Penobscot Co, ME    
Clifton PO King George Co, VA    
Clifton blank Monroe Co, NY    
Clifton PO Wayne Co, TN    
Clifton Factory V St Mary's Co, MD    
Clifton Forge PO Alleghany Co, VA    
Clifton Mills PO Breckenridge Co, KY    
Clifton Park PT Saratoga Co, NY 2,868 water by Mohawk river
Clifton Springs PO Ontario Co, NY    
Clifty PO Decatur Co, IN    
Clifty T Bartholomew Co, IN 946  
Clifty PO Todd Co, KY    
Climax Prairie PO Kalamazoo Co, MI    
Clinch T Van Buren Co, MI    
Cline's Mill PO Augusta Co, VA    
Clingman PO Cleveland Co, NC    
Clinton PT Kennebec Co, ME 1,743 water by Kennebec & Sebasticook rivers
Clinton PT Middlesex Co, CT 1,344  
Clinton T Dutchess Co, NY 1,795  
Clinton PV Kirkland twp, Oneida Co, NY   water by Oriskany creek
Clinton PV Hunterdon Co, NJ 2,368 water by Raritan river
Clinton T Essex Co, NJ 2,508  
Clinton PV Alleghany Co, PA    
Clinton T Wayne Co, PA 840  
Clinton T Lycoming Co, PA 850 water by west branch Susquehanna river
Clinton PT Summit Co, OH   water by Indian creek
Clinton PV Tecumseh twp, Lenawee Co, MI   water by north branch Raisin river
Clinton PV, CH Jones Co, GA   seat of justice
Clinton PV Hickman Co, KY   water by Bayou Desbia
Clinton PV, CH Sampson Co, NC   seat of justice, water by Black river
Clinton PV Greene Co, AL    
Clinton PV Hinds Co, MS   seat of Mississippi College
Clinton PV East Feliciana parish, LA    
Clinton PV Van Buren Co, AR   water by Little Red river
Clinton PV, CH Anderson Co, TN   seat of justice, water by Clinch river
Clinton PT Vermilion Co, IN 1,509 water by Wabash river
Clinton PV Dewitt Co, IL   water by Salt creek
Clinton T Macomb Co, MI 2,130 water by Lake St Clair
Clinton T Franklin Co, OH 1,186  
Clinton T Putnam Co, IN    
Clinton T Lucas Co, OH    
Clinton V, CH Rives Co, MO   seat of justice, water by Grand river
Clinton PT Jackson Co, OH    
Clinton T Seneca Co, OH 1,680  
Clinton T Shelby Co, OH 764  
Clinton T Wayne Co, OH 1,121  
Clinton PT Knox Co, OH 802  
Clinton PO Worcester Co, MA    
Clinton PO Henry Co, MO    
Clinton PO Dewitt Co, TX    
Clinton College PV Smith Co, TN    
Clinton Corners PO Dutchess Co, NY    
Clintondale PO Ulster Co, NY    
Clinton Furnace PO Clarion Co, PA    
Clinton Gore PO Kennebec Co, ME    
Clinton Hollow PO Clinton twp, Dutchess Co, NY    
Clintonville PV Au Sable twp, Clinton Co, NY   water by Au Sable river & Lake Champlain
Clintonville PV Vennango Co, PA    
Clintonville PV Greenbrier Co, VA    
Clintonville PV Bourbon Co, KY    
Clintonville PO Franklin Co, OH    
Clintonville PO Kane Co, IL    
Clio PV Marlborough dist, SC    
Clio PO Wayne Co, KY    
Clio PO Greene Co, OH    
Clockville PV Lenox twp, Madison Co, NY    
Clokey PO Washington Co, PA    
Clopton's Mills PO Putnam Co, GA    
Cloutierville PV Natchitoches parish, LA    
Clove PO Unionvale twp, Dutchess Co, NY    
Clove PO Wantage twp, Sussex Co, NJ    
Clover PO Clermont Co, OH    
Clover PO Blair Co, PA    
Clover Bend PO Lawrence Co, AR    
Clover Bottom PO Sullivan Co, TN    
Clover Creek PO Highland Co, VA    
Clover Dale PO Botetourt Co, VA    
Clover Dale PO Putnam Co, IN    
Clover Garden PO Orange Co, NC    
Clover Green PO Spotsylvania Co, VA    
Clover Hill PO Hunterdon Co, NJ    
Clover Hill PO Blount Co, TN    
Clover Hill PV, CH Appomattox Co, VA    
Clover Hill PO Green Co, KY    
Cloverdale Hotel PO Bath Co, VA    
Cloverland PO Clay Co, IN    
Clover Orchard PO Orange Co, NC    
Cloverport PV Breckenridge Co, KY   water by Ohio & Clover rivers
Cloverport PO Hardeman Co, TN    
Cloves Depot PO Oldham Co, KY    
Cloyd's Creek PO Blount Co, TN    
Clyaattsville PO Lowndes Co, GA    
Clyde PV Glen twp, Wayne Co, NY   water by Clyde river & Erie canal
Clyde PO Whiteside Co, IL    
Clyde Mills PO Clyde twp, St Clair Co, MI   water by Black river
Clyman PO Dodge Co, MI    
Clymer PT Chautauque Co, NY 1,127 water by Broken Straw creek
Clymer Centre PO Clymer twp, Chautauque Co, NY